What is a full stack developer and what are their functions?

What is a full stack developer and what are their functions?

Claudia Roca

Jan 30, 2023

Jan 30, 2023

Jan 30, 2023

What is a full stack developer and what are their functions?
What is a full stack developer and what are their functions?
What is a full stack developer and what are their functions?

One of the most important and useful tools nowadays is digitalisation! 

Thanks to it, we can have a greater reach in our marketing campaigns, and it also offers us all kinds of options when it comes to solving any kind of problem. 

The world is advancing so fast that there are more and more new development professionals, who can be beneficial for companies.

Surely you have heard about the role of full stack developers, one of the most important experts for your company nowadays.

Even so, you may be wondering what role these professionals play and why they are so important. That's why today we will talk in detail about full stack developers and why you should have one for your business. 

Who are full stack developers?

Full stack developers are professionals with great versatility, because they can work in a variety of programming environments. They are one of the most complete workers of the moment, which is why the vacancies available are increasing.

Part of their versatility is that they can work in both frontend and backend. That way they can know exactly how to design a website for your company.

Although you might think that a web developer does both, the truth is that they do not. The one who is in charge of the complete web work is the full stack, which is why he or she is one of the most demanded technology professionals nowadays.

In addition to understanding both sides of programming, full stacks are able to solve problems that may arise during the programming process.

Looking for an expert with the ability to design and program your company's website? Don't hesitate to contact a full stack, because they are hybrid workers and excellent collaborators.

6 Functions of a full stack developer

There are a number of functions that the full stack performs on a daily basis. All with the intention of offering you the best results in the programming of your website.

Moreover, it's important that you know what these tasks are. That way you will be able to know how to interact with them during the process and what responsibilities they have when creating your website.

Among the functions that these programming experts have to carry out are the following:

1. Meets with the company

The first step in starting the programming process is to meet with the company. This will allow you to find out what the brand's needs are and how you should proceed with the site design.

It's at this stage of the process that both parties meet to agree. You can take advantage of meetings with your full stack to discuss the type of website you need and provide all the necessary information.

Keep in mind that these professionals are trained not only to listen to all your needs, but also to advise you during the whole process of creating the website. That way there is a balance between your needs and the capabilities of the full stack.

Don't be afraid to tell them exactly what you want and what you don't want for your website. Remember that the success of the site will depend on it, so it is best to establish everything from the beginning.

2. Designs the user interface and frontend elements

The frontend, or client side, as it is known, is the most important side of a website. It's where users will have a direct interaction with the page and, therefore, with your company.

That's why aspects such as the theme, multimedia files, fonts and colours have to be defined from the first meeting. Once all the details are defined, the full stack can get down to work and start working on the design of your website.

Keep in mind that for many, the frontend is the most important part of a website because it's the part where direct interaction with users takes place. Because of this, the full stack put special emphasis on the design of the frontend.

It's in this section where all the multimedia files are presented to the clients, as well as the colours and the theme of the site.

In the case of an online shop, the full stack will load photos of your products in the frontend. In addition, you can create interactive menus to generate a better experience for users who visit your website.

3. Builds the backend

This is the part reserved for the web server and all the data that is not visible to the user. For the portal to work properly, the backend must be well designed.

For this, the programmer must know all kinds of codes and programming languages. This way, a solid structure can be designed to house the frontend.

In addition, the backend has to be designed in such a way that it offers the fluidity that users need.

As already mentioned, full stack developers are programming professionals who are able to master both parts of the website. This gives them an advantage over other programmers who only specialise in one or the other.

As they are the ones who design both parts, they know how to complement one with the other and how to make them work smoothly.

That's why the backend designed by the full stack is complemented by the frontend. This is where the professional tells the browser how to execute and display the frontend to the user.

4. Works together with other departments

The different departments in your company must work together to improve the working environment and the results. That's why full stacks are also trained to work as a team throughout the entire project creation process.

