Top 5 best startups to watch in 2024

Top 5 best startups to watch in 2024

Claudia Roca

Jul 13, 2022

Jul 13, 2022

Jul 13, 2022

Top 5 best startups to watch in 2024
Top 5 best startups to watch in 2024
Top 5 best startups to watch in 2024

Are you a fan of technology and innovation? Welcome to the club! The business world is changing rapidly and year after year new startups are born and they position themselves as promising emerging companies thanks to their innovative approaches.

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, let me tell you, you must know the 5 startups we will present in this article. We’ve compiled the best startups of 2023, which startup lovers, investors and aspiring entrepreneurs should follow. 

Do you want to get to know them? Let’s go!

5 trends in the startup world

One of the first things we should take into account before starting any startup are market trends. Of course, if we pay attention to these trends we’ll be able to identify new opportunities. There are 5 major trends in 2023, that the best startups we’ll present in this article have been able to take advantage of. But before that! Would you like to know what these trends are? Take note!

1. Cybersecurity services with artificial intelligence 

In an increasingly globalized and digitalized world, cybersecurity is a demand that many companies have. Startups develop softwares to offer these services that are experiencing an accelerated growth. 

2. Development of apps 

Who wouldn’t want to have everything in a cell phone? The reality is that we are increasingly looking for our solutions to be at our fingertips. Do you want to develop an app? Think about what problem you are going to solve and go ahead. 

3. Beauty and health 

Especially after the pandemic, health and personal care have become the talk of the town. There are many new startups that aim to stand out in this field and succeed in doing so very well. 

4. Sport and nutrition

Consumers are increasingly concerned about leading a healthy life. One sector that is growing rapidly is sports and healthy eating. 

5. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Of course, this world of crypto and blockchain is here to stay, don't you think? 

5 trends in the startup world

The best startups of 2023 

With this in mind... What are the best startups related to these areas? We present them to you below!


One of the big trends in the business world in 2023 is the multiplication of companies offering services with artificial intelligence. Cybersecurity or data management services are having a great demand and in front of that many startups have emerged to offer all kinds of solutions. 

One of the best startups in this sector is SoundHound. This innovative startup uses AI technology with the aim of helping entrepreneurs maintain control over their brand image through voice. It enables brands across a wide range of industries to add conversational interfaces and alerting words to any hardware, software or mobile app they use.  Impressive, isn't it? 

SoundHound was born in Santa Clara, California and its funding is around 215 million dollars.


If we move away from the world of AI technology and into the world of apps, we can't fail to mention Babbel. This app is one of the best startups of recent times. It's a language learning app. It has millions of subscribers around the world and stands out for offering short lessons to make learning a new language fast, comfortable and easy. The success of this app is such that 73% of users have stated that they would be able to hold a simple conversation in their new language after only five hours of Babbel courses. And you ... Did you already know it?


Another major trend in the startup world is the beauty and health industry. In this context, Saie is one of the best startups as it has grown a lot in a very short time. This startup from New York offers skin products, balms, kits and much more. It has become an icon in the industry thanks to the great brand image management and the support they have from famous personalities. It's interesting to see their strategy. 


The blockchain world is another trend we will encounter in 2023. The number of startups offering solutions for this new world is multiplying at a very fast pace. In this context we find Chainalysis, one of the startups that you should follow closely. It is a company dedicated to helping identify and eliminate hacked or stolen funds. Its anti-money laundering software aims to create safer interactions for everyone using blockchain technology. A great solution for banks or government agencies. 


With consumers' interest in living an increasingly healthy lifestyle, startups related to the world of healthy eating and sports continue to appear. One of the most innovative is Leilo, which offers an alternative to alcoholic and energy drinks by developing a healthy drink based on Kava, a soothing herb that is having very good repercussions worldwide. 

These are just some of the best startups so far in 2023. We are sure that new ones will appear soon that will be just as innovative.

 Can you think of any more? We'll read you in the comments!