How to implement a successful Buzz Marketing campaign

How to implement a successful Buzz Marketing campaign

Franco Brutti

Jun 6, 2023

Jun 6, 2023

Jun 6, 2023

How to implement a successful Buzz Marketing campaign
How to implement a successful Buzz Marketing campaign
How to implement a successful Buzz Marketing campaign

Can you imagine a world today without marketing? 

We can't do that either...

In fact, today it’s very difficult to identify anything other than marketing in business proposals.

But is this really a bad thing? One of the aims of any business venture is to be able to acquire good capital to continue growing and developing a company.

But, don't be fooled, it’s not all about selling, it’s also about educating, building trust and a respectful and fun community. 

And for this, it’s necessary to be able to apply marketing strategies that can work on various aspects for potential customers, so you can begin to establish a stable community. 

Do you know how you can achieve this goal? Through buzz marketing. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable and enjoy this enriching knowledge that can provide you with many solutions to your growth problems.

What is buzz marketing? 

Let's explain this concept with a simple example: 

Imagine that you want to develop a project of exfoliating face masks. Well, if you want to apply the buzz marketing method to speed up your growth and development process, you will have to take into account all possible marketing methods and strategies. 

In other words, we're talking about a combination of different marketing methods and strategies, the intention of which is to make a noise about your brand or product that is unavoidable for your audience. 

To put it another way, it means using all possible means to make yourself known and to make your presence in the marketplace noticeable and unavoidable for consumers.

Therefore, you will carry out marketing campaigns both inside and outside the digital world, use influencer marketing, make your product exclusive and very limited to increase demand, and demonstrate the advantages compared to the competition. 

As you can see, all this combines many methods and strategies of great social impact. 

As a result, your brand, product or service starts to be recognized and more people become interested in it, drastically increasing your growth. 

With this example, it can be defined as follows: a strategy that requires the use of other marketing strategies in conjunction, to cause a noise "interest" in consumers, creating some kind of expectation about what is being offered. 

Once the strategy is applied and users feel interest in what is offered, what it will cause is a rebound effect in which consumers will also become a method of advertising. 

Easy, isn't it?

How buzz marketing works 

Well, it may not be such a simple task to apply, but don't let this discourage you. 

Of course, if applying a single marketing strategy is complicated, making use of many of them can be overwhelming and counterproductive, in addition to the capital it may require. 

However, it’s a strategy that, frankly speaking, works very well. So, if you want to know how to apply buzz marketing, don't miss the tips we will give you later on. 

For now, let's focus on the types of buzz marketing you can use to make this strategy work: 

1.Public promotional events. 

This method or strategy consists of devising, planning and setting up a promotional event about the product or service in question. 

That is to say, to look for or rent a public or private space to have a talk about the product. Preferably, this dissemination event should be free of charge, so that as many interested people as possible can get to know your product or service. 

Important! Although the entrance can be free, all the characteristics of the event must be defined through the announcements prepared for the event:

  • Who will deliver the event?

  • What is the event about? 

  • What will the spectator or user learn? 

  • What benefits can it provide to the user? 

  • Exact time and place of the event. 

The purpose of this strategy is to let people know first-hand and in real time what your project is about and what benefits it can have for the interested user. Once the user is interested and motivated, you can start to spread the word to other people.

2. Online campaigns 

Everyone in some way knows or senses what these strategies are about.

Simple, they seek to develop all kinds of advertising "ads, banners, videos, stories, etc..." on different social media and commerce platforms to promote the product or service in question. 

It’s one of the most successful strategies, and therefore, one of the most popular. 

It’s important to note that these strategies require some knowledge in market research, so that the segmentation of the audience is the ideal for your type of business. 

In other words, that knowledge is required to avoid wasting the money invested in advertising to an audience that has no interest in what you offer. 

3. Influencer marketing 

Another strategy you can use to create your "buzz" is influencer marketing. 

And how do you do that? 

Calm down! It's very easy, it's just a matter of hiring a person with a great social influence to recommend your product or service through their channels. 

We know that it’s not easy to contact an influencer who may be interested in your product or to make the necessary investment. But here are some tips so that you can apply this strategy in the best possible way: 

  • Study your influencer well: by study we mean to know their way of working and niche. That way, you will know if the influencer corresponds to your type of business and if he/she has a potential audience for you. 

  • Start with small influencers: it’s not necessary to spend all your money looking for the most recognized influencer in the market. It’s enough if he/she fits your niche and can influence a considerable amount of people in your work area or with the possibility of international purchases. 

  • Respect the work of your influencer: no matter who you partner with, do not try to manipulate the way they work or spread the word. They, better than anyone, know their own audience and know how to connect with them so that they feel interested in your product or service, so let it flow.

