The importance of having a business mail in your business

The importance of having a business mail in your business

Franco Brutti

Jul 8, 2023

Jul 8, 2023

Jul 8, 2023

The importance of having a business mail in your business
The importance of having a business mail in your business
The importance of having a business mail in your business

Since the creation of the internet, one of the most important developments in the world of technology, the creation of emails, followed shortly after. 

And the importance that this has had in the lives of all users who make life on the Internet has been fundamental. Personal emails have served as a means of communication since their creation, and today, they are also used as a method of sales or information. 

But what about corporate emails? Also known as business mail, they are a special type of email since they do not represent a person, but a particular brand or company. 

If you want to know everything about this type of email, its benefits, and advantages, what they are exactly, and what the ideal one is according to the type of company, then you can't miss this information. 

What is business mail? 

As the name suggests, these are corporate emails, i.e. they are a company's representative email to another entity. 

This type of business mail has a quite particular function, since they work as a real identification of the company, since they are registered to the point of being unrepeatable, so a good way to identify possible scams, is to discern between the official mail and the fake ones. 

This type of mail is often of great importance both to the company and to any other entity or person outside the company, as it can signify the existing communication mechanism. 

On the one hand, the company requires a business email for different reasons: 

  • To be able to identify and differentiate itself both from competitors and also from possible fraudsters who may be using the brand name to convince or harm others. 

  • Another reason is to be able to have communications of all kinds, at a legal level, at a marketing level, or even between the communication of the members of the company. 

  • Another interesting element of corporate emails is that they have a great weight at a social level, on the level of trust and persuasion with individuals. Just remember, an email received from is not the same as one received from 

On the side of external entities to the company, the fact that a corporation can have its own email works as a key mechanism to communicate with the business entity. 

Not only that, you can also offer business proposals, get to know the company's newsletter, or have a much closer and professional communication.

What are the advantages of having business mail? 

Although in principle a corporate email at the level of structure does not differ too much from a typical and common user email... The truth is that it really does have several advantages that are important to know about and thus be able to take full advantage of them. 

For this reason, we’ll leave you a summary of some of them so that you can take them into account in your next project:

1. Improving your professional image 

Let's see, it’s true that image is not everything in life, but it’s a fundamental aspect in business, especially those who have a medium-high level of popularity. 

However, the visual aspect speaks very well of your profile as a company and as a professional. Because if you are able to take care of certain details that may seem minuscule, it means that you will have the same intention for what is actually important. 

But it’s not only about that, in fact, we’ve already mentioned it before. It’s not the same for a company or entity to write from their personal email than from a corporate email. That is to say, it doesn’t convey the same level of authority, trust and persuasion to your third party. 

Having a corporate email can give you a very good image in the eyes of your clients and your professional authority in the niche you work in. 

2. Strengthening your brand

That's right! As we have just mentioned, whatever your niche is, it will always benefit from a corporate email. 

The development of your brand requires several factors in addition to constantly working on it. One of them is to build a solid, competitive and attractive brand whose presence is remarkable. 

All this, although it may seem absurd, is provided by a corporate email. Why? Because it mixes the identification of a professional brand with respect to the critical eye of users. 

A good business mail inspires: 

  • A brand that is confident and committed to its purpose. 

  • A trustworthy and professional entity. 

  • Authority over a niche which in turn translates into persuasive action. 

3. Increased storage 

Sometimes, a corporate email often has some features that are a little more robust than an email for personal use. 

This usually has benefits at social levels, with respect to the use of professional tools or perhaps benefits provided by other entities. 

But one of its most outstanding features is that its storage space, tools for use or even the customization of the interface is much more taken care of and improved. 

This makes it a more than recommendable option for entrepreneurs and companies, since it can represent a turning point in the development of a project. 

4. Unlimited access to devices 

Another limitation that may arise in personal use e-mails is that they may have limitations in terms of platforms or systems in which they can operate correctly. 

This detail is completely solved thanks to the corporate email. Regardless of the device, its characteristics, or components, they can always work business mail for the benefit of the user or customer. 

Do you want preferential treatment or services? Then you should start naming and addressing your projects. 

5. Security

Another of the most striking features or advantages of a business email is the security benefits it offers in terms of hacking possibilities.

