What is remarketing: learn how it works and why you should use it

What is remarketing: learn how it works and why you should use it

Claudia Roca

Aug 15, 2022

Aug 15, 2022

Aug 15, 2022

What is remarketing: learn how it works and why you should use it
What is remarketing: learn how it works and why you should use it
What is remarketing: learn how it works and why you should use it

Have you ever seen how a user enters your website and is about to complete a purchase and then suddenly leaves? It's frustrating, isn't it? 

It's more common than you think but there's a way to avoid it and it's with remarketing.

This is a concept that will allow you to attract back those visitors who were close to making an action but left without finishing the process.

This way you will optimize the conversion process and increase the profitability of your digital business in a short time, which after all, is your greatest desire: to have a business with stable income over time. 

Are you curious yet? Let's find out together in the following article:

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a form of marketing in which you generate personalized campaigns for users who have shown interest in your services: before doing so you created an ad in which new visitors came to the website.

From here on you take a look at the metrics and make sure that there are some visitors who have interacted with the content but have not made any purchase or left their data.

This doesn't mean that they are not interested, on the contrary, they are, but there's a small detail missing to execute the action and that is where remarketing comes into play.

That's why it's a technique widely used to raise the percentage of your ROI and achieve new conversions that make your project profitable.

4 Advantages of remarketing

Remarketing is about reaching people who already know your brand, product or service, so the chances of conversion are much higher.

From there you create personalized ads to encourage them to move forward in the sales funnel. Some of its advantages are:

1. Increased visibility

Of course, how can you not have more visibility if you are creating personalized ads to users who have shown interest in your project?

Remarketing allows you to gain visibility in that audience that is willing to pay for your product, which triggers other indicators such as conversions, ROI and much more.

2. You reach the user at the right time

Remember that remarketing is done with personalized ads, so before developing it, study the behaviors of the visitor in question.

What's the point? To understand when is the best time to promote it. Still, the big advantage is that this user is already further along in the marketing funnel, so you have a good chance of achieving your goal.

3. Lists adjusted to your goals

With this technique you will reach your goals faster, whether it is to obtain new leads, sell more, increase your profitability and much more. 

The key is that the ad appears in specific places so that the reader clicks on it. 

4. Large scale coverage

Google has more than 2 million websites in its entire network, not including social networks. This represents a huge potential for your business, but to take advantage of it you must advertise to your target audience.

With remarketing you will be able to position yourself in the mind of the ideal user, no matter where they are.

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How to implement a remarketing strategy?

If you want to improve these conversion rates, remarketing is a very interesting option. Let's see below how you can implement it:

1. Log in to your Google Ads account and get your tag

This is an HTML tag that will allow you to apply this technique. We recommend you to add it on all the pages of your website before the mechanism is closed.

2. Create your remarketing lists

These are the databases where you can find the people who have interacted with your site. 

The good news is that you can configure them according to the goals you have set, which can range from those who visited a specific section, added something to the cart or left their data on the web.

Once you have a minimum amount of users you can run your campaign.

3. Start your campaign

Start your remarketing campaign with some of the listings you have chosen. Add elements such as geographic area, interests, language and bidding to make a much more precise segmentation.

4. Optimize the ads

Once you've been running your ads for a while, you can use tools such as A/B testing to optimize them depending on the results you get. This way you will improve as you go along and achieve the goals you set out to achieve.

3 Tips to improve your remarketing campaigns

If you've already launched your campaign, it's important that you measure the behavior every so often to evaluate whether it's complying with the stipulations.

Anyway, we'll give you some tips to improve your remarketing campaigns:

1. Be careful with the frequency

It's important not to saturate the user with your ads because otherwise you will fall into spam, and you know what that causes in the user: rejection.

How can you measure the frequency? Nowadays there are several programs that show you the number of impacts in a given time. Evaluate the type of user in each list and adjust the number according to their characteristics.

2. Lists for users who are already customers

Just as you have a list of people who have viewed your website, it's important to create a database for those who have already purchased.

There you can create specific ads with discounts, promotions and any other action that will lead them to repeat the purchase. Remember: we all want to feel special, if you achieve this you will have a loyal consumer for life.

3. Use your tools

Don't be afraid to use the programs you have at your disposal. Today there are many apps that allow you to measure the behavior of your campaigns so that you can make the necessary corrections.

This will bring you closer to the results you set out to achieve at the beginning of the remarketing process.

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There is no doubt that this strategy is a great way to increase the number of conversions and increase profitability in the short and medium term, but the key is that you rely on metrics to be more accurate.

Our purpose is that you have a solid and stable digital business over time, but we know that along the way you will need help so we can be that ally you were looking for.

In our school you will find different masters for you to get all the skills you need. Have you seen them? Visit our website now and choose the ideal program for you. 

P.S.: of course, let us know in the comments if you've already done your first remarketing campaign.