How to buy Bitcoin? Easy guide step by step

How to buy Bitcoin? Easy guide step by step

Claudia Roca

Oct 6, 2022

Oct 6, 2022

Oct 6, 2022

How to buy Bitcoin? Easy guide step by step
How to buy Bitcoin? Easy guide step by step
How to buy Bitcoin? Easy guide step by step

Bitcoin here, Bitcoin there... It's very likely that in the last few months you've heard this term, it's the trend of the moment. That's why we think it's time you knew how to buy Bitcoin safely.

Cryptoassets have become a definitive solution to buy products and services without being within the traditional economic system, which we know has multiple problems.

Are you worried about the inflationary escalation in our countries? 

It's time for you to take a look at Bitcoin, maybe it could be that opportunity you have been waiting for to protect your savings once and for all. 

What is Bitcoin?

Okay, let's start with the basics. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that works as a means of exchange to buy products and services. 

It's characterized by streamlining the acquisition process, since no software is needed other than an app to make the disbursement and receipt of resources. 

At the same time, it's completely decentralized, so it's not controlled by any central bank or government in the world. 

This differentiates it from any fiduciary currency that exists in the market, and the fact that it doesn't belong to any central entity makes it a more reliable option when it comes to investing.

Its configuration is such that every four years the number of Bitcoin issued in the market is reduced, making it one of the few inflation-proof assets in the world. 

How to buy Bitcoin safely and securely?

Buying Bitcoin is one of the most interesting alternatives to protect your purchasing power, but you have to know how to do it to reduce risks to a minimum. 

Let's take a look at the steps you need to follow to buy your first Bitcoin:

1. Choose your trusted company

First you must choose the company where you will deposit your resources. It's not advisable to go for the first option that appears on the web. 

It should be a recognized, reliable company, with a good reputation and with years of experience in the sector. The company will work as an intermediary that will allow you to inject money in exchange for cryptocurrencies that you can use anywhere in the world. 

2. Open an account in your digital wallet

You've already chosen the company, so now it's time to open your digital wallet account. 

It's just like a physical wallet, with the difference that it's virtual and you will have a password that you will not share with anyone for security reasons. 

3. Deposit fiat money

Once you have your account in the virtual wallet, it's time to deposit fiat money in exchange for Bitcoin. 

It's usually very simple: you have to write down the bank details and do the procedure just as if you were going to transfer to another person. In a few minutes you'll have made your first deposit. 

4. Make your first purchase

You already have resources in your wallet, so you can imagine what the next step is. 

On the same platform, look for a seller who is offering Bitcoin in exchange for a reasonable amount. Verify their reliability and make the transaction. 

4 Advantages of buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the talk of many specialists, and since it appeared in 2009 it has not left anyone indifferent. Some say it's a scam, while others suggest it's a real fraud. 

Before making a decision, take a look at all the advantages offered by the pioneer and market leader cryptocurrency: 

1. It's cheap

Just as you read it, we're of those who think that Bitcoin is one of the cheapest assets today. 

Why is that? Simple, it's inflation-proof because it cannot be infinitely printed and doesn't depend on any central entity. In addition, it offers solutions to both businesses and individuals when buying products and services. 

Its system is practically inviolable and you can convert it into any fiat currency in less than a minute. Use it and let us know your experience.

2. It’s quick

Closely related to the previous point. We're sure that at some point you made an international transfer and saw how little efficiency the banking system offers you. 

Ah, you decided to use a digital platform? That's great, the money arrives immediately, but the fees for sending and converting currencies are super high. 

Bitcoin, on the other hand, offers you these transactions immediately and with zero commissions, so forget about that headache when it comes to transforming your resources into other currencies! 

3. It’s global

Now you don't need to have bank accounts in multiple countries to make an international transaction. 

With your virtual wallet you can send money to more than 200 different countries. Try it and you’ll see what we are talking about

4. It’s decentralized

This is one of the most important advantages of the Bitcoin system. It isn't regulated by any central entity, so it doesn't depend on the economic policies of governments. 

It's very important to take this into account, since devaluation, inflation and other macroeconomic problems are caused by governments themselves, so it's time to protect yourself and Bitcoin is the ideal alternative

4 advantages of buying bitcoin

Why use Bitcoin in business?

Still haven't decided to implement Bitcoin as a purchasing method for your business products? Discover some of the benefits it could generate for your business.

1. Successful economic transactions

The more payment options you offer your customers, the more likely they are to buy your products or services. 

Therefore, if they see that they can not only pay with fiat money, but also have the possibility to use their crypto they will be happy to buy from you. Apply it and you will see the difference.

2. No room for fraud

Yes, we know. One of the biggest problems you face as an entrepreneur is the fraud with which many customers want to pay you, especially when it comes to international transfers or cash payments. 

Therefore, we think that Bitcoin could be a solution, since its cryptographic system is almost inviolable, in addition to the fact that all movements are backed up before third parties. 

3. Increased conversion

Last but not least we have the increase in conversions. The truth is that we have no doubts, since the more payment options you offer your customers, the more likely they are to purchase your services. 

how to buy bitcoin

What do you think about the Bitcoin purchase process? The reality is that it's an option that you should take more and more into account if you want to protect yourself from government policies and take your business to the next level.