How to apply Feng Shui in the office?

How to apply Feng Shui in the office?

Franco Brutti

Aug 25, 2023

Aug 25, 2023

Aug 25, 2023

How to apply Feng Shui in the office?
How to apply Feng Shui in the office?
How to apply Feng Shui in the office?

Creating a harmonious space is everyone's dream. Especially if we’re talking about spaces dedicated to customer service or offices with a large number of people. 

Feng Shui is a practice that originated in China and is based on the organization of elements that allow quiet spaces to improve the interaction between people. 

It’s clear that Feng Shui tips for interiors can be applied to any environment, so if you want to decorate your office, business or home there is no major inconvenience to adapt the style. 

Most of these places provide motivation and happiness, so they promote environments with higher productivity and performance. Since their main objective is to balance energy. 

It’s no secret that we are all looking for a space where we can feel comfortable and Feng Shui is an excellent alternative for this. Therefore, we’ll explain everything about this ideology so you can apply it in your office.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a philosophy that was born more than 3,500 years ago in China. It means "wind and water", since it was at first in charge of studying the changes produced by the weather, the stars and nature in the behavior or vital signs of people. 

In a short time it became a branch of knowledge that was only taught to people who belonged to powerful families. Since the rooms with Feng Shui were only for the Palace, politicians and sages of the time.

It was forbidden once the Republic began. However, it had great popularity in neighboring areas such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, among other cities. 

To better understand, Feng Shui is the interior decoration that helps to attract, maintain and improve the positive energy wherever it is that you apply it.

How does Feng Shui work?

One of the first things you need to know before applying Feng Shui is that everything is based on the balance of "Chi". 

Chi represents the lines or channels that pass through spaces. The tendency proposes that everything in a space has energy, and therefore channels through which it passes. In this way, if we know how to balance that space we can also manage the emotions and situations in it. 

Of course, the energetic currents are centered on you and your style. Having a space based on Feng Shui does not mean that it does not have your personality, it’s only about adding certain values that can give a space a more harmonious flow. 

Benefits of applying Feng Shui in the office 

As we’ve been talking about, Feng Shui is an alternative that favors the environment of offices or homes, so its benefits are many, among the most important are the following: 

  • An organized environment reduces stress levels in people, increases satisfaction, prosperity and performance at work.

  • It boosts productivity levels and public relations or customer service. 

  • It decreases the levels of discomfort generated by situations external to the environment. 

  • Finding ourselves in an orderly and clean space improves problem solving. 

  • It improves our attention and concentration capacity.

  • It improves productivity.

  • It contributes to healthier human relations.

Benefits of applying Feng Shui in the office. 

How to apply Feng Shui in your office?

Applying Feng Shui is not nearly complex or expensive, many of the elements can be easily found and are inexpensive. In addition, you can recycle objects that allow you to give that air of peace to the office. 

Some of the tips we recommend are: 

1. Avoid clutter at all costs 

If there’s something that Feng Shui actually is: that’s ORDER. The ideology advocates the idea that all objects in a space have a place where they can be useful and functional.

Knowing where and how to organize an area allows you to: 

  1. Have all objects close at hand. 

  2. Not to trip while working. 

  3. Make the place more optimal. 

In case you do not know how to implement order in your office with Feng Shui, you can follow these tips: 

  • Eliminate objects that you don’t use such as paper stepping or documents that are no longer useful. Everything that doesn’t work, throw it away! 

  • If there’s any piece of furniture that generates discomfort, whatever it is, eliminate it. 

  • Keep your floor free of clutter, allowing people to move around your office. Avoid stacked boxes. 

  • Organize folders and documents in one area of the office. 

  • Focus on making sure every square meter is perfectly organized.

2. Place the desks away from the entrance 

Another criterion that helps Feng Shui is to place the desks or work areas away from the entrances, because in this way you can have visual and operational control of who enters and leaves the office. 

