Top 7 best online Ad Blockers

Top 7 best online Ad Blockers

Claudia Roca

Apr 7, 2023

Apr 7, 2023

Apr 7, 2023

Top 7 best online Ad Blockers
Top 7 best online Ad Blockers
Top 7 best online Ad Blockers

In the internet modernity in which we live, we are constantly visiting different websites and among all these visits we find a lot of advertising, sometimes even too much 😰, this is where the Ad Blocker comes into play.

Surely more than once you’ve entered a web platform with so many ads that it became uncomfortable to read the content you accessed.

That's when we all wish we had the option to make all those ads disappear as if by magic...

But wait, that's not a dream, it's a reality! This is something you can do thanks to AdBlockers which are online today and can be used in all browsers.

So, in order for you to learn more about this useful tool, we’ve taken the mission to tell you about the best AdBlock tools today:

What is an ad blocker and how does it work?

Let's start by clarifying the basics for all those people who still don’t know about the existence of these programs or haven't dared to use them yet.

As its name suggests, an ad blocker is a program that is responsible for blocking all the advertising that appears on websites.

In this way, the advertisements are not visible to you when you enter the web platform and you can read all the textual content without any interruption or visual disturbance.

Of course, programs of this style are born due to the constant complaints of Internet users about the amount of invasive advertising that appears.

So much so that even today some new web browsers have been created that have an integrated AdBlocker and you only have to activate it.

Of course, this is something that affects web platforms because thanks to advertising they generate money.

So, it’s quite likely that when you access certain online sites with the blocker active you will be asked to deactivate it if you want to continue browsing their platform.

How does AdBlock work?

Now, since these programs have started to become popular around the world, more and more people have doubts about how they work.

Well, what these programs actually do is block requests for downloading ads in your browser, so the invasive ads will not appear when the web loads.

In that way, what AdBlockers do is work with a list of both rules and styles of ads.

What do we mean by this? AdBlockers are programmed in such a way that they recognize the rules that make a web element an ad, that’s how they can remove the ad and not the rest of the content.

Also, there are some ads that are not intrusive and therefore the blocker will allow them to be downloaded and they will continue to be displayed despite the program being active.

4 Features that a good AdBlocker should have

In view of the boom that programs of this style are having, there are more and more ad blockers that you can access.

Therefore, if you are looking for one today, you have to learn to recognize which of the options that appear to you is the best.

So, to help you choose the AdBlock program that best suits your needs, we have created a list of features that you should take into consideration before installing an AdBlocker:

1. Compatibility with your browser.

The first thing you’ll have to do is make sure that the program or extension you are going to use is compatible with the browser you use.

Indeed, not all AdBlockers are available for all browsers. 

So, among the features of the AdBlock, you should check if it’s compatible with the program with which you browse on a daily basis.

2. Blocking capacity

Now, another aspect that you should take into consideration if you are looking for an AdBlock that really works well, is its blocking capacity.

You should keep in mind that not all programs of this type have the same level of effectiveness. Therefore, some can block more ads than others.

So, if you need a program that will completely get rid of all web ads, you should look for one that can actually do it.

3. Selectivity

As we mentioned before, there are some AdBlockers that leave on the web pages the advertisements that are not intrusive and that go according to the themes of the websites.

This is quite ethical and it’s the duty to be, because those pages that have good advertising, deserve to get the money they earn for those ads.

Therefore, the best thing you can do in this regard is to choose a program that is quite selective about this issue.

4. Program Performance

Finally, something you should also take into account is the performance of the AdBlock you choose, because although all of them are prepared to fulfill their main function, some of them consume a lot of your computer's performance while blocking advertising.

This is a big disadvantage to take into consideration and that’s why we recommend you choose an AdBlock that is light to work with.

4 features a good Ad Blocker should have

Top 7 of today's best AdBlockers

We want to help you with everything you might need and that’s why we’ve also prepared a top seven with the best ad blockers today.

In this list we’ve gathered those programs that have the best reputation and fulfill the features we’ve mentioned in the previous section.

