Video marketing: powerful reasons to use it in your campaigns

Video marketing: powerful reasons to use it in your campaigns

Claudia Roca

Mar 13, 2023

Mar 13, 2023

Mar 13, 2023

Video marketing: powerful reasons to use it in your campaigns
Video marketing: powerful reasons to use it in your campaigns
Video marketing: powerful reasons to use it in your campaigns

We know that digital marketing today is a crucial part of the growth and development of companies and businesses. In fact, without a proper marketing strategy, it’s very possible that no business will thrive today, as digitization has reached the point of no return. 

For that reason, keeping up to date in this aspect is essential. And one of the ways in which small, medium and large companies are reaping success is through video marketing, a strategy in which we use audiovisual content to promote our infoproduct or brand. 

Now, this business method requires or demands a great deal of creativity. Since not everyone nurtures their ability to develop interesting ideas for the target audience. And because of this, the purpose of the following article is born, to give you some examples and ideas to help you create new content. 

Don't worry! Anyone can have a blockage, and if that's your case, stick around until the end: you'll be in for a very useful surprise. But first, let's get down to the basics....

What is video marketing? 

In itself, video marketing is not a specialty per se. Let's just say, it's considered more of a practice or one of the methods of doing marketing. 

As a definition, video marketing is a strategy in which any type of audiovisual or multimedia material is used to promote a product, service or brand. This type of marketing in recent years has been so successful that it has been the medium with which social networks are pressing for visibility. 

In other words, all audiovisual content is given greater visibility and importance on the platforms, as it tends to be content that users like more, keeps them more attentive and they consider it to be of greater value as it is more specific or illustrative. 

Therefore, it’s not unusual to think that every business, entrepreneur or company at some point in its development, will apply this type of strategy. 

Think about it, do you prefer a long and descriptive text about an infoproduct, or do you prefer an attractive, eye-catching video that solves your doubts without the need to include so much text? Some may prefer the first method, however, it’s clear that the vast majority prefer the most eye-catching information. 

Characteristics of video marketing 

Of course! This doesn’t mean that by showing the product through a video without any valuable information, it will be a guaranteed success. 

The important thing is to know how to measure the amount of information correctly, with the concept of the video and the presentation. 

  • If a video is very eye-catching visually, but doesn’t say anything of value, it will not make sense

  • If the video has too much text or information on the screen, reading it will be tedious and the user will quickly get bored. 

  • Be careful with external elements! This means: background music, audio that can’t be heard correctly and without cuts, too many on-screen elements or incorrect use of colors, bad use of language or grammar, etc. 

To avoid these mistakes, it’s necessary to respect the key characteristics of video marketing: 

The video must be eye-catching, capturing the user in the first 5 seconds. 

  • At the same time, it must also be illustrative. In other words, it must answer the key questions that the infoproduct may generate in the audience. 

  • If you want to make a very descriptive promotion, you must segment the video in sections identified for the user, so that he/she knows what to expect.

  • If the video is short, using the right formats is essential. Uploading a common video to youtube of a few seconds would not make much sense. The ideal thing would be to use the shorts from that platform, as well as reels from Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. 

  • The video itself must present an audience segmentation. That is to say, in the first few seconds the niche you are targeting should be clear. 

  • Explore the various options of platforms and formats in which you can present a video marketing that suits your goals, and that generates a good level of visualization.

7 Reasons to use video marketing in your campaigns 

The question really is, why not? The video format has great advantages over other formats in which only audio or only text prevails. 

In a video, you can take advantage of both aspects, while also adding creative originality through strategic concepts. We define some elements that you should take into consideration for your campaigns: 

1. Generates engagement 

You may have heard or read the term at some point, but you may be unclear about the concept. To explain it quickly, it’s about creating "engagement" in your potential customers, that is, transmitting a message that is tempting and evokes a need in the user to not only want to listen to you and read you, but also to connect emotionally with you. 

And that is the key, to generate empathy in emotions, whether negative or positive. 

In this aspect, it works very well using communication methods such as storytelling, social criticism, humor as a medium… In short, the important thing is that the user feels attracted to your content. 

2. Greater public acceptance 

As we mentioned in the previous point, audiovisual content has much greater social acceptance by communities. Because they combine different communicative resources and actively work the senses. 

This generates a feeling of satisfaction by appealing to tastes, so it’s an almost safe bet in any of the elements that make it up. 

3. Video is the format that users like the most

Remember this fact, after the common use of social networks and digital platforms, that is, the general activity of seeing what others do, the consumption of audiovisual material is the most frequent practice by users.

In other words, videos have such a high level of acceptance because users associate it with a leisure activity. Even at an educational level, a well-structured, well-crafted and well-developed video can generate feelings of entertainment, and therefore be much more effective in its objectives. 

