Advanced JavaScript: Mastering the Language

Advanced JavaScript: Mastering the Language

Claudia Roca

Feb 17, 2023

Feb 17, 2023

Feb 17, 2023

Do you know what platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other big-name apps have in common? They all run on JavaScript, so it's time for you to learn how to master this language in an advanced way. 

Yes, we've already talked about how important it is to have programming skills nowadays to have a bright job future. 

However, if you want to really excel you will have to master JavaScript to perfection

There is hardly a site on the internet that doesn't use this language to shape its project. Be it social networks, applications and any other project that’s being born. 

Therefore, if you want opportunities to start knocking on your door you will have to be a specialist in the field.

Are you ready to be one?

What is JavaScript?

Let's start by defining what JavaScript is. It’s a language used primarily to develop interactive web pages, which gives you the ability to update social media feeds, to create maps and to make animations that make the user experience much more fun. 

Although on the client side it’s not as famous, it has a fundamental importance, and every time you look at a photo carousel or a drop-down menu on a site, you will be in front of one of the most important functions of the language. 

JavaScript emerged as an alternative to create much more modern websites that meet the highest standards of customers. Previously, sites were completely static, showing all the information in a fixed place without any interaction or dynamism. 

So with the language, browsers now have the ability to respond to all user interactions and change the way the page functions as needed. 

Right now, JavaScript can be used for both client-side and server-side, which means it gives you the possibility to develop different projects, so it's time to give it the importance it deserves. 

10 Reasons to learn advanced JavaScript

How is your web browsing experience? I'm sure it's much better than before, because now you have the possibility to display dynamic menus, play games and see more pleasant panels than in previous years.

You know why? Thanks to JavaScript, as it was the first to give you the opportunity to give another type of operation to the web to improve the customer experience

Let's see below a list of some of the reasons why you should learn advanced JavaScript:

1. It's free

We couldn't start any other way. With so many financial obligations we have these days, it's appreciated that there are still options to learn for free

The good news is that JavaScript is an example of this, since we don't need anything more than a computer with an internet connection to start programming. 

Forget about complicated, resource-intensive installations and thousands of dollars worth of courses.  All you need is a fully reliable code editor and the browser itself to learn. 

2. It's everywhere

JavaScript is a universal language, so much so that we could say that it’s the closest thing to English but in the programming world, which means that you will find it everywhere. 

All browsers use it, from video games, apps, mobile devices and more, so it's just a matter of having the will to move forward. 

Put the term also on the internet and you will see all the resources that appear. Now it's your turn to develop the basic skills to create interactive pages. 

3. Perfect for you who are just starting out

Are you just starting out in the programming world and don't have any coding experience yet? Well, you've come to the right place, because JavaScript is the perfect language for beginners. 

We love the fact that its syntax is so natural that it will be like having a conversation with the machine, so you will learn it faster than you think. 

4. It's a fundamental language

Yes, programming is a very broad industry inhabited by thousands of languages. Well, if you want to learn complex code it's a good idea to take a look at JavaScript first

Once you learn the basics you will realize that the other languages will be a piece of cake for you. Don't miss it. 

5. Interactive and fun

Unlike what many people think, programming in JavaScript is a fun and dynamic process because it is based on the development of platforms for the end user, so you can combine different graphical interfaces. 

This way you will have the possibility to play with designs, animation, formats and games, so you will not only write codes without stopping, but you will also be able to give free rein to your imagination.

6. It has great potential

Few programming languages are as powerful as JavaScript, although very few people know it. 

Nowadays platforms like Netflix, Paypal, Uber and most social networks use JavaScript as a code base, so learning its fundamentals will be a big step in your career. 

7. Easy to debug

On the other hand, JavaScript has a really fast feedback process, which means you will write code and execute it faster than with other languages. 

This is one of the advantages of working with code built in the browser itself. 

8. Demand for professionals

Being such a powerful language, more and more companies are using JavaScript to create and maintain their websites

Think about it: the demand for digital platforms is higher every month, which requires professionals prepared to solve the problems that this implies. In this sense, if you learn JavaScript you will have a very promising future. 

9. Good salaries

Are you looking for a career with great economic potential? Maybe it’s time to stop looking, because as a JavaScript programmer you will earn enough money to live as you always dreamed. 