So, with nothing more to add, we will move on to tell you about what these programs are and why they are recommended:

1. AdBlock

Undoubtedly, one of the most recognized ad blockers of all for its track record within the Internet is AdBlock. In fact, you could say that it’s one of the first ad blockers that people started using.

This is thanks to the fact that it works as an extension and, although it was initially only available for Google Chrome, today it’s also found in Mozilla, Opera and some others.

Of course, it should be noted that this is a free extension. So, you can use it whenever you want without having to spend a penny.

2. AdBlock Plus

Now, unlike what many may think, AdBlock Plus is not a new version of AdBlock, it’s a different and independent ad blocker.

In this case, we’re dealing with an extension that was originally created for Firefox, but like the previous one, it’s currently found in many other web browsers.

It has also proved to be a fairly lightweight ad blocker, so it won't affect your browser's performance at all while it’s active.  

If this is not enough for you, you should know that it has a paid version that will even help you to remove advertisements from YouTube and Facebook videos.

3. uBlock Origin

If you are one of those people who are looking for an AdBlocker that allows you to completely eliminate all advertisements, no matter what they are, then uBlock Origin is one of the programs that you should take into consideration.

Just as you are hearing, uBlock does not work with the distinctions between what is good advertising and what is bad advertising, but it flatly prevents all the ads from loading on the websites you enter.

However, you must take into consideration that this can affect to a certain extent the way in which some web elements load.

Although if this is not a problem for you, another point in favor is that it is open source and you can access its functions without paying.

4. StopAll Ads

In case you only use Firefox as your daily browser, you should be aware of which ad blockers work with it.

Well, one of the best that you can find for it is StopAll Ads, which has been working for some years now and is recognized as one of the most outstanding nowadays.

This is due to many reasons, but of course one of the main ones is the fact that it’s free and open source, so using it will not be a problem.

In addition, it offers you the possibility to customize a white list of those websites that you consider to have good advertising and in which you want AdBlock not to exercise its functions.

5. AdLock

We are already in fifth place and here we wanted to place AdLock, this is another of the AdBlockers with the best reputation in the current market and it has its respective free extensions for all types of browsers.

A point that makes this ad blocker attractive is its multiplatform feature.

This means that you can not only use it in web browsers, but you can also download it on other devices such as cell phones or tablets.

In these cases, it will not only protect you from advertising during your browsing moments, but also in all those applications or games that you have on those devices.

6. AdAway

As we’ve already mentioned an AdBlock that is able to work on cell phones, it’s time to talk about another one that also works on these devices, because after all we also spend a lot of time of our day making use of them.

In this case, we will talk about AdAway, it’s an advertising blocker that is available for all devices that have an Android operating system.

In addition, thanks to its particular mode of operation, it can redirect third-party advertising to other locations and thus leave those ads on web pages that do not interfere with anything. 

7. AdGuard

We’ve left for the end another ad blocker that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

We’re talking about AdGuard, which works in a similar way to AdPlus. It’s a program that is available both for use on computers and other mobile devices.

Thanks to the way it works, it’s quite light to use and will not affect the performance of your devices. It also has a paid version that will allow you to access other extra privacy and security features.

Advantages of using an AdBlocker in your browser

In case you’ve reached this point and you’re still not entirely convinced that it’s something you need, it is because we have not yet told you about the advantages of using an AdBlocker program in your browser.

That is why, before we say goodbye, we’ll present a short list of the benefits of using a good AdBlock today:

  • You will noticeably reduce the loading time of web pages.

  • You will say goodbye to all those intrusive ads that won't let you read in peace.

  • They keep the advertisers on their internal list and will block them from the other web pages they are on.

  • You will be protected from possible viruses that may be in the advertisements of those sites.

  • They also prevent you from falling into phishing attacks that nowadays are usually hosted in web advertisements.

Undoubtedly, as soon as you learn about ad blockers, you start to apply them in all the browsers you work with and that’s when you enjoy their existence.

They are convenient and useful extensions and programs, aren't they? Tell us in the comments if you already use them or if you’re going to start doing it after knowing which are the best ones.