Top 3 women entrepreneurs everyone should know

Top 3 women entrepreneurs everyone should know

Claudia Roca

Oct 26, 2022

Oct 26, 2022

Oct 26, 2022

Top 3 women entrepreneurs everyone should know
Top 3 women entrepreneurs everyone should know
Top 3 women entrepreneurs everyone should know

Are you a woman thinking about starting your business career? Well, you've come to the right place because today we'll talk about some of the female entrepreneurs who have had the greatest impact on the world. 

That's right, gone are the years when female discrimination was normal and never questioned. Women have the same or even more skills than men and it has already been demonstrated in many areas. 

Of course, you may have to overcome more challenges than men to reach the top. There's still this taboo that is very difficult to overcome, but it's not impossible.

So, do you want to turn your professional future around? Read on: 

Top 3 female business leaders

Let's take a look at the three women entrepreneurs that every entrepreneur should bear in mind at all times:

1. Judy Faulkner

We'll start with a woman who has had a long career in the business world. 

She is the founder of Epic System, one of the world's largest medical records companies. In the midst of the pandemic, the company turned over 3 billion dollars, an example of what can be achieved with focused work.

It now owns 47% of the shares of the business that was founded in 1979. Moreover, it's remarkable how it's managed to build an empire without receiving venture capital or making an acquisition of any kind. 

The headquarters are in Wisconsin in a sort of tree house that demonstrates the founder's love of nature.

2. Judy Love

Judy is founder of Love's travel Stops & Country Stores and currently has a net worth of over 5.2 billion dollars. 

Her story is an inspiring one: they started their business with a $5,000 loan from her in-laws. That is how they created their first service station to which they gradually added new stores to create a network that serves thousands of drivers a year. 

Today, they have more than 550 stores in more than 41 states in the United States, which represents more than 70% of the country. Estimated revenues exceed $20 billion and continue to grow. 

You know what we love most about Judy? That her passion for self-improvement knows no bounds, to the point that she enrolled in college at the age of 38. An example we should never forget. 

3. Diane Hendricks 

Diane Hendricks is the co-founder and president of ABC Supply and has an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion. 

She is a widow with seven children and runs one of the largest distributors of roofing, windows and siding in the United States. She founded the company with her late husband in 1982 and continued to run it after his death in 2007, which shows her entrepreneurial courage and drive. 

Unlike Judy Faulkner, Diane does believe in acquisitions, which is why she bought Bradco in 2010 and L&W Supply in 2016, which helped her improve her market position because they were direct competitors. 

In 2020, the company earned profits of $12 billion and has now nearly 800 branches across the country. At the same time, she is a well-known philanthropist and constantly donates money to causes in her hometown.

Female leaders

Huge advantages of having women in your work team

Working with women is a real marvel. Despite the fact that discrimination and sexism still exist, more and more companies are realizing the benefits of working with females in this competitive era. 

Let's take a look at some of the advantages they offer you:

1. Complementary vision

Without a doubt, complementary vision comes naturally to women.

Lean on the women in the group to project a different image, see the future with new eyes and get them in a position to reach the best of their abilities and talents. 

There are more and more women as leaders of companies in the world's top 50. And this fact is closely related to their ability to see more than one scenario in terms of solutions, innovation, new product proposals, links with potential customers... 

2. Greater empathy

It's not a question of gender, since we find men highly empathetic and women as well. However, it is true that the female sex may have a higher degree of sensitivity towards others, at least from a statistical point of view. 

3. Improving perception in the marketplace

We cannot forget the importance of the market's perception of our company. 

More and more users are aware of your reputation and the company's values, so if you include women in your team it will give an innovative and inclusive image, which could influence sales.

4. Better performance

Women are known for having the ability to perform hundreds of activities at once, something that some men struggle with. 

Use this to your advantage to empower them within the company. But above all, make sure they have leadership positions and you will see how they will develop strategies that will take the business to the next level.

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Tips for becoming a female entrepreneur

Want to become the next influential woman in your community? Follow these tips that our team has gathered for you and take the first step as soon as possible:

1. Believe in yourself

There's nothing more important for a woman than believing in herself, even more so in a world where there's still discrimination and sexism. 

Have a high self-esteem to face rejection and unpleasant comments that seek to discourage you and above all, make you believe that because of your gender, you do not have enough capacity to move up professionally and be the most successful woman in the world. 

No successful woman has ever had a poor perception of herself, so take this into account.

2. Define your skills

Before you start working, it's essential that you discover what skills you will put at the disposal of others. 

Analyze yourself and determine what you are good at to create a portfolio of services that you will be able to give to companies independently or as an employee. You will see how your chances of employment increase exponentially. 

3. Ignore negative reviews.

Closely linked to the first point. Once you start to stand out, stand out and shine you will see how judgmental critical voices will appear at every step you take. 

What is your job? To ignore them and let your actions speak for yourself. In no time you will see how your detractors become admirers and everything starts to flow for the better.

Women have a fundamental value in society and in business. We love the fact that the female sex is taking leadership positions in different areas that are transcendental for the global economy. 

We hope this article works as an example to show you what you can achieve with your skills. Now stop doubting and start working towards your dreams. 

What do you feel you should develop to get closer to that prosperous and fulfilled version of yourself? We'll read you in the comments!