Codeless | The art of coding with no code!

Codeless | The art of coding with no code!

Franco Brutti

Jun 14, 2023

Jun 14, 2023

Jun 14, 2023

Codeless | The art of coding with no code!
Codeless | The art of coding with no code!
Codeless | The art of coding with no code!

How many times have you heard the term "digital transformation"? I'm sure it's got you mad 🙄.

Well, the reality is that we have definitely reached a change of era and digitalization is one of its new protagonists. 

Now you must implement new technological tools for resource optimization and codeless development is a solution.

It is likely that at some point you have had contact with digital marketing tools and have been frightened by the amount of statistics they constantly show you.

Relax, you no longer need programming or web design knowledge to take advantage of it. Get on board and discover what codeless development has in store for you:

What is development without code?

Learning how to program is a very useful skill at the moment, and it's an area that is in high demand all over the world. 

However, not everyone has the patience or the requirements to learn this profession and that is why codeless development tools have appeared. 

And we're talking about those programs that don't need code to be developed, since they use graphical environments that allow their correct development. They are characterized by the focus that is given to the result and not to the process that is necessary to reach it.

These softwares have all the graphic packages you need to carry out your marketing tasks without knowing anything about programming languages. The interfaces are usually very simple and provide you with the information you need to analyze the market.

The usefulness of codeless development in digital marketing

You're well aware of the time under pressure that exists in the marketing world, and the market is increasingly volatile and the competition implements new strategies that could take away customers.

This way, codeless development has become an ally for all marketers. 

Just imagine having to learn a programming language or having to enter thousands of commands every time you are going to use a specific tool. We're talking about time and resources that will be wasted, which will be reflected in the results.

That's why there are more and more platforms that come pre-programmed, so you just need to sit down to work and the technical support people will take care of the rest.

Automation, productivity and processing large amounts of information are some of the advantages of codeless development. Use it and you will see the difference.

Codeless tools to analyze metrics

We've all heard that to be a marketing specialist you need to manage metrics very well, since they reveal what's behind user behavior.

With codeless development you no longer have to program, but you still have to analyze large amounts of data to make the right decision. 

Let's take a look at some of the programs that will help you analyze data without having to worry about any programming language:

1. Supermetrics

This is a program that collects all the data generated during a marketing campaign and imports it into platforms to show you the information in a more detailed way.

We love the fact that it allows you to prioritize the data depending on your needs. 

In no time you'll have the full picture and you can follow the actions you deem appropriate. 

2. Google Data Studio

It's a program belonging to Google and gives you the possibility to convert a series of data into customizable reports that work as a roadmap to make new decisions.

Let's say it's a Power Point 2.0 in which you can drag, drop and cut each of the reports you make. 

It's a very simple way to make reports for the next campaign. 

3. Funnel

It's a program made only for data analysis and you will not need any command to execute its functions. 

Its main advantage is that it allows you to collect information from different sources and save it in its platform that has all the security protocols. Therefore, you will be protected against the evildoers on the web.

4. Tableau

There's no doubt that data driven is here to stay! 

Data-driven decisions have many strengths, but to take advantage of this trend you need a program that gives you the information you need.

Tableau is part of the solution. It's a visual analysis program that allows you to organize all the data you get in different tabs and hierarchies.

We love that it can be used by companies and has its own cloud platform, so it's time to take advantage of it. 

Codeless tools

Tools to automate code

Automation is a great ally in the business world, so any tool that helps you simplify the work you must embrace to achieve the results you've always dreamed of.

Forget about those tedious activities such as data entry, table configuration, etc. Take advantage of these tools and focus on what's really important.

1. Bubble

If you need software as a service, Bubble is the ideal program. It allows you to create your own CRM in which you will add your interface and all the features you need to work. 

Best of all, you can integrate it with Google and Amazon platforms, so your data will be available 24 hours a day. 


Synchronize data between two apps and optimize everything you need, this is what the "Automate" program allows you to do. 

It gives you the possibility to synchronize your codeless solutions to more than 200 different programs so you can share the content with your entire team. 

Each of these programs will help you achieve your goals in a more efficient way, but you should choose the one that fits your company's needs. 

Codeless development is a reality, but you need to know how to manage all the programs that exist today so that the metrics they analyze are in line with the target market. 

What do you think about codeless development? Tell us about your experience in the comments, we want to hear from you.