Voice Marketing: The Future of Advertising

Voice Marketing: The Future of Advertising

Franco Brutti

Mar 3, 2023

Mar 3, 2023

Mar 3, 2023

Voice Marketing: The Future of Advertising
Voice Marketing: The Future of Advertising
Voice Marketing: The Future of Advertising

Marketing has had to adapt over the years to meet the needs of users and an example of this is what’s happening with voice marketing

This is a trend that customers use to find products and services on the Internet thanks to voice commands

Just as you read it, you no longer have to type to find information. 

So, you as a company can benefit from this through specialized equipment to get the data in a more special way to users. 

Would you like to see what this is all about?

What is voice marketing?

Voice marketing is a trend that’s becoming increasingly important in the world of digital marketing. 

Nowadays, brands want to be more similar to the habits that users have in their daily lives, that is, to go towards the natural language of people to achieve better interactions. 

So, voice marketing is a technique that uses voice recognition to get the message of the brands to the target audience in a more effective way, so that new sales can be obtained and business numbers can be improved. 

Have you ever wondered why, despite all the advances in technology, radio still exists as a medium and continues to survive regardless of the new trends around it? The answer is clear: the closeness generated by the voice of a third party causes intimacy and trust in the listener, which increases the chances of acquiring a service. 

Marketers know this and that’s why they created voice searches, facilitating the daily life of users who no longer need to type to find information.

How does voice marketing work?

The way voice marketing works is simpler than many people think. All you have to do is ask the assistant a question and it turns the questions into a query that will be sent to the search engine to obtain the best answer, depending on the case. 

In other words, it doesn't matter what your customer's needs are. With voice marketing you will be able to respond to their requests in less time than you think, it will be like talking directly to their ear. 

4 Reasons to incorporate voice marketing

There’s no doubt that voice marketing is a trend that has gradually gained a space within digital marketing

Screens, keyboards and mouses will continue to be important, but now they have to compete against digital speakers, as more and more people use voice searches to find information. 

So, if you want to create a better tune in with your target audience you should consider the following reasons: 

1. You reach people's day-to-day lives.

First of all, you get closer to people's everyday life. 

We know that nowadays users are busier than ever, so if you manage to get a space in their agenda you will have a lot to gain. 

You will achieve this more easily if you use voice, because it has been proven that listening to a third party generates a sense of proximity that is difficult to match with any other alternative. 

2. Penetrate a community in general

It’s true that by speaking you reach the user's ear, but keep in mind that you can reach thousands of people with your voice

This way, you reduce costs because you don't have to copy and duplicate your copy hundreds of times to place it in the different channels where your brand lives. 

3. The proximity of the recognition devices gives many possibilities

Closely related to the first point, the feeling of proximity produced by voice searches makes users more predisposed to perform an action indicated by the assistant. 

Apply it and you will see how the conversion rate will increase significantly.

4. Many benefits for users with specific disabilities

In our marketing strategy it’s important to involve people from the same niche, but we should not forget about those who have a disability

With voice marketing you can help those with visual or mobility problems to understand your message so they know how you can help them improve their quality of life. 

Where to incorporate voice search into your digital strategy

There is no doubt that incorporating voice search into your digital marketing strategy is one of the most winning strategies you can include. However, the problem is that in many cases we do not know how to incorporate it to take advantage of all its benefits. 

Here are some of the ways you can annex them:

1. SEO

SEO is essential to position yourself organically at the top of Google. However, if you want to implement voice marketing you have to understand that voice marketing searches are more specific, so you will have to make a different keyword analysis. 

So, if your website is not positioned, it will be much more difficult to stand out when the user makes a request about the product or service. 

Thus, it’s time to increase your efforts to improve your organic positioning to take advantage of voice marketing. 

2. Location

In order to give concrete answers to users, voice searches base their performance on location.

Therefore, you need to work on improving the location optimization of your business. You need to appear on Google Maps along with good user reviews so that customers start finding you. 

3. Audible content

Users are doing more and more searches by voice, which means they want to receive an answer in this same format. 

You already know that hearing someone else's voice activates other senses in our brain that increase affinity with the brand. Therefore, a good way to take advantage of this is through podcasts, where you generate valuable content on a topic that you are passionate about and that relates to the business. 