Working together with your company's marketing department results in constant advice and improvements in upcoming marketing campaigns.

This not only makes for a much healthier working environment for your company, but also allows all parties to get on the same page. That way you can offer a better web service to your customers.

The full stack can also advise other parts of the company. The purpose of this is to ensure that they have the knowledge to operate the site, as well as to offer knowledge so that the digital marketing campaign goes as planned.

5. Creates databases

One of the most important functions of full stacks is the creation of databases. Without databases, the work they do couldn't be done.

The database in web programming is the structure that distributes the corresponding information. They are also files that are related to each other through processes that result in the effectiveness of the website.

As is to be expected, the databases created by full stacks are directly related to the backend. They can thus provide greater stability on the site and tell the browser what elements there are on the site.

6. Ensures user experience

The user experience on your website is as important as the website itself. That's why one of the most important tasks of a full stack is to offer the best digital product, especially if we're talking about an online shop.

In this case, it's important to think about the payment methods to be used, as well as the way in which the catalogue is presented to them and how they can interact with it.

These are all aspects that make for an interesting user experience that you can take advantage of in your next marketing campaign. If your customers are happy shopping on your site, they can recommend it to their acquaintances and thus generate more online sales.

To get to this point it's important to understand all of the above. That's why communication, consulting and your business needs are necessary to improve the customer interface.

Full stack programmers are exposed to a lot of ideas, tools and concepts every day. You can take advantage of all the knowledge they have to offer in order to design a website that matches your brand.

How does a full stack benefit your marketing campaigns?

Digital marketing is becoming more and more common nowadays, as well as constantly growing and innovating new methods to get results and generate reach.

For this reason, full stacks prepare themselves in the best possible way to be able to adapt to the dizzying speed at which online marketing is advancing. As a result, they are able to create the best performing websites for their clients.

As a company, it's natural to wonder what benefit a new employee on your payroll offers. This way you can find out how the brand will improve and how convenient it is to get a professional in a certain area.

In the case of full stack programmers, it's important for you to know some of the benefits they can bring to your future marketing campaigns.

Do you want to know how a full stack programmer can benefit your marketing campaigns? Consider the following aspects:

1. They have SEO knowledge

When it comes to having a virtual presence, getting through the filter of the major search engines is one of the most complicated tasks. Search engines such as Google and Bing have specialised filters to know which results to offer to people first.

In this case, programmers have the SEO knowledge to know how to get through these filters safely and reliably.

2. They take creative risks

Imagination and creativity are skills they possess, and they have them at your company's disposal. This allows them to make risky creative decisions that will attract the attention of customers.

However, you need to be aware that these risks are planned and supported by databases, in addition to the information you provide during consultancies.

3. Problem solving and maintenance

To achieve their objectives, they are able to solve all kinds of programming problems that may arise.

In addition to the previous point, the result is a professional committed to your brand and who will know how to make the best decisions for your business website.

4. They have knowledge of digital marketing

Part of the versatility that characterises them is due to the variety of knowledge they have, including digital marketing. So they can advise you not only on your business website, but also on how to incorporate it into your campaign and get good results.

Their ability to design a complete website oriented to digital marketing is definitely one of the skills you can take advantage of. In addition, their drive to learn will work in your favour, as they will look for new marketing methods that can work for your campaign.

Do you already have a full stack in your payroll?

Having the presence of a professional like this in your company, as we've already mentioned, can provide certain benefits. Both your brand and your marketing campaigns will benefit from the advice of a full stack.

Dare to create your own website for your company with the help of a full stack. He or she will know how to listen to and implement each of the suggestions you have for the design of your website.

That way you will be able to cover more space on the web and reach a much larger audience, as your business knowledge and the programming skills of the full stack will work together for a perfect result. 

Are you the next top full stack developer? We want to know if you are as passionate about this world as we are.

As always, we invite you to let us know what you think in the comments.