What is influencer marketing used for in startups?

What is influencer marketing used for in startups?

Claudia Roca

Mar 28, 2023

Mar 28, 2023

Mar 28, 2023

What is influencer marketing used for in startups?
What is influencer marketing used for in startups?
What is influencer marketing used for in startups?

When it comes to starting a new project, it is essential to have a well-planned strategy to your credit. A good idea, no matter how good it may be, will have no future if the right foundations are not built. 

What is the advantage in this aspect? There are many methods and strategies that you can use to develop a startup plan for your company. There, influencer marketing for startups comes into play. An initiative in which new companies bet on a quick recognition through a public figure

This has many contrasts and nuances that must be addressed and detailed in depth, because if it isn’t well applied, you will be investing money that surely will not give you the expected results. 

Do you want to know more about this method? What is influencer marketing and what does it have to do with a startup? We are going to clarify all that and more, so we recommend you grab a snack and hit this new knowledge hard. 

What is influencer marketing? 

Let's start with the first thing that should interest you in case you are starting a new project or a new business. Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy, worth the redundancy, in which a public figure of recognition in the digital community is used to promote your project. 

That is, we use the popularity and recommendations of a user on the Internet, which has a certain level of authority or recognition by some users, which in turn, are part of our target audience. 

It’s very important to remember this last point! Since we will talk about it in depth further on...

It’s an alternative that is becoming more and more popular among brands. Not only for new companies, but also for medium and large corporations. 

And what is the reason for its success? You may ask. 

Simple, here is an example of a recent event in the world of technology. You remember Henry Cavill, don't you? The famous guy who played the character of Superman at DC Studios. 

Well, not too long ago, this individual filmed himself performing his own desktop PC setup. This attracted a lot of attention from tech lovers who praised and liked the fact that the distinguished celebrity loved gaming. What was the result? 

An increase in the sales of all those brands he used in his setup. All, and for the simple fact that someone famous used them, causing empathy in those followers of the actor and indirectly promoting the sales of the products he used. 

Well, with this simple example, you can get an idea of the potential and importance that this type of marketing has in people's decisions, and that’s why it’s so widely applied today. Just imagine if Henry Cavil had directly promoted a brand… 

And what is a startup? 

If you are already part of one, you may already know the term. However, there are those who do not know some of the terminology used in the digital world. 

In terms of digital marketing, it means a company that is in the process of developing and starting its commercial activities. 

In general, a startup has a scalable model, in which the project for which it has been conceived, aims to develop to the point of being a stable and profitable business. But, regardless of its success or not, its purpose is to end. 

In other words, the startup is a temporary or limited concept. And this is because the objectives of this type of project are based on a niche that is not well explored or developed. That is to say, the objective itself is to establish an authoritative project in a niche that others have not exploited, and therefore carries a great risk in its investment. 

However, although the probability of failure is considerable taking into account the variables of low interest on the part of the users, on the other hand, well thought out and with a well-planned strategy, they tend to be very attractive projects. Both at user and external investment level.

Some examples of startups 

The concept may be easy to understand or read, however, taking it to the real plane may be a better way to assimilate the concept. Here are some examples:

  1. Uber: it may come as a surprise to you, but it’s the truth. Uber in its beginnings started as a startup project, and it’s a perfect example of how one can be so successful despite exploring something little known. Before them, there were only cabs, but there was never a service that was so personalized and that you could use at any time. Well, here you have an idea that was very well received by users and today is a commercial success. 

  2. BlueBamboo: this startup is focused on the life fitness niche. Specifically, on the idea of bringing to every home the possibility of practicing and learning yoga from home. In addition, including training sessions and tips for a healthier life, all in Spanish. 

  3. PLD Space: a company dedicated to the hybrid propulsion of aircraft engines. Their goal with this startup is to promote an innovative flight system that, in case the engine fails, can continue in the air. Interesting, isn't it?

Well, with these three examples, you will already be clear about the concept and what a startup refers to. An initial project that, with a good idea and a good investment, can have great results in a very short time. 

But what does influencer marketing have to do with all this? 

3 Objectives of influencer marketing in startups 

If you have understood both concepts, you must already have an idea of where it's all going. And yes, influencers are a perfect tool to promote, above all, new projects. 