Normally email platforms do not have so much protection against these aspects, however, corporate emails usually enjoy certain protection benefits. 

What are the advantages of having a corporate email

Differences between corporate and business emails 

As with the benefits, there are also marked differences between personal and corporate emails. 

Do you want to know about them? Don't miss out below:

1. General access

Personal email services are usually free, and have limitations in terms of email creation, editing, tools, and many other elements of interest. 

In the case of corporate emails, these can have very specific characteristics depending on the company, the person or the need. 

That is to say, it may be mandatory to use a corporate PC so that access to sites of great importance can be made available. Another case is that as an employee you may also be limited in terms of being able to review your information on other devices since you will only be able to access the company's facilities. 

Another of the most important characteristics to highlight and that differentiates business emails in a great way from the conventional mail of personal use, is that corporate emails usually have a high level of security. 

This means that it’s capable of automatically filtering emails so that you can only receive those that are really of interest to you. 

Not to mention the development of being able to count on personalized assistance from the mail agency to receive the necessary advice and consultations. 

2. Security levels 

We know that this is not the first time you have heard this word in previous points. But you cannot miss this very important information. 

It’s well known that a corporate email has great importance because it can record many procedures, messages, and activities that are of interest to the company in question. 

This is different from a conventional email with security levels that are rarely taken into account, they depend on an email and a unique password to gain access. 

After all, your personal email is not relevant to any company, and therefore there is no risk in them using your information.

On the other hand, corporate email by law in many countries has to have an extension of public or commercial use, because as you are representing a company, the company must know what you do with a large part of the responsibility. 

Beware of using corporate emails for non-corporate purposes! This can even result in lawsuits. 

3. Forms of communication 

While it’s true that in both cases emails should always have a very good presentation and grammar, the truth is that while in your personal email, this is an option, in corporate emails it’s usually an obligation, whether it’s a matter of presentation, professionalism or even knowing how to connect with users. Study the structures of third-party corporate emails, and learn how to communicate in a professional manner. 

4. Upload limits

Another very important aspect is the limitations that exist between a corporate email and one for personal use. 

Normally, for personal email accounts, the load limits are only a few MB. On the other hand, with respect to corporate emails, they usually offer different plans to be chosen by the client. 

These are plans that fit the real needs of the company and the company will work according to that. Can you imagine sending documents of Gb by mail? Well, it can be perfectly done thanks to these tools. 

5. Regarding prices...

It’s known that personal emails are mostly free of charge, so anyone with Internet access can have access to their own email. 

However, in the case of corporate emails, the opposite is usually the case, almost all of them are paid, and must follow the necessary rules or stipulations to be able to acquire them. 

In addition, prices may also vary depending on the provider in question, so it would not be necessary to indicate a fixed rate. 

But all this can be worth it, as it gives you the opportunity to customize your own interface, have special services such as the cloud, or even add more accounts for corporate use.

Some recommendations before getting a business email 

Acquiring a new business email may be an exciting experience because of all that it can mean. However, it’s important that you can also act consciously so that you do not suffer any kind of penalty or make mistakes that could compromise your brand. 

To help you in this regard, we have decided to provide you with some essential recommendations: 

  • There are thousands of email companies, even though the most common ones are Gmail, Outlook, or Hotmail. However, take your time to investigate many other options that can offer you the best options according to your type of business or need. 

  • It’s important that your company's domain also matches your email so that it can be linked correctly and act quickly in case of any mishap. 

  • It’s very important that you can be sure that you will be able to receive advice or assistance at any time of the day. This way, in case of any unexpected event, customer service can be contacted to resolve the situation. 

  • Use all the possible tools offered by the mail provider for much more efficient and professional work

  • Check at all times if the features promised in the email platform are fulfilled once the service is contracted. 

Tips to create your business email

Business mail is an almost obligatory necessity nowadays due to the fact that almost every company has a business mail service. 

Business mail is an almost obligatory necessity nowadays because almost all business processes are carried out through the Internet. 

At the same time, it’s a very safe, practical and professional way to contact other entities when you want to send an email of these characteristics. 

Tell us, is your brand already registered and has business mail? Have you noticed any difference? We will read you in the comments!