Truth revealed: How much is a good digital marketing salary?

Truth revealed: How much is a good digital marketing salary?

Claudia Roca

Jul 26, 2022

Jul 26, 2022

Jul 26, 2022

Truth revealed: How much is a good digital marketing salary?
Truth revealed: How much is a good digital marketing salary?
Truth revealed: How much is a good digital marketing salary?

Have you ever thought about going into marketing? If the answer is yes, it's great news, because this field offers you more and more opportunities. 

Currently we find very good salaries in digital marketing that you should evaluate before choosing a position.

All companies can benefit from online marketing, one way or another. So if you are studying this career, we can tell you that you are in one of the most in-demand fields today.

You just need to know how to sell your knowledge and apply the skills in the workplace. Do you want to know how much you can earn and what are the most promising roles in the coming years?

The most in-demand positions in digital marketing

Yes, it's true that choosing digital marketing as a career option is a great decision for the future. But did you know that within this field there are thousands of roles and areas that pay more or less depending on the company?

This is good news, and that is that salaries in digital marketing are highly variable, so the chances of you earning good money increase depending on your specialty.

Let's take a look at the positions that have the most potential today:

1. Digital Marketing Manager

Of course, we had to start with this position, which is the most important within the business structure of any company.

You as marketing director will be in charge of the entire marketing strategy of the organization, so you will have a great responsibility ahead of you. You will know what the needs of the market and the public in question are in order to create campaigns that are as profitable as possible.

The entire marketing plan will go through your office, which means that you will have various specialists to help you meet the goals. They will also execute the assigned budget, check the results, research the client, the competition and the market in general.

You can't forget the creation of digital content, something indispensable in any business that wants to position itself nowadays. All this explains why it is so well remunerated, to the point that it offers an average salary of 5,000 USD to 9,000 USD per month. Not bad, right?

2. SEM or SEO Specialist

Now, if leading such a large team doesn't appeal to you, you can specialize in smaller but equally important areas. An example of this are SEM or SEO experts.

All digital marketing professionals relate to these terms. We refer to those strategies to obtain organic traffic in the case of SEO and paid traffic in the case of SEM.

Why does a company look for these positions? Because they need to position themselves at the top of search engines, mainly Google, and this requires effort, dedication, planning and constant investment.

You can be the professional they are looking for. In most cases you will work with designers, copywriters, programmers and many more. With all of them the corporate blog will gain traffic and sales will start coming in.

How much can you earn? It will all depend on the company and the area you are working in, but we are talking about 4,000 USD to 6,000 USD minimum. Think it through before you turn it down!

3. Social Media Manager

Of course, we can't talk about digital marketing without mentioning social networks, which are the main channels where companies seek to be in order to communicate their image, values and all the services they have for their users.

The best part is that this trend has increased your chances of getting a job, this time as Social Media Manager. What will you have to do? Well, create the specific marketing strategy for the social network in which the company participates.

In this position you will have to analyze a lot of data and statistics that will reveal the behavior of users. 

From here you will create the tactics that are appropriate according to the phase of inbound marketing in which they are.

Careful! A Social Media Manager is not the same as a Community Manager. The former designs the strategy and carries out the studies so that the Community Manager can then be the moderator of the brand's communities.

Long-term vision, analysis, love for social networks are some of the strengths you should have for this position. How much can you earn? Studies show that about 8,500 USD to 10,000 USD or more, salaries that are among the best in the entire industry.

4. E-commerce

Of course, the Internet has grown and with it has brought new trends to the market. An example of this is what has happened with e-commerce, or have you already forgotten what happened during the pandemic?

People not only want to buy a product, but they also want quality, immediacy and efficient delivery service. All this can be provided by e-commerce and that is why companies are looking for a specialist in this area.

Why not? That professional could be you and you would have a great future.

What will be your functions? Well, everything related to marketing and strategies related to the sale of products and services on digital platforms. You will set up all the protocols of the digital store, schedule shipments and ensure that everything works as planned.

Digital stores are a complex business and increasingly have more competition, but if you do your job well you will enjoy a more than attractive salary.

The current salary for a digital marketing specialist is around USD 5,000 to USD 7,000 and can grow depending on the results you achieve. What do you think, do you take the challenge?

positions in digital marketing

Is digital marketing the ideal career for me?

Sure, with those salaries and projection anyone would decide to study digital marketing, but we want you to go much further.

It is true that there is good money to be made, but this cannot be your focus. To earn it you must be good and the best way to be good is to love what you do, so if you only think about the capital maybe these are not the careers for you.

Each profile demands different skills and that's where you need to pay attention. Many of these professionals spend hours and hours behind a computer fine-tuning strategies for an upcoming campaign or solving problems with a client.

Are you really passionate about it? If so, you are on the right track, because digital marketing not only offers you projection but a number of fields for you to specialize in what you want.

If you want to know how to increase your chances of employment you should read the last article we did for you. With just a few small internships you will be an attractive brand for the market.