How to create the perfect audience for your ads with Facebook Audience Insights

How to create the perfect audience for your ads with Facebook Audience Insights

Claudia Roca

Jul 24, 2022

Jul 24, 2022

Jul 24, 2022

How to create the perfect audience for your ads with Facebook Audience Insights
How to create the perfect audience for your ads with Facebook Audience Insights
How to create the perfect audience for your ads with Facebook