Google Trends: Why this tool can help you to improve the results of any digital business

Google Trends: Why this tool can help you to improve the results of any digital business

Claudia Roca

Jul 20, 2022

Jul 20, 2022

Jul 20, 2022

Google Trends: Why this tool can help you to improve the results of any digital business
Google Trends: Why this tool can help you to improve the results of any digital business
Google Trends: Why this tool can help you to improve the results of any digital business

Today we bring you a tool that will be very helpful for your business or personal brand. Today we're going to understand how a powerful Google tool works. We're talking about Google Trends.

What are the most searched words in Google? What are the main search trends? What are the most popular topics? Surely some of these questions have crossed your mind. However, we also think about how this tool can work for our business. Well, you have found the right place to answer this question and many more. Pay close attention.

What is Google Trends? 

We could say in short that Google Trends is a free tool that is made to show the search patterns of one or more keywords that interest us. Through graphs it can show us what keywords are the most searched for in certain periods of time, in certain places we choose, or certain related topics and other more specific details.

This is essential for digital marketing, as it allows us to know the search trends in Google and the most popular topics. Likewise, it also allows us to see how certain keywords have evolved over a certain period of time. This helps to compare between several terms or words to know which ones increased their search and which ones decreased. The basic information for an SEO strategy comes out of this place, which is why it is indispensable! Imagine that we can, among other things: 

  • Know which keywords are searched for to a greater or lesser extent.

  • Know the evolution of our brand or company's search trends

  • Know the search trends

Google trends

This will allow us to have more effective strategies when it comes to differentiating ourselves from our competition or capturing another type of audience that is useful to us at a given time. 

Main features of Google Trends

The good thing about this tool is that it presents data graphically, so it's very useful for a presentation in a company, for example. Knowing the basic functions of Google Trends is very simple. If you manage to take advantage of this tool, we assure you that you will find an essential part for any digital marketing strategy in your business. 

Let's summarize what Google Trends allows us to do

  • It allows you to access the statistics of a keyword up to the current date.

  • You can compare keywords and see their level of searches in a given period of time.

  • It has useful search filters such as: location, time span, categories, search engine. 

  • It offers different search engines: Google's search engine, Google images, Google news, Google Shopping and Youtube.

How to use Google Trends?

We're going to tell you about different ways in which this tool can help you improve your business:

Use trending topics 

If you offer a product or a service that feeds on what happens on a daily basis, this tool is ideal for you. Think of a company that sells fashion products. It is ideal for you to know what are the main design innovations at, for example, awards galas. Rihanna may be trending because of the brand new dress she was seen in at a certain gala. Knowing this will allow you to adopt an optimized strategy.

The Google Trends trend bar will show you the most popular searches. You can filter these searches through the categories that the tool offers: business, science, sport, news, health, etc.

Try taking a different point of view than your competitors on a specific topic. Your opinion can attract the attention of your audience and thus achieve a higher number of clicks on your website. This makes us take advantage of the increase in searches for certain keywords.

Google trends

Measure the demand for your product by region  

Your product or service is not intended for everyone in every situation. It is advisable to target an appropriate group. In this regard, it can be useful to analyze which words our audience searches for according to their needs or consumption. 

For example, if you sell winter clothes, we will have to see how popular the words related to our business are, such as: coat, sweater, scarf, etc. Analyzing by region or city can help us understand how to communicate and how to target our campaigns. We can optimize keywords for different audiences during times when demand is higher. 

Google trends

Find new strategies

Google Trends is not only a keyword research tool, it also assists in developing a strategy for a business or project. By showing us a list of queries related to certain keywords, we can use the similar terms to check their effectiveness in a SEO software. There are many softwares, such as or SEMrush, that measure the search volume for a certain keyword and help us find related words. These are add-ons that associate in a very organic way with Google Trends and help to strengthen traffic in very simple and effective ways. 

Google trends

What if it works better in video?

Certain keywords may not be relevant in the traditional search engine but they are relevant on YouTube. This can help us find valuable topics that need videos in order to be better exploited. 

Google trendsuse google trends

Improve your business with Google Trends

We will always want to improve our business. Sometimes it's just a matter of changing our approach or adapting our marketing strategies. Taking advantage of the free tools provided by Google is an essential part of our entrepreneurial life. Did you know about this tool and its features? Do you find its functions and the data that can be obtained useful?

What other features of Google Trends do you think could work?

We'll read you in the comments!