Being surprised can generate stress or work overload, and this minimizes productivity levels. 

3. Use the backup behind your desk 

Confidence and security are also essential elements when organizing your office. Among the backrests that you can take into account are: 

  • A tall, comfortable and spacious chair. 

  • A solid wall behind your chair in a light or bright color. 

  • Plants and curtains to help you harmonize your space. 

The idea is to keep a low profile that allows you to have peace and tranquility while working, while having everything you need close to you. 

4. Add Feng Shui elements to your desk or office in general. 

Having the elements in your office will allow you to align the energies that can enter or leave, these can be represented through plants, crystals or any object that helps you to represent the element. 

Some ideas we can share with you are: 

4.1 Fire

It’s one of the most powerful and important elements that you can use, as it’s directly related to energy, power and passion. For this element you can use a pen holder or a pen that you use a lot. 

4.2 Water

Represents fluidity, inspiration and emotions. If you're looking to have a little blue in your office try using a small fountain or plants whose pot is a bowl of water. 

4.3 Earth

Symbol of strength and stability, it’s a great element to help ground people's energies. You can represent it through stones with ocher colors or textured pictures of beautiful landscapes. 

4.4 Metal

Its purpose is focused on order and concentrated energies. Having some coins or stones of this color help to add elegance, but also security to your office. 

4.5 Wood

The element of growth and evolution. Many people have plants with trunks such as Bonsai because they also represent intelligence and patience. In addition, they are attractive elements for people who are dedicated to the branch of creativity. 

Whenever you are decorating under the guidelines of Feng Shui, try to have all the elements in harmony, meaning of the same size. An imbalance can bring opposite results.

6. Always use light to your advantage 

If your office has windows, take advantage of them! Feng Shui supports bright places because they bring comfort. Imagine having a space full of natural light, you will have the feeling of being in heaven, that seems comforting and happy to the brain. 

In case you don't have access to light, but you do have windows, use soft curtains so that natural light can seep through the fabric. And for areas without windows, try to use light-colored walls with light bulbs that are not of very bright colors such as yellow, but rather LEDs. 

Another valuable element that you can take advantage of in a place with windows is a bell or ornament that emits sweet sounds when a draught enters the office. 

7. Scent your work area 

Smells have a great power over people, because an area with a bad smell gives you the feeling of dirt and disgust. On the other hand, if you place scented candles or incense you can motivate people in the office to work better or have a more positive attitude. 

Among the scents you can take into account are fruity aromas, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon, chocolate or those that emit freshness such as peppermint in case you prefer woody scents. You can also opt for others such as sandalwood or floral. 

The idea is not impregnating the whole place, but rather having a different and pleasant aroma. Always remember that balance is important to have an office with Feng Shui.

8. Personalize your workplace, make it yours! 

Whether you like to place family photos or not, Feng Shui defends the idea that offices should speak about us, that is, they should have elements that identify you. These objects can be personal photographs, favorite characters, landscapes or favorite places. 

The goal is for the room to look and feel like home, rather than impersonal or gloomy. For example, a room in balance is one that can have on its walls a couple of recognitions for your work, on the desk a family photo and on the shelves your favorite books, all perfectly ordered. 

You can also choose to set up an altar in case you have religious tendencies that help you work better or give you a sense of tranquility. 

9. Create a nest for you, find your peace while decorating

We want to finish with one of the most important points and that is to find your peace, read it as many times as you need to. Beyond all the tips we have given you, your office should be that second place where you feel at home, because you spend around 8 to 12 hours in it. 

Always try to make your work area balanced first for you, and then for others. If you are one of those people who don't like ornaments, then opt for a minimalistic style; or if you are one of those people who love color, then opt for the country trend. For everyone, there are options in Feng Shui. 

How to apply Feng Shui for your office?

Don't limit yourself in letting your creativity run wild while decorating your office with Feng Shui, but never forget that it has to be orderly and harmonious.