What is CRO and why is it so important in Marketing?

What is CRO and why is it so important in Marketing?

Claudia Roca

Sep 12, 2022

Sep 12, 2022

Sep 12, 2022

What is CRO and why is it so important in Marketing?
What is CRO and why is it so important in Marketing?
What is CRO and why is it so important in Marketing?

Imagine you have a website with thousands of daily visits, but at the end of the month you check the numbers and you realize that not a single conversion has taken place.

Don't worry, you're not the only one who suffers from this, and according to some studies, less than 3% of users who visit a page become customers. 

So, how can we solve it? With conversion rate optimization.

This is the only way you can achieve the goals you set for your web project. It doesn't matter if they are leads, sales or any other, but your site has to generate results.

Do you want to know how to do it? Get away from the TV and pay attention:

What is CRO?

We define conversion rate as that percentage of users who perform an action you want on your website or social network in question.

Many people think that the goal is always a sale, but nothing could be further from the truth. Conversion can range from a lead, getting a new follower, increasing interaction and much more.

So, conversion rate optimization (CRO) are those techniques that you use to improve the rate of results on your website or social network of choice. 

Today there are many alternatives, but it is key to choose the one that fits your project to increase the chances of success.

3 Reasons to apply CRO to your organization

Having a website means always looking for the best ways to optimize your business results. One way to achieve this is through conversion rate optimization, which will translate into higher sales, interactions, leads and more.

Some of the reasons why you should improve your conversion rate are:

1. It allows you to get to know your users better

Before optimizing your ratio, you must carry out an exhaustive analysis to determine the characteristics of your target customer. 

Once you do this, you will know who they are, where they come from, what solutions they expect to obtain with your product and much more.

From there you will create the content they want, which will result in higher conversions. 

2. Increases the number of customers

It's closely linked to the previous point, and if you know your audience well, you will be able to offer the experience they want to get.

It doesn't matter if your goal is only to increase your customer database, get more leads or improve your reach, you can achieve all of this with conversion rate optimization.

3. Multiply your sales

What's the result of offering a product tailored to the user's needs? That's right, a higher probability of sales.

Therefore, when you focus on knowing what is behind the conversion numbers you will be able to increase your company's turnover.

Reasons to apply CRO

The step-by-step to apply the CRO strategy

To improve your site's conversion rate optimization you need to follow a series of steps to make sure you cover all areas of the project.

Let's take a look at the following list:

1. Analyze the performance of the website

Analyzing a website is not done from one moment to the next, as we must first choose the tools we will use for this purpose. Fortunately, today there are many solutions that fit every budget.

Focus on metrics such as bounce rate, technical seo, content quality, user visit time and others. 

This way you will know what mistakes you are currently making to improve the experience of the audience every time they visit your page.

2. Make changes progressively

It's very common to want to make all the necessary changes in the project from one day to the next, and this is a mistake that we must avoid.

Changes should be made gradually to evaluate the user's reaction to the new implementations you have applied.

On many occasions you must change the same item to get the results you expected, so it's best not to rush when it comes to making changes.

3. Keep an eye on the landing page

Landing pages are those landing pages that allow you to obtain data from users in exchange for valuable content.

In most cases, they offer free guides or courses that help the user to advance in the sales funnel.

It's important that you take a look at their behavior, design and copy to see where you can improve. This will ensure that your landing page is the sales and lead machine you have been dreaming of.

4. Don't forget segmentation

Segmenting your audience is one of the most important practices you can develop to improve the conversion of your website.

Focus on knowing who they are, where they follow you from, what they do and what their unmet needs are. This way you will offer products at the right time, plus you will use the tone that fits them.

5. Web loading time

One of the factors that most influences user behavior is the loading time. 

There's nothing more frustrating than spending minutes in front of a computer until the tab you were waiting for finally loads. The customer may be very interested in the product, but if he has to spend hours in front of the screen to buy it, he will leave for sure.

Therefore, make emphasis on optimizing this indicator through the practices indicated by SEO specialists. You will see how a higher loading speed will be transformed into more sales and conversions on your website.

6. Optimize the registration and purchase process

Yes, it's closely linked to ecommerce. The idea is that when buying a product your user has the best possible experience, so it's time to simplify the whole process so that there are more chances to buy your product.

Offer them the possibility to buy without registering in your store, as this can be uncomfortable and would generate inconvenience to the user. 

You can encourage them to register through greater benefits or special promotions, but we do not recommend making it an indispensable condition to buy in your store.

It's an excellent way to optimize the conversion rate so that you can have a healthy and profitable website. Sit down with your support team and look at the project metrics to determine how you can improve your business numbers.

Apply CRO

And do you already know how you can apply conversion rate optimization to your website? Tell us how you do it, we're sure you'll leave us amazed.