Ultimate top 5 of best franchises to own in 2024

Ultimate top 5 of best franchises to own in 2024

Claudia Roca

Sep 27, 2022

Sep 27, 2022

Sep 27, 2022

Ultimate top 5 of best franchises to own in 2024
Ultimate top 5 of best franchises to own in 2024
Ultimate top 5 of best franchises to own in 2024

How many times have you not thought about creating a business in 2024? We could say it's a million dollar question and it looks like we have the answer for you. 

It's time for you to know the best franchises to own in 2024.

Forget the risks and uncertainty that the first few years of any business require! 

Franchises offer you an assembled model in which you only need capital and all the desire in the world to work.

Today we're going to talk about the top 5 franchises that have positioned themselves as the most attractive this year. Take a look at them right now, maybe you'll see your future company.

Best franchises to invest in 2024

Franchises are one of the best business opportunities that exist anywhere in the world and the United Kingdom is no exception. 

In this wonderful country you'll find hundreds of alternatives that will allow you to have your own business without the risks that other traditional models have. Let's take a look at the most attractive ones below:

1. Auntie Annes

If you're a pretzel lover, you've found your dream business. 

It's the world's largest chain in this sector and it started on a small farm in Pennsylvania, USA. Its recipe attracted so much attention that the project had to be franchised to expand all over the world, including England.

Now in the country they offer different breakfast dishes, which has opened up their market opportunities to an impressive level. 

The investment is about £135,000, while the franchise fee is £18,000. 

2. Angelas Swim School

Athlete Angela Wilson is one of the nation's most recognised swimmers. She was British champion in the 400m and 800m freestyle at the age of 15, making her one of the youngest idols of the day.

Once her career took a step back, she decided to help others through a swimming school where she imparts all the knowledge she has acquired throughout her life.

Thus we find the academy, which has been running for more than a decade and offers swimming lessons to people of all abilities and ages. 

Its owner offers a 300% profit in a period of 3 months. The total investment is £50,000 and is ideal for you if you love swimming and sports. 

4. Bagel Corner

Fast food restaurants will never go out of fashion, so it's not a bad idea to buy a fast food franchise to exploit its profits.

Bager Corner was born in 2010, has 30 units across the country and has developed a solid and stable business model, something that's attractive to any investor.

Its products are diverse and they don't offer only burgers, they also sell salads, soups and much more. In addition, it has the ability to serve a customer in less than 70 seconds, which is a competitive advantage you can't afford to miss out on.

The investment is £500,000, the franchise fee is £15,000, their royalty rate is 5% and the average shop space requires about 450 square metres. 

5. Baguette Express

There's no doubt that healthy eating is one of the biggest trends in the world today. 

Well, if you want to make the most of it, there's no better way than through Baguette Express. This restaurant chain offers you healthy and fresh dishes in record time so you can eat on your way to work.

The owners developed the concept of customers creating their own healthy sandwich, something that has given them a competitive advantage.

Now, as far as the numbers are concerned, we have:

  • £60,000 investment.

  • 7% royalty.

6. Baskin Robbins

Would you like to participate in a million-dollar market? Ice cream is a sector that is positioned to be the next to reach the £1 billion mark, so it's the perfect time to get in.

Baskin Robbins is an international ice cream brand that's on the cutting edge and can give you a lot of financial potential.

The financial requirements are as follows:

  • £500,000. 

  • 2% advertising fee.

best franchises to own

Advantages of investing in franchising

There's no doubt that investing in franchising is a great way to achieve financial freedom in the UK. 

Let's take a look at some of the advantages of investing in this business model: 

1. Proven business model

Of course, we couldn't start the list without talking about this. 

Little is said about how difficult it is to create a proven business model. The only way is through trial and error, something that can be very expensive for you.

Therefore, by acquiring a franchise you reduce the chances of failure by having a project that is already time-tested. 

2. Increased chances of return on investment

The initial investment of any business is variable and will depend on multiple factors. The problem is that you never know when you will get your money back, and that's when the problems arise. 

With a franchise you have an estimated projection of when you'll get your return based on the numbers that the head company manages. This will give you certainty and you'll be able to make your capital injection without so much fear. 

3. Recognised brand in the marketplace

The most difficult thing is not creating a business, but developing a brand that is recognisable in the market. 

We define it as those phrases, styles and methodologies that differentiate you from the market. The reality is that it's something that is built over time and it's what will allow you to make money over the years.

When you buy a franchise you don't just buy a business, you buy a brand with a positive reputation. This is invaluable, so keep it in mind every time you think about discussing an investment.

3 advantages of Investing in franchising

Not-to-be-missed tips for investing in your next franchise and not die trying

Before we finish we want to give you some tips to help you invest in the franchise that’s right for you. 

1. Check that the numbers are real 

Yes, check the numbers and don't go for the first thing the entrepreneur tells you. It's important that you know the company's finances, debts, shareholders, organisational structure and much more. 

Then you can pay attention to the investment amounts. Beware of the royalties and advertising fees you have to pay, as this will alter the capital injection you have to make each year.

2. Don't go for the best known companies.

This is not a mistake in itself, but it is common practice for entrepreneurs to go for the big companies without analysing what's there in context. 

It's not always the big companies that represent business opportunities, in fact, on many occasions it's the small ones that give you the best possibilities for growth.

We hope that with this information you'll know which the best franchises to invest in the UK are. 

There are many possibilities to choose from, so it's time to give it the attention it deserves. 

Have you already chosen your franchise to invest in? Let us know its name in the comments.