Essential tips to follow if you want to work at Google

Essential tips to follow if you want to work at Google

Claudia Roca

Feb 5, 2023

Feb 5, 2023

Feb 5, 2023

Essential tips to follow if you want to work at Google (2023)
Essential tips to follow if you want to work at Google (2023)
Essential tips to follow if you want to work at Google (2023)

How many times have you dreamed of working for one of the biggest companies in the world? 

Maybe you've projected yourself at some point to work for one of the Fortune corporations. Well, if you dreamed it, you can make it come true, so here we will show you how you can work at Google. 

Think about it: what is the first thing you do when you turn on your computer? You probably open Google, so it's time to take a shot at working for the leader of the tech world. 

The best part is that you have the skills to work in this organization. 

You just need a dream, a desire to work and technological skills to apply for any of the vacancies that are currently available. 

Are you ready to take the big leap in your career?

Why work at Google?

Working at Google is the dream of many entrepreneurs. There are always new projects and startups that promise to make an impact on the whole world, but in the end it's almost always the same companies that remain and one of them is the technology giant. 

This company is the largest in the technology sector, contacting 35 million indexed pages in 2010, so you can imagine the search volume it has today. 

7 out of 10 people use this platform on a daily basis to find solutions to their needs, from learning that recipe that catches their attention to researching the possibilities of studying a new career. 

In this sense, currently more than 50% of the search volume comes from mobile devices such as tablets and phones, in addition to having 8 products that gather up to 1 billion different users. 

All this demonstrates the potential of Google's platform. Would you like to work there? Read on to find out how you can do it: 

Tips to get hired by the tech giant

It's no secret that working at Google is one of the deepest desires of tech lovers. We've all heard those stories of how much fun the team has on a day-to-day basis, so you deserve to live this lifestyle too. 

Let's now take a look at some tips to stop dreaming and turn luck in your favor: 

1. Go to Google Careers

We love the fact that Google created its own job search engine so you can find out when an opening becomes available. 

It's called Google Careers, a job board of sorts that shows you all the jobs that are currently available along with a fairly specific description. It's just a matter of filling out the form to see all the information. 

Interested in finding out what positions are vacant? Sign in now to Google Careers and find out

2. Personalize your resume

One of the most common mistakes people make when looking for a job is creating a CV that is too long and that details their entire work life. 

The problem is that recruiters do not have time to look at so much information, so when they see a case like this they immediately discard it. So, what you should do is create a basic cv and then develop others according to the company you want to apply to. 

This way, you first evaluate what the requirements for the position are and then adapt your arguments to this profile. Do it and you will see how your chances increase drastically. 

3. Skills that match the job description

Have you ever analyzed your resume? Does it really match what the company is looking for in that position? 

These two questions are key and you should answer them before sending the email. Come on, you have skills to spare, but you have to choose the right words for them to choose you. 

For example, if Google needs a frontend developer, you won't show your expertise in database management or hardware maintenance. Tailor your cv and the odds will be on your side. 

4. Specify in which projects you’ve participated

Companies when they see the cv are not so interested in the words you write, they want to check every experience you reflect in the document. 

So, don't be afraid to add specifics that demonstrate your ability to solve such problems. 

Based on this, recruiters will look at you as a real candidate and they will move you on to another group where you will possibly be called back.

5. xyz Formula

Organizing the information is equally or more important than sending the cv, so you must take the time to prioritize each piece of information you provide. 

The interesting thing is that Google's recruiters developed a kind of formula to facilitate this process for the company's future employees.

It works as follows: If you met a specific objective you place (X), but if it was measured you add (Y), while if it was accomplished you add (Z). 

The formula would look like this:

  • Start each time with the achievements you've made. 

  • Add some indicator to help you measure the goal you achieved. 

  • Make a list of everything you had to do to get the job done. 

6. Short resume

When it comes to sending a resume, less is more. 

Just as you read it. We know that it is tempting to fill out four or five pages showing all the experience you have, but the truth is that this actually reduces your chances of getting a job

The best thing you can do is to highlight the most important parts of your cv according to the formula we gave you in the previous paragraphs. 

Also, don't forget to focus only on skills and projects that relate to the position in question. 

7. Don't hesitate to show your leadership role

One of the most in-demand skills in today's companies are leadership skills. 

Come on, you can be very good at what you do, but if you don't know how to communicate with others, express your concerns and influence others it is very unlikely that you will be chosen. 