4. Create a demand for the product or service 

If you start your promotional campaign by making it known that what you are offering is something limited, this will automatically make it much more valuable in the eyes of consumers. 

Of course, to be interesting and eye-catching, your product or service must have a stable purpose that actually satisfies a clear consumer need. Without this aspect, you're just wasting your time. 

Therefore, demand comes from a need, so it's not about selling just anything, it's about selling something interesting, useful and necessary.

4 Benefits of buzz marketing 

When combining different types of marketing strategies, it’s obvious to think that the benefits can be very varied, as indeed they are. Among the ones we can mention are: 

1. Massive reach.

You are not obtaining views or potential customers through a single medium, but you are receiving a bomb of potential customers thanks to the fact that you are applying different attraction strategies. 

This translates into a large number of users who will be interested in your product or service because you made it known massively in the available media. 

2. Advertising without investment

With this we don’t mean that the strategies do not require investment, since they do require it obviously. But once you start attracting customers through these strategies and they are interested and satisfied, they will start recommending you to other people. 

So you will be receiving free publicity for your product or service, since it’s the users and customers themselves who recommend you to others. However, in order to do so, you must have a very positive impact on them. That is to say: 

  • Good customer service. 

  • Satisfying real needs. 

  • Keeping your customers informed. 

  • Interacting with your customers through networks. 

  • Being aware of suggestions or recommendations and implementing them.  

  • A quality product or service. 

By fulfilling these demands, you will only be a few steps away from success, you only need users interacting with your project. 

3. Feedback for improvement 

Since your product or service is being massively publicized, this also implies obtaining results and reception from customers. It won’t take long until they express their opinions about it, and this is very important…

Don't despair! You will find both negative and positive comments. The key is to give importance to the experiences that were not the best, but with the intention of improving those aspects.

That is, use those bad experiences to improve your own product or service and offer better quality to your customers. 

You just have to see it as an opportunity to improve and grow...

4. Rapid growth 

Your business starts to be recognized in a short time, many users start consuming what you offer and therefore, your growth is inevitable. 

Applying various marketing strategies will ensure you a reintegration and capital increase. So it won't take you long to identify those aspects in which you can and should improve, to offer a better and better product or service. 

So, congratulations! You are getting the right results and the development of your brand or company is a fact. 

4 Benefits of buzz marketing

How to correctly apply a buzz marketing strategy 

Promises are promises. 

We know that after reading all this information, you have been motivated to apply this strategy in your projects to generate greater growth. 

However, proceed with caution so that you are clear about the steps to follow and so that your buzz strategy is a success. 


1. Define an initial investment capital 

The first thing you have to do is define the marketing strategies to be applied. Once you have them well defined, calculate a budget for each of them if necessary and gather the necessary capital so that you can apply your buzz from the beginning. 

It’s recommended that you start from the beginning with all the marketing strategies so that the results are achieved in the shortest possible time. Doing it in parts would not make much sense, since it would be like applying one strategy at a time as in any other project. 

2. Establish your means of communication 

As you are going to operate different strategies, it will also be necessary to operate different means of disseminating information. 

Social networks, sales platforms, messaging apps and customer service, everything is important to define so that your customers can be informed at all times. 

Remember, it’s essential that your potential customers are always aware of the real features of your product or service and what benefits they’ll get from purchasing them. 

At the same time, of course, keep them updated and interact constantly to create engagement and community. 

3. Advertising and satisfaction 

Do not promise what your product or service cannot deliver. That is to say, do not deceive your potential customers because you will be causing the opposite of what you need to create trust and community. 

Your advertising should be level and in line with the realistic satisfaction levels offered by your product or service. Creating false and very high expectations will only lead to the customer being disappointed when he/she actually gets what you offer and he/she will not want to recommend you, let alone buy from you again.

4. Study your competition 

It’s essential that prior to any strategy you can apply, you study your competition to know both their strengths and weaknesses. 

That way, your next objective is to be able to offer a product or service that can provide consumers with what the competition cannot offer. In addition to improving aspects that are more interesting to the public and their commercial interest. 

5. Use measurement tools 

In every project you need tools to measure results. That is, to keep track of your business activities and interaction with your customers. 

This means knowing which strategies are working better than others, perhaps changing or reformulating them, knowing which aspects you can improve and which were the most successful... 

How to correctly apply a buzz marketing strategy

Finally, have a tool that gives you real results of your progress, you can also make use of a team or professional in the area. 

Do you feel satisfied with this information? Our intention is that you can apply buzz marketing in any strategy you want, but more importantly, that you apply it correctly. 

If you found this information useful and accurate, share it and let us know your opinion in the comments