Remember, a startup is conceived as a temporary, and sometimes emergency, project. As a method of sustaining business in order to create profitability, through a niche little exploited. 

Therefore, when investigating and participating in a relatively new niche, it’s very likely that users willing to pay the necessary interest are not entirely convinced or, on the other hand, have no knowledge of what it is about. 

That’s why, an influencer who has an audience that is interesting for the project, can be the one who promotes the project to make it known for users to become interested in it. 

And what conditions must an influencer meet in order to promote the product or service? 

1. Audience analysis

Well, when we talk about influencer marketing for startups, we can’t leave aside a fundamental requirement, that your influencer  really has the audience that you need

Think about it, what's the point of investing and promoting your startup with an influencer whose audience has nothing to do with the project? That is, you can make it known to many people, but few will actually buy or be interested in your project

This translates into an unwise investment, and that can cause you losses that lead to failure. But don't be discouraged, that doesn't have to happen as long as you do your duty to study your influencer's audience well, and other aspects such as: 

  • What needs will I satisfy? 

  • How will it help users? 

  • Who will be able to access it? 

  • Does your startup have an age range? 

In short, what you would do in a market study like any other.

2. The influencer niche 

Of course, it makes no sense to offer a product or service through someone who has no idea what they are promoting. We’re not going to promote info tech products, on a food channel, for example. 

It’s imperative that your startup's niche is aligned with, or at least as close as possible to what the influencer usually talks about. 

And why? 

Because this will allow the influencer to feel comfortable with your promotion. In other words, they will be able to express themselves more easily, it won’t be so complicated to explain how it works, and their communication will be much more assertive.

3. Let the influencer do their job 

This can be a bit controversial, as no one in their right mind wants to receive negative criticism or not feel they have the ability to control things. 

But remember, you are the one who is seeking the influencer's services and promotion, and who better than the influencer to know your audience? Allow them to express their opinion and recommendation with creativity and individuality. 

Remember that if something is forced, it will be very noticeable in the person's body language. This will be noticed by your audience and they will feel uncertainty or lack of confidence in what is being promoted. 

So if you want to get the best possible results, don't control the dialogue, the script or what your influencer marketing is trying to do in your campaign. 

Influencer marketing objectives

4 Reasons to apply influencer marketing in your startup 

Now, we will mention some reasons why you should use influencer marketing in your startup, whether you like the idea or you have doubts. 

1. Differentiating factor 

It has been proven that when public figures are used in marketing campaigns, users who follow and admire this person will be more receptive when they receive a promotion. 

You must not forget that a startup is a fragile project or business, and that in many cases it is born in an emergency or in need to avoid bankruptcy. 

Therefore, an influencer, no matter what their popularity or type, can collaborate with your project in promotion, and that is an excellent way to stand out and show that you are open to new communities

2. Greater connectivity with your target audience 

As we mentioned in the previous section, influencers know their own audience very well, especially if they have been in the field for a long time. Therefore, reaching your target audience and connecting your idea with them will be much easier. 

Of course, try to have previous conversations with your influencer to talk about your idea in depth. See him/her as a partner who will help you promote your product, but who must have full knowledge of it and how it works. 

Once they are clear about your objectives and what they are dealing with, they will have better creative ideas to make your promotion a success. 

3. You can negotiate your payment method 

By this we mean specifically your business with the influencer. That is, what do you plan to give in exchange for their promotion? 

Here you can propose whatever you like, from money, to the possibility of enjoying your project at no cost, or with other types of products or services. This gives you the opportunity to save even more money in exchange for a promotion that, if well done, can be very profitable. 

So now you know, this is one of its most outstanding advantages. 

4. You apply segmentation in a short time 

When you study your influencer and their audience well, you are indirectly segmenting your own audience. Therefore, you will have greater possibilities of creating interest and sales. 

In any marketing campaign, segmentation is necessary. It may be the most relevant aspect of promotions, because without it, we would be wasting resources in vain. 

As long as you target an audience that meets the needs that your project plans to satisfy, you will be diversifying in the right way. 

apply influencer marketing

Now that you have received the information, what do you think about this type of strategy in digital marketing campaigns, would you apply it in your projects or have you ever created a startup? Whether you have been successful or not, let us know what your experience has been like and if you would recommend it to others.