Companies are looking for people who have technical skills and who can take the lead on the next projects they bring to market. As John Maxwell said, "Everything falls or rises because of leadership". 

get Hired by google

Vacancies available at Google

There has never been a better time to work at Google. More and more new professionals are being recruited to join their team. 

In this sense, there are profiles that stand out above others, so it's a good idea to take a look at the vacancies that are available at Google so you can start building your resume. 

1. Technology and engineering

We couldn't start any other way than with engineering and technology. 

Google is a company related to innovation and digital projects, so it is logical that the most requested positions are linked to various branches of technology. 

Thus, we find software engineers, computer engineers, electronics engineers, industrial engineers, programmers and developers in general. 

Do you meet any of these requirements? Do not hesitate to send your cv. 

2. Sales and services

It's no use having the best technical professionals in the world if they can't sell their products on the market. 

That's why Google is always renewing its staff of sales and related services. This is how you will find profiles such as commercial strategy specialists and account manager analysts in their applications. 

3. Communications and marketing

A company that wants to stand out in the 21st century has to invest a lot of resources in communications and marketing strategies. 

In this sense, there are always positions available such as content writers, seo specialists, copywriters, metrics analysts and marketing experts. 

Which profile is yours?

4. Design

A product can have very good features, but if the design is not pleasing to the customer's eyes, it is very unlikely to achieve high levels of sales. 

This is why we find from time to time positions available as UX designers, graphic designers and back end developers. So, don't hesitate to contact them if you meet these qualities. 

5. Finance Department

Finance is like oxygen for any company, so you must pay attention to it at all times if you don't want to have problems in the future. You have to know where every penny of the company comes from and where it goes, this is what the long-term projection of the company will depend on. 

The good news is that Google is constantly looking for professionals such as accountants, administrators and analysts to put the numbers in order. 

6. Legal Department

The legal department is fundamental for any corporation, especially if it wants to participate in international markets. 

All those with knowledge in intellectual property, labor law, commercial law among others have the chance to work for the tech giant. What are you waiting for to give it a try? 

Vacancies at google

Essential items to add to your resume

There are certain elements that you must include in your resume if you want to be selected by Google recruiters. 

Would you like to know what they are? Take a look at them:

1. Add only the necessary information

One of the most common mistakes is to include your entire work life in the cv because you don't know exactly what to include. This seems like a very good strategy, but the truth is that it works the other way around, it just drives away potential employers. 

Human resources managers don't have time to read more than two pages. What they want to know is that you have the necessary skills to do the job and they want to detect it as soon as possible. 

Summarize your document as much as possible and make sure that everything you talk about relates to the position. 

2. Demonstrate your skills

When looking for a job you can't be embarrassed about talking yourself up, in fact, it's necessary to increase your chances of being selected. 

So, add any courses, seminars or materials that reflect that you possess knowledge in a certain area. 

Once you do, you will find that you will be looked at with different eyes. 

3. Watch out for soft skills

Technical skills are fundamental to perform in the best way in any job, especially if it is linked to the technology area. However, in recent times companies are looking for something else, and that is soft skills. 

We define them as those abilities that are not acquired in an institute but that can greatly facilitate the daily work in companies. 

We are talking about leadership, communication, working under pressure and problem solving skills. 

Therefore, if you have any of these skills, it is very likely that you will be called sooner rather than later. 

What are the advantages of working at Google?

Do you feel ready to work at Google yet? To wrap up, let's take a look at some of the perks of working at one of the most admired companies in the entire world. 

Let's see: 

1. Job Projection

Job projection is the first thing you should evaluate when you want to apply for a new job. 

Of course, in many occasions you want to solve the urgent, but it's essential that you look beyond to know if this is the opportunity you were looking for. 

The good news is that with Google you will have an important projection. The mere fact of saying that you work there will increase your value in the market, plus you will be able to climb to positions of great importance and range of action.

2. Remuneration

Of course, remuneration is very important when looking for a job. The idea is to choose an alternative that gives you enough payment to meet your needs, that is, that it is a decent payment. 

In this sense, what we love about Google is that it is one of the companies that offers the best remuneration to its workers. Currently you can find positions that offer up to 70 thousand euros per month, so it's time for you to take this seriously. 

3. Work while having fun

Last but not least, if you work at Google you can have fun while going about your day. 

Surely at some point you have seen those documentaries where you see employees enjoying their facilities in their free time. Well, you will also be able to have this lifestyle if you are selected. 

There is no doubt that working at Google is one of the greatest desires of any technology lover. That's why today we wanted to bring this dream down to earth so you can see how you too can achieve it in a very short time. 

Would you add another tip for working at Google? We read you: