What is Web3 and why is it so interesting?

What is Web3 and why is it so interesting?

Franco Brutti

May 19, 2023

May 19, 2023

May 19, 2023

What is Web3 and why is it so interesting?
What is Web3 and why is it so interesting?
What is Web3 and why is it so interesting?

Let's face it: some technological changes are made in the blink of an eye, and others take a long time, as is the case with Web3.

No doubt you already know what the web and the internet in general is, and if you didn't, you wouldn't be here reading this right now, would you? 

It’s undeniable how much the internet has changed the world and the way we live in it, so it’s good to take into account how all these changes have been made.

As with many other technological products, the internet has also been changing and we are currently making use of Web2.

So it’s good for you to be prepared for the future and know about Web3, what you can expect from it, why it is on everyone's lips, what its importance will be, and how it will change the way we use the Internet.

What is Web3 all about?

Let's start by defining what Web3 is so that you can have a complete idea of what it is all about and why it’s being talked about so much.

When we talk about Web3 we are referring to what will be the third generation of the Internet, which has not yet arrived, but we do have a clear idea of the revolution it will cause.

As you can imagine, if this is the third edition, there have been two previous ones.

The first one was Web1, which was created back in 1990, and then Web2, which started in 2004 and is the version of the Internet that we still use today.

At the time, when the Internet was created and Web1 was used, it only worked as an information provider. 

However, since the arrival of Web2, the whole use of the Internet has become much more interactive, as users started to play an important role in the operation of this version.

This has given rise to social networks and all the mobile applications that exist today.

Therefore, Web3 will go many steps further and it is expected that users will be given greater power of ownership. In addition, of course, to the fact that there will be a great relationship with artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning.

How Web3 will work when the time comes

Although everyone is already talking about Web3, the truth is that it is not yet being implemented and it may still be a long time before it arrives.

It should be noted that between the first and the second edition of the Internet, there was a waiting period of more than ten years, so it may take a little longer than that for this new version.

Of course, we are already starting to have some interaction with its main features, but it is still necessary to have a clear idea of how it will work once it has been implemented.

Undoubtedly, one of the main things that is expected to be achieved is to improve, even more, the user experience.

For this, it is expected to make use of artificial intelligence that are better developed so that Internet users can search for updated information with them and can be certain that the results they will be shown are truthful.

In addition, the implementation of blockchain technology is expected to come into play to make the web much more secure and decentralized.

The developers intend to give the power of ownership to the users because we all know that when creating something on the Web2 not everyone gets the recognition they deserve as a content creator.

Therefore, Web3 is expected to be a much more semantic version, through which similar interaction to human communicative interaction can be generated.

6 Characteristics that Define Web3

Now, in order to understand the true scope that Web3 is intended to have, it’s important to review all its main features.

Of course, it must be taken into consideration that since it’s a version that has not yet been released, it’s likely that the closer to its release date, the more changes it may have.

Therefore, we will talk about the features that are known at the moment:

1. Blockchain integration, decentralization, and cryptocurrencies.

The first thing that is expected when Web3 arrives is that the Internet will become a decentralized space that will be much safer for all Internet users.

Also, it will integrate much more everything that has to do with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Generally speaking, the blockchain has been recognized for allowing transactions and the acquisition of assets to become much simpler, but above all much more secure.

So no doubt this whole topic, in conjunction with that of cryptocurrencies will be much more present within Web3.   

2. A much more semantic edge

Since the beginning of the Internet and the creation of all kinds of technological devices, it has been sought that this style of machines can understand human language very well and the truth is that there are still many flaws at this point.

This is something that has been worked on with greater effort since Web2, but it is expected to be much better worked on in Web3.

Therefore, technologies have been implemented that are much more humanized and that can come closer to the way we humans understand each other.

3. Full integration of artificial intelligence

Undoubtedly, in order to make the second characteristic possible, it’s essential to work with artificial intelligence.

This type of tool will be the one to improve communication between humans and technological devices.

The issue of artificial intelligence, in general, has been causing a lot of furor at present because it is presented as a fairly new option, but it still has certain flaws.

That’s why, by the time we implement Web3, it is expected that the errors of artificial intelligence will have been very well polished and their constant use will be part of a new reality.

4. A much more technological visualization

However, the way in which everything related to Web3 will be displayed will undoubtedly also have some undeniable technological improvements.

It is expected that by the time this version arrives, the metaverse will already be operational, so access to virtual reality will be an actual reality.

This means that we will be able to enjoy a series of three-dimensional digital environments that will only increase the realism of using the Internet.

This is one of the features which is expected to be worked on much more, as we would be one step closer to the futuristic scenario we have been dreaming about for a long time.

5. Connectivity power for more devices

We cannot overlook the issue of connectivity, not only between communications devices but also between those devices that are smart.

As you can imagine, this is something that we have already been living in the present in which we live and the advances in this regard often leave many people speechless.

The idea is that from our computer or cell phone, we can control all the appliances in our home with ease.

Today there are already many televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines that have this type of feature and it undoubtedly makes their use much more comfortable.

Of course, with the arrival of Web3, what will be sought is something that is much more standardized and with which everyone in the world can have better contact.

6. A much faster Internet

Speed is one of the features that is always included in all the programs and digital services that can be accessed today.

The new generations want to be able to do all kinds of things in less time and the speed of the internet plays an important role in this.

We know that in general, the current internet speed will depend on the service you have contracted, but it is expected that in the near future, the internet will be equally fast for everyone.

Characteristics Web3

Why is Web3 going to be so important?

Now that you have a complete basic understanding of Web3, it’s time to review why it is so important to so many people.

To do this, you have to recognize what the differences have been between the two versions of the Internet that have been tried and tested to date.

When the Internet was created, computers were only used to search for basic information, as a kind of digital encyclopedia with endless interesting data.

On the other hand, with the arrival of Web2, users' approach to the Internet went from being informative to being completely interactive.

Just by thinking that it is possible to talk to people on the other side of the world in real-time, we are facing an exponential change with respect to Web1.

Therefore, it is expected that with Web3 the changes will be much greater, and digital interactions will become much more realistic.

In addition, it’s also of great importance for its decentralization feature, as this will make the Internet a much safer space for everyone equally.

Taking this into consideration, it’s no wonder that so many people are talking about this topic today and are anxious for its arrival, as it will undoubtedly mark a turning point in the history of the Internet.

Advantages of the advent of Web3

Throughout the whole post we’ve given the topic a very positive perspective and this is because it has a lot of advantages in its favor.

We must emphasize that we do not know completely how it will be when this version is implemented, but thanks to the approaches that we have been having over time with this topic, we can get a very realistic idea of its advantages of use.

So, let's get to know the benefits of Web3:

  • Thanks to decentralization, user data will be very well protected.

  • The overall experience of Internet users will be very secure and this will make them feel more confident.

  • It is expected that Web3 will be able to be used by everyone, although it is true that in some countries it may take some time to arrive.

  • Interruptions of digital services will be less and less.

  • Internet sales processes will be much more automated thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence in the sales and customer service processes.

  • The entire browsing experience will be much more personalized and realistic.

  • Sending and receiving payments will be much faster thanks to the integration of cryptocurrencies.

  • Virtual reality will be present in all digital areas.

Advantages Web3

Whether we have to wait longer or shorter for the arrival of Web3, the truth is that we are all waiting for it to be completed to start using it.

What do you think about this issue, do you think the changes will be very noticeable, do you think it will be something positive and important, do you have doubts about its implications?

Let us know what you think in the comments section, as your opinion is very important to us.