4. Advertising

We cannot leave aside that voice marketing has created new forms of advertising. 

The digital speakers that exist today allow you to promote very specific messages that can be used if you know the customer's needs well, so start creating calls to action to encourage the user to do something specific. 

Where to incorporate voice

Examples of voice marketing

Voice is still a fundamental basis of communication, that's why now more than ever we see brands that want to conquer the auditory market to improve their numbers. 

Now it's time to take a look at some companies that have been successful using voice marketing

1. Johnnie Walker

We start with Johnnie Walker, one of the most important companies in the whisky industry. They have been producing scotch since 1820 and currently sell in more than 200 countries, which reflects the trajectory they’ve had. 

It is said that the company sells approximately 120 million bottles a year, but they are still not happy with the situation. 

In fact, to improve their customers' experience they decided to apply voice marketing using Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa. 

The device first asks you some questions about your liqueur tastes and then makes a recommendation on the Johnnie Walker model that best suits your preferences. 

2. Albert Heijn

On the other hand we find the case of Albert Heijn, an amazing supermarket that has a huge catalog of products and recipes along with a delivery service that brings you the product in less time than you can imagine. 

Now, all its services are automatically connected with Google Home, so if you ask how to use a certain product or for a recipe, the device will become the best guide and chef of the moment. 

Also, if you want to know when the delivery will arrive, just ask the team. They will give you an answer so precise that you will be surprised. 

3. MediaMarkt

We continue with the list and now it's time to talk about the strategy that MediaMarkt applied. The truth is that since 2018 they have been using voice marketing and with very good results, being among the first to risk using this trend. 

What they do is simple: they make the offers of the day and the customer can order something from the Google Assistant that works by voice. 

Right there you can browse through the different options, add to the shopping cart and pay for what you want to take.In other words, you will be in a market from the comfort of your own home, just by opening your mouth. 

4. KLM

KLM is one of the most important companies in the world, and when they realized the arrival of voice marketing they didn't want to stay idle. 

What they implemented was quite interesting: they created their own virtual assistant called BB, which at first was only a messenger, but now it can help all the passengers through Google Home. 

Here you can indicate where you want to go and the time you plan to arrive and the computer will subsequently help you pack your suitcase. 

5. Phillips

The next example on our list is Phillips, one of the world's leading sellers of lamps and household goods. 

We are struck by the fact that there are basic commands to control all the bulbs you have in your home. So, you have the possibility to turn them on, turn them off or change the lighting as you want at that moment. 

You can also create a routine as if it were an alarm clock. So, if you want to get up at 7:00 am, at that time the light will turn on. 

There is no doubt that this is a very good way to combine the best of home automation with voice marketing. 

6. Bol.com

Finally we have Bol.com, one of the most relevant organizations in the e-commerce industry

One of the keys to their growth is that they have implemented voice marketing to improve the customer experience.

In this sense, you can ask for advice on gifts and see the products they have every day with Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa, so it's just a matter of choosing your ideal alternative. 

Then you can order it by delivery and you will have the possibility to track the product by voice to know where it is. It doesn't get any better than that. 

How can I get started in voice marketing?

With all this information it’s very likely that you’ve already decided to start your way into voice marketing. If so, the best thing to do is to focus your efforts on voice search or voice search seo

The way it works is quite elementary: the user makes a query to the assistant and it converts the words into the best answer on the internet and dictates it in the same format. 

However, you can influence the result it gives you, as you can configure it to dictate the answer or display it on a screen

In addition, it’s essential to understand that the questions must be simple, as computers have not yet been able to program the devices to give much more complex answers

This is where seo by voice comes into play, where you must register your business in Google Maps so that the same Google assistant locates you every time a user makes a request. 

With this and with healthy content seo practices you will be able to position yourself in the first positions in the search engine to increase the chances that your ideal customer clicks on your URL

We hope that with this information you can improve all the numbers of your company so that once and for all you can take that leap you deserve. Voice marketing continues to be an incredible trend that has not yet been fully exploited. 

Now is the time to start working to reach customers in a more innovative and closer way. 

Will you join the challenge?