4. Helps to retain information

Because videos stimulate various senses of our body, it is proven that this helps the retention of information. Therefore, it’s very likely that your brand, for example, will be more recognized or remembered thanks to a video than through other types of content. 

5. It’s very cost-effective

If video marketing is well planned and executed, it’s very likely to have positive results in your sales objectives as well. 

The reason is simple, in a video you can attend to many details that would otherwise be avoided or not possible. This generates a better perspective for the user when making a decision about whether or not to purchase the product or service offered. 

Remember that it’s not only about presenting an idea, but also about showing: 

  • How it is.

  • How it works. 

  • What needs it satisfies. 

  • How practical and useful it is. 

  • Where and when it can be used. 

  • If it is what the client is looking for 


6. Improves your positioning in search engines

That's right! A video uploaded on platforms such as Youtube, increases your positioning in web search engines, such as Google, for example. This promotes its visualization much more in users' searches. 

On the other hand, if you place a video in an article on your blog, and this is optimized with other seo elements (keyword research, link building, content structuring, valuable content, etc...), this contributes much more to the positioning of your article and gives, in turn, greater visibility to your video, turning your prospect into a client. 

7. Generates traffic and virality 

Videos have so much algorithm potential that their ability to go viral is really very high, regardless of whether it pleases the audience positively or negatively. 

On the other hand, it also allows you to take the audience to other websites that are of interest to you, thus generating semi-organic organic traffic, all depending on whether you apply advertising to your content. 

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5 Creative ideas for video marketing 

A promise is a promise! Now let's get down to the important issue that concerns us. Everything described in previous points was necessary to perfectly understand video marketing. 

Now that we have a more consolidated idea, we only need to place practical examples on which to base an idea, and develop it with your own style and creativity. It’s important that you keep the latter in mind, since repeated content, although it may work, must always have something that identifies you

Otherwise, you will not be promoting your brand in any way, much less achieve other goals such as selling infoproducts. That said, let's get started! 

1. Webinars 

Also called web conferences, it’s a practice that has become very popular among digital users. But what causes this? 

Simple! It allows the transmission of information as if it were a class, but live via the Internet, with spaces for discussion, questions and comments. 

And how is this a form of video marketing? 

Just imagine that you are about to sell a training course in a specific area. However, before selling the course, you want to show users that you really know what you are talking about, and that with you they will have the answers to the education they are investing in. 

So, you plan an open webinar, free of charge, where you not only explain what your course is about, but also demonstrate with real facts that your teaching strategy is paying off. 

You can also include elements such as: 

  • What will the individual know once they complete their training? 

  • What will he or she be able to do? 

  • What will be the difference between not taking the training and taking it? 

In short, give them real reasons why your proposal is really worthwhile and what they will achieve with you that they will not be able to achieve with others. 

2. Testimonial videos 

A classic among classics! What better way to show that what you offer really has good results? How to generate empathy and trust in your brand? Easy, through videos of real people with real testimonials. 

Remember! This must also be applied with the right elements. There are testimonial videos that do not generate any kind of trust or empathy in users, and this is due to the type of testimony and the possible exaggeration of results. 

Yes, it’s important to demonstrate that your product or service is of quality, but always do it with verifiable demonstrations, and if it’s possible to do it live, so much the better. 

Users have the ability to detect when a content may be manipulated or exaggerated, so it’s important to take care of these details. 

3. Business culture or corporate videos 

It’s a type of promotion, which aims to show the values and general culture of the company, for its product, service, staff, brand and customers. 

In short, the aim is to generate empathy through human or "necessary" values in society. Generate a positive response in the user who consumes the content, especially if they are a customer, since they will feel good if they feel they are investing in the right place. 

4. Tutorial video 

Its name suggests it, it’s about creating a video for demonstration and learning. In this type of content, products thrive more, especially if they are innovative or bet on a little-known niche. 

However, when they refer to services, they usually deal with aspects of how to acquire the service, or, on the contrary, it’s a training video in itself about a particular niche. 

5. Streaming 

This idea may seem a bit odd to apply with a promotional intent. But, you just need to do it the right way, and with a well thought out strategy. 

Streaming, or live video, is a unique opportunity not only to showcase products and services, but, in a free way and without being too technical, you generate a greater connection with users

Because everything happens live, it’s possible to interact in real time with the users who are watching you. You can answer questions of interest in a more informal format that doesn’t require so much protocol and technicality. 

ideas for video marketing

Now that you know how to apply some ideas for your video marketing, has it helped you to come up with a creative idea for your project? Have you ever applied video marketing?