What to post on LinkedIn | What, When and Why (2024)

What to post on LinkedIn | What, When and Why (2024)

Claudia Roca

Nov 23, 2022

Nov 23, 2022

Nov 23, 2022

What to post on LinkedIn | What, When and Why (2024)
What to post on LinkedIn | What, When and Why (2024)
What to post on LinkedIn | What, When and Why (2024)

Knowing what to post on LinkedIn can be difficult if it's your first time doing it.

We all want to have some protagonism in the different scenarios of life and virtual reality is one of those spaces in which we want to make ourselves known. 

Perhaps you still don't know all the potential that LinkedIn has for you. 

It's a professional network that is gaining popularity day by day and can be a digital platform of real impact if you want to give your company or business a greater projection in the digital sphere.

Learn how, when and why to publish on LinkedIn with these tips and show the best of your brand's personality right now! 

Why post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional social network that is used every day by millions of professionals to find better job opportunities, as well as by companies or recruiters who are looking for people to fill the positions they need in their organisations. Also: 

1. You sell more online

It's an excellent digital platform for making sales through the P2P model, which is nothing more than peer to peer. As well as B2B, which is business to business, i.e. commercial exchanges between two businesses, which is more than a reason to want to be there.

2. You develop your real profile

Having a business profile or a page where you showcase your professional services is not enough: it's necessary that the corporate or personal brand you wish to project, transmits assertive messages to your target audience. 

We are beings with feelings, stories, fears, passions and desires and when we browse LinkedIn, we read stories with which we connect or, on the contrary, we can express indifference or even a dislike that, on our part, could mean a farewell to the brand that wanted to capture us.

We’ve closed the door and the possible windows that it tried to open. 

Some of the reasons why you have to publish on LinkedIn are the following:

  • You will be able to improve the visibility of the corporate or personal brand you wish to project.

  • You will have the possibility of being seen as an authority in the market of your sector.

  • You will establish new professional and commercial relationships, as well as strengthen those you already have.

  • The income of your business, company or enterprise may increase considerably.

  • You will have greater interaction and closeness with your target audience.

What type of content can be published on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network in which it's possible to publish content in different types of formats, which is ideal for reaching different users with different preferences.

In addition, it's possible to use allies such as posts with techniques like storytelling, social proof, informative posts, success stories... that will allow you to connect with your target audience and gain their loyalty.

The best thing to do is to use different types of formats and tones of writing, making the content touch the heartstrings of users, so that they connect with your brand in a positive way.

Some types of posts you can share on LinkedIn are the following:

1.  Videos 

In terms of what to post on LinkedIn, video has become a format through which it's possible to capture a considerable number of subscribers, who may even want to establish contact with the companies or businesses that share the videos.

An alternative for posting videos on LinkedIn is to interview influential people or record a message they want to give that is related to the niche of the business or company you want to project.

You can also choose case study videos or case studies that demonstrate how your company or business offers solutions that make people's lives easier in some way.

2.  Carousel of publications

When it comes to posting ideas on LinkedIn, this is a very interesting feature that allows users to scroll through a carousel of images with engaging content about businesses, companies or even professional services.

Thus, you have the amazing opportunity to tell stories in a progressive way through the use of various images.

3.  Articles

This is the perfect type of post to enhance your organisation's market authority in your sector, as you can share content that adds value and shows that you have expertise in your business or professional field.

You can try and publish articles if you prefer longer pieces of content, such as sharing your perspective around key news stories in your industry or telling a story about how your company or business creatively solved a problem.

4. Newsletters

If you're still wondering what you can publish on LinkedIn, newsletters are a type of publication that are available to members and pages that have more than 150 followers, and have a proven track record of publishing original content.

They are often characterised by keeping readers engaged and giving them the chance to read more of your content and support your brand.

5. Audience polls

To encourage a discussion on your page, you can choose to carry out polls, trying to place options that make the participants want to give their opinion about it by commenting on the post.

Polls will allow you to interact with users and create a community spirit on your company's or business' LinkedIn account.

6. Short clips from webinars

While webinars are a great way to increase the number of followers who feel loyal to your company or business, you can also use them to post short excerpts of these activities on LinkedIn.

