What is CoinMarketCap? Learn how to use it!

What is CoinMarketCap? Learn how to use it!

Claudia Roca

Oct 8, 2022

Oct 8, 2022

Oct 8, 2022

What is CoinMarketCap? Learn how to use it!
What is CoinMarketCap? Learn how to use it!
What is CoinMarketCap? Learn how to use it!

It seems that more and more people have the word "cryptocurrencies" in their mouth and now you can't get it out of your mind. Are we right? Well, it's time for you to take advantage of this trend and one way to do it is by knowing what CoinMarketCap is. 

When investing in assets it's ESSENTIAL to have the right information. This website offers you reliable information on everything happening in the crypto world. 

It's time to leave aside the fake news and to only follow sites that have a good reference in the market!

Do you feel like reducing uncertainty when it comes to investing? Then don't miss the following information:

And what is CoinMarketCap?

It's one of the most important cryptocurrency websites in the world. In a nutshell, it gives you up-to-date information about everything that is happening in this dynamic environment. 

The good news is that every single news they put out is contrasted, so they verify the reliability of the sources before publishing. 

They know that you're a big crypto fan, so they don't want to play with your expectations and feelings. At the same time, the platform has a number of tools that you can follow in real time to learn more about your favorite crypto.

Log in now and see what it has in store for you:

How does CoinMarketCap work?

The truth is that it's quite simple. They have a kind of real-time ranking where they show you the price of each of the cryptocurrencies that currently exist. 

How do they do it? Through the average that other websites show, that have an alliance with CoinMarketCap. Don't worry, they're all high level websites, so you will have quality information at all times. 

There you'll be able to see a quote with the current price and the last oscillations that each crypto has had in the last months. 

We love the latter because it helps you make a projection of what may happen in the future. Also, if you want to know the relevance of a project, you can check its market capitalization, which is one of the most important indicators. It's just a matter of logging into the website to see everything it has to offer you. 

CoinMarketCap features

Some of the tools you can find on the CoinMarketCap website: 

1. Ranking

We can say that it's the most used function nowadays and the reason why many users visit it. 

We love it, as we can see the price of each crypto, amount of transactions that have been made and its overall capitalization. 

From here you can make a decision with more certainty. 

2. Features for developers

One of the most important advantages of CoinMarketCap is that it allows you to develop an app that has this website as a reference. 

The site gives you the possibility to include widgets thanks to the API provided by the programmers. Use them and you'll see that you'll have a first class platform.

3. Cryptocurrencies in circulation

Do you want to know how many cryptocurrencies are in circulation? Click here and you'll see the ones in the market at that moment.

4. Compound capitalization

One of the reasons why we love CoinMarketCap is because it allows us to know both the capitalization of a crypto and of all cryptocurrencies in general. 

The latter is called compound capitalization and is one of the most interesting indicators today. 

5. Trending

If you want to know which cryptocurrencies have undergone positive or negative changes in the last 24 hours, this is the ideal section for you. 

Click and you'll see very relevant data that will help you determine if it's the ideal time to invest.

6. Historical data and quotes

If in the Trending section you'll see the movements that have occurred in the last 24 hours, in this section you will analyze the historical data of the cryptocurrencies that catch your attention.

It's very useful for technical analysis and to know the background of this crypto. You'll see what the origins were and interpret the reasons why it has had those fluctuations.

All this will help you reduce uncertainty when buying.

7. Value and important information

If you want to know more about a particular coin, just click on it. You'll immediately see details such as price in dollars, euros, transaction volume and much more. 

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3 Advantages of using CoinMarketCap

Still have doubts about the platform? Discover the advantages it offers you and see how uncertainty leaves you forever.

1. Quality information

Let's get something straight: it's true that information can be found anywhere; however, quality data is very difficult to find because most sites just replicate what other websites publish.

CoinMarketCap breaks this pattern, as they do their own research. They have a team of specialists in the field, which allows them to evaluate each of the aspects that influence the market. 

2. Contrasted sources

In addition to having a team of experts, they also have high quality sources that give them the possibility of contrasting each piece of information they receive. 

This is a principle of journalism that unfortunately is not fully complied with. It's a good thing that there are still companies like CoinMarketCap that do respect users, as they know they have a great responsibility towards them.

3. Multiple options

The site is easy to use, but the best thing is that it offers multiple alternatives so you can do whatever you want.

No matter what it is about, from seeing the latest movements of a crypto, to analyzing quotes from many years ago... the truth is that it's a page that gives you everything you need to invest in the project of your choice.

Advantages coinmarketcap

Cryptocurrencies are a trend that's here to stay, that's a reality. The key is to use allies like CoinMarketCap to make your life easier. 

Now tell us: how has your experience with this site been? Tell us everything you have achieved with CoinMarketCap, we want to know.