Top 10 marketing books of all time to read in 2024

Top 10 marketing books of all time to read in 2024

Claudia Roca

Sep 23, 2022

Sep 23, 2022

Sep 23, 2022

Top 10 marketing books of all time to read in 2024
Top 10 marketing books of all time to read in 2024
Top 10 marketing books of all time to read in 2024

If you want to be a top marketer, you have to read the best marketing books of all time. 

It doesn't matter if you've only recently started your digital marketing journey, if you've been in the industry for years, or if you just want to refresh your knowledge and skills. 

Because books will never go out of style, they are that VITAL resource for anyone who wants to become an expert one day. 

And you, of course, have already carved that path to materialize those dreams you have of expanding professionally. 

So you'll love this article with the TOP of the most read marketing books ever. 

What are the marketing books to read in 2024?

Although they are lifelong books, this year they have a greater relevance thanks to the enormous growth that digital marketing has had in all its glory. 

So what are those digital marketing books that are still relevant today? 

1. Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content

Are you passionate about the fascinating world of copywriting? 

Well, copywriting has been around for years! Now, you have the opportunity to write for all kinds of formats and with this book you'll have more than one innovative idea that will bring out your full potential. 

The author, Ann Handley, is one of the pioneers in marketing and knows quite well how to create powerful marketing messages. 

In a world dominated by immediacy, the smartest thing you can do is polish your messages to be as precise, direct and impactful as possible. So here's the first piece on our list. 

Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content

2. The New Rules of Marketing and PR

For Meerman Scott, it's essential that we can adapt to the new tools we have thanks to the Internet. 

"He who does not adapt will find it very difficult to evolve". TPMBA.

Above all you will find a deep analysis on viral marketing and how you could, from the teaching of these tools, build a solid business thanks to marketing in general. 

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

3. Youtility, Smart Marketing for Smart Marketers 

It's written by Jay Baer and seeks to overthrow all the paradigms about traditional marketing, so it focuses on recommending the reader to create strategies based on the promotion of their products or services and not so much on their information.

The most interesting thing about this book is that it explains that becoming a helping hand for potential clients will open many doors to sales. 

Youtility, Smart Marketing for Smart Marketers 

4. Audience: Marketing in the age of subscribers, fans and followers

Do you already know in which media and channels your target audience is? With this book you will learn which techniques are essential to go beyond traditional channels. 

Its author, Jeff Rohrs, is quite clear about the fact that social networks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to channels, so it's interesting that you can read this book, as it will help you to have a new perspective on what you thought you knew until now. 

Audience: Marketing in the age of subscribers, fans and followers

5. The Power of Visual Storytelling

We're fascinated by stories and the great marketing experts know very well the potential that storytelling has to generate sales. 

It's quite easy for readers to connect with all types of audiences through a story, because they're usually everyday contexts that are easy to empathize with. 

We're all made of stories and we all have a story to tell, so if we find a product or service that triggers memories, it'll be much easier to feel the need to buy it. 

This is clear to the authors of the fifth book on our list, Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio. 

In this book you will find thousands of examples in infographic format that will help you build new ideas to tell stories that convert your potential customers. 

The Power of Visual Storytelling

6. Hooked 

Its author is Nil Eyal.

Hooked is the ideal book for anyone who is developing their product or service or is about to launch it to the market. 

What makes a product or service really successful, why do some products or services fail? This book gives you answers to these questions. 

The "hook model" is a four-step process used by companies to build habits. 

With these hooks, successful products quickly reach the purchase stage. But we're not going to spoil it for you, you have to read the book. 


7. Consultative Selling 

Mack Hanan believes in the guidance you should give to your potential customers to help them make cost-effective decisions. The result? A win-win relationship from which everyone can benefit financially. 

Hanan proposes a formula that promises to take your sales to the next level, the most interesting part of the book is that you will be able to debate with your clients and negotiate the "no" that usually appears in negotiations. 

It's one of the marketing books that we recommend you have in your bookshelf, digital or not, it's a must read. 

Consultative Selling 

8. Consumer Behaviour 

Written by Dr. Isabelle Szmigin, this is a book that explains in detail and through a contemporary approach, how consumer behavior is. 

It's an essential book for digital marketing as it explains from a psychological and sociological point of view how humans behave when faced with new products or services and how they interact with those they already consume. 

What will most catch your attention in this book is that you have detailed examples of the theory explained by Dr. Isabelle. 

Consumer Behaviour 

Now it's your turn to recommend us your favorite digital marketing book.

Is it already on the list you just read or does it need to be added? Leave the title and author in the comments, we may have read it. 

That way we'll leave you feedback on what we thought of it and other readers of the blog will be able to share their opinions about the material.

Top 10 marketing books of all time to read in 2024

The passion for reading and digital marketing is global!