In the United States the salary for this position is around 70,000 USD to 120,000 USD, so it's time to take it seriously if you want to make the leap in your career. 

10. Evolution

This language is constantly evolving, which is why you'll never be left behind if you start programming in JavaScript. Start now and watch the opportunities come knocking at your door. 

Advanced JavaScript

The step-by-step guide to learn JavaScript

Are you ready to learn the basics of one of today's most powerful languages? Let's take a look at some steps to get you started from scratch: 

1. Start with the 80/20 rule

Surely at some point you have heard the Pareto principle that states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes regardless of the context. 

Well, in programming this is not an exception, much less when it comes to JavaScript. You must understand that if you focus on 20% of the issues it will influence 80% of the results, so you must be attentive to what you pay attention to. 

So, how to apply it to your advantage in JavaScript? Easy, although the language offers you multiple methods and features, you only need to learn a small percentage to exploit all the advantages of the language. 

Thus, we recommend that you focus on functions, variables, objects, conditional statements and repairs. 

2. Practice every day

Practice makes perfect. Yes, it’s a phrase that might sound cliché, but the reality is that it’s true in every way, the more time you spend working in an area the more skills you will develop in the medium term. 

Come on, watching tutorials and videos on youtube is very important, but there will come a time when you will have to move from theory to practice

The real learning begins when you start working and we can see this when we leave university and go to work. So, the faster you start writing code, the faster you will learn. 

To get started, we recommend that you practice for 30 minutes every day. Once you get into the habit you will see how you will understand the basic fundamentals. 

3. Do as many JavaScript projects as possible

Closely related to the previous point. In this case it's not just about practicing in a test editor, but about jumping into the market and making as many projects as possible

Don't worry, it won't be for any client, but for yourself. Set yourself a goal for each program and apply everything you have learned recently. 

This pressure and responsibility will make you take things much more seriously. 

What happens if you do it wrong? Well, you learn and move on, so there's nothing to lose.

4. Debug the mistakes

Problem-solving is one of the most important steps in learning a new skill, especially when it comes to JavaScript programming

Come on, there's nothing better than running the code and seeing that it throws thousands of inconsistencies at you. Well, it may be stressful, but this is where the real growth happens, so you need to deal with it as soon as possible. 

5. If you get stuck, ask for help

Pride can sometimes play a trick on us, so it’s important to put it aside to get the growth we expect

So, every time you study several lessons, talk to other programmers to give your vision on what you’ve learned so far. This feedback will be essential to learn the basics about the language. 

Learning JavaScript

Keys to start programming in JavaScript

Would you like to make the most of JavaScript features? If so, you have no choice but to start programming and to help you we have created a list of tips for you to start from scratch without major setbacks. 

Let's see some of them below: 

1. Find your motivation

Of course, you can't start programming if you don't find your motivation first, so this is the first step you should take. 

What would you like to achieve? Many are looking for new professional challenges, others to earn more money and to get into one of today's most powerful trends. The important thing is that you find what motivates you to overcome the challenges that will come your way. 

Don't forget that the most in-demand profession today is software developer, so now is the time to give it the importance it deserves. 

2. Start from logic

It's no secret to anyone that programming is based on logic, so you'll have to start here to start creating projects of real importance. 

It's essential that you pick up logical reasoning to solve the problems that lie ahead in the working world. The good news is that today you will find multiple resources on the internet that will teach you how to handle the initial structures to develop in this world.

Once you acquire them you will see how everything starts to work. 

3. Familiarize yourself with the environment

If you already have the principles of javascript programming well established, it’s time to adapt to both the operating system you are using and the different editors that the programming language gives you. 

The good news is that you don't need almost any tool, so in a very short time you will be ready to start. 

4. Start practicing

Okay, you already have what you need to work, so it's time to get down to work. In this sense we recommend that you opt for a project and take your first steps in the program. 

Keep a notebook handy to write down your progress and to note any questions you have to ask someone more knowledgeable. Come on, fear doesn't pay, so don't be ashamed to ask all the questions you have, only this way you will reach success. 

There’s no doubt that learning advanced JavaScript is one of the best ideas if you want to be a successful professional in the IT world. 

That’s why today we wanted to show you the importance of the language so that you understand the potential you have in your hands. 

Now it's your turn to prove that you are ready to take on the challenge. Are you up for it?