It's advisable that you choose parts that talk about an aspect that is of interest to your audience, so that these users not only consume the content, but also act as spokespeople for your brand and share it on this network.

So, when you publish these clips, it's best to place subtitles on them so that users don't need to use audio and can understand the message that is being transmitted.

What type of content can be published on LinkedIn?

6 Tips for posting on LinkedIn

In addition to being clear about what to post on LinkedIn, there are things you can do to post on LinkedIn to increase the visibility of your brand on this social network.

Do you want to learn them? These 6 tips for publishing on LinkedIn will be very useful for you to make yourself known on this network and take advantage of all the benefits it can offer to your personal or business brand:

1. Create original and lengthy content 

One of the best ways to boost reach and engagement on LinkedIn is to offer your audience something valuable.

In this regard, longer content is an option through which you can project your brand by sharing eBooks, guides, manuals and other texts that address topics about your niche, offering solutions to problems that users may have, as well as valuable information.

Make sure these texts are interesting to users and can be useful to them.

Una de las prácticas a través de las que puedes impulsar el alcance y la participación en LinkedIn, es ofreciendo a tu audiencia algo valioso.

En este sentido, los contenidos largos son una opción a través de la que puedes proyectar tu marca al compartir eBooks, guías, manuales y otros textos en las que se aborden temáticas acerca de tu nicho, ofreciendo soluciones a problemas que puedan tener los usuarios, así como información de valor.

Asegúrate de que estos textos sean interesantes para los usuarios y puedan serles útiles.

2. Write articles on the LinkedIn platform

By writing articles on LinkedIn, you will be able to show the authority and expertise you have in your niche. This is an ideal way to improve the visibility of your company or business brand. You create content that generates impact and can offer help and solutions to users who read it.

Therefore, take advantage of the fact that LinkedIn has a function very similar to a microblogging platform, which will allow you to write articles of up to 110,000 characters.

Choose topics for LinkedIn that suit your niche and consider how you want to project your brand. LinkedIn also has more features such as links, headlines and image support, so make sure your articles make your brand look good.

3. Produce original data

Carry out research that generates original data, which will make other users want to share your content on their profile.

This way, you will show that you are an authority in your sector and your brand will gain more credibility among users who can become ambassadors.

4. Divide long posts into several short ones 

One of the tips for posting on LinkedIn is to divide your information into at least 3 short posts when you have a lot of information to share with your audience so that you don't have to publish content that is too lengthy.

Long posts on LinkedIn can be more difficult for users to digest, while short posts that are written in a reader-friendly way can generate a greater impact and have a better reception.

Thus, short posts are much easier to read for those who may even feel more engaged with the content.

5. Take advantage of User Generated Content (UGC)

User Generated Content (UGC) is often very beneficial for a brand, because it shows that the brand is characterised by values such as professionalism, reliability and credibility in the market.

You can use content produced by customers and employees of your company and business such as testimonials, success stories, among others, which show that they feel comfortable with the brand and have received benefits by choosing it, either as consumers or collaborators in that organisation.

If there is a new product or service in your organisation, you can use this as an opportunity to share it with your LinkedIn account followers and show them how it can help them and how the product or service works.

Whenever possible, keep your followers aware of the various events that are significant to your business or company and make them feel part of the experience by sharing it with them.

When is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

In terms of what time is best to post on LinkedIn, this can vary depending on the industry and habits of your business or company's target audience.

Users of this professional social network tend to spend much more time during standard business hours, which are Monday through Friday from around 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Also, on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM you can get much more attention from your followers.

Final notes on posting on LinkedIn

Posting on LinkedIn is one of the practices that are being implemented to improve the visibility of businesses, companies and even entrepreneurs or freelancers who want to publicise their professional services.

In order to project a corporate or professional brand it's necessary, in addition to knowing what to publish on LinkedIn, to determine how and when to do it, and to understand the importance that these actions can have. 

To do this, it's necessary to apply a content strategy based on objectives that have been defined in advance, as well as to develop an editorial calendar that will give greater formality and organisation to these tasks.

What content works for you on LinkedIn? Let us know in the comments.