Engagement scoring | What it is and how to calculate it

Engagement scoring | What it is and how to calculate it

Claudia Roca

Sep 14, 2022

Sep 14, 2022

Sep 14, 2022

Engagement scoring | What it is and how to calculate it
Engagement scoring | What it is and how to calculate it
Engagement scoring | What it is and how to calculate it

Has it ever happened to you that you post and post content on your social networks but you don't grow as much as you would like to? Yes, it's quite frustrating, but there's a metric that can help you out of this situation and that is the engagement score.

Imagine that now you can accurately measure the amount of interactions you get on your social networks, which will help you know what you can improve to get more conversions.

Interested? Find out now:

What is engagement scoring?

We define engagement scoring as the percentage of interaction that users have with your posts. Each social network has an ideal score that will depend on the objectives you have set and the characteristics of that platform.

With this indicator you will know to what extent users are engaged with your brand, which will help you create new products and services that benefit your most loyal customers. 

The score is organized in a descending order, where 100 means that a user interacted with some of your posts today. 

The longer the time passes, the lower the score will be until it reaches 0, which would explain that the interaction occurred more than 12 months ago

Thus, the engagement score takes into account the following items:

  • Number of comments

  • Number of likes 

  • Number of times shared

  • Number of clicks 

  • Downloads

  • Time spent on the page.

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Ideal engagement on social networks

Each social network has a different way of working, so you should make a particular analysis every time you want to know what the ideal engagement is.

Let's see the healthy range you should be using on the most popular social platforms today:

1. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, as well as one of the oldest. It was the first to create a sustainable model and the one that opened its doors to big brands.

Calculating the engagement score on this site is very simple, you just have to add up the number of comments, reactions and shares during the last week. Then divide this amount by the number of followers and multiply by 100.

Some specialists indicate that the ideal engagement on Facebook is 2%. However, it will depend on many factors, since users only see the posts of the people and pages they follow.

2. Twitter

Meanwhile, Twitter has had a resurgence after a period of stagnation in which they lost quite a few users.

The average engagement according to some studies is 0.0045% and is calculated in much the same way as Facebook, except that on Twitter posts are not shared, but retweeted.

The site is ideal for creating daily content based on news, so you should be aware of what's new in your niche to create attractive, entertaining and fun content.

3. Linkedin

Linkedin is a platform that has surprised everyone. More and more professionals are targeting it because of its great benefits.

The average engagement rate of the site is 2%, very similar to what happens on Facebook, with the difference that on Linkedin it's calculated by publications and not by time.

How do we calculate it? We divide the interactions we got on a post by the total number of followers, or by the number of users reached.

Get your numbers out and tell us how well you're doing on this platform. 

4. Tik Tok

Oh, if there's a social network that has a high engagement ratio is Tik Tok.

The ideal score is around 17%, which is what some of the most successful influencers of the moment have achieved. Meanwhile, the percentage of interactions should be between 3% and 9% depending on the size of your audience.

It's time for you to decide to bet on this network so you can see everything it can bring to your brand. 

5. Instagram

Instagram is a very beneficial social network for businesses. In recent years they have created various updates to adapt to new industry trends, so you should always keep an eye on what's new.

Experts say that the average profile has an engagement rate of 1% and 5%, although this will depend on the niche you work in, the size of your audience and the type of content you publish. 

Tips to improve your engagement rate on social networks

Do you want to improve your engagement rate on social networks? There's no doubt that it isn't a matter of publishing for the sake of publishing, but of having a specific strategy that allows you to achieve the goals you set out to achieve as a brand.

Let's take a look at some tips to improve this indicator:

1. Quality images

In the digital world, images are one of the most powerful resources to capture the attention of your audience, so it's time to give them the value they deserve.

Many studies reflect that photographs attract more people on networks, especially those that are very visual like Instagram or Tik Tok.

What should you do? Choose images of good level that fit the objectives of your post. We're sure that with the right photo engagement will increase in no time.

2. Know your audience well

Come on, let's face it, it's impossible to create quality content if you don't know who you're targeting.

Therefore, it's essential that you develop a study to define who is the user you want to attract to your profile. Divide it into characteristics such as:

  • Age range.

  • Where they are located

  • Interests

  • Passions

3. Don't forget about videos

Few formats are as powerful as videos in a digital marketing strategy.

There are many studies that show how the use of this resource increases engagement in your social networks.

Of course, you must know when to apply it, because uploading a video on Instagram is not the same as uploading a video on LinkedIn or Twitter. The first has a more favorable format, while the others are more informative and opt for written content.

Still, it's not a bad idea to upload videos every so often to keep your users entertained.

4. Share your users' content

No, social networks were not made to write a monologue, but to create conversations with your audience.

Never forget to listen and read your audience's comments. If you see that there is something of value you can share their texts on your profile so they can see the importance you give to your users.

You can't imagine the impact this causes, so it's time to apply it so you can see results. 

Tips engagement scoring

Social networks are a gigantic world in which new metrics appear every day to help you measure the performance of your profiles. The engagement score is one of them, which will allow you to optimize your work on these sites.Do you already know what your engagement rate is on the networks? Tell us in the comments, we want to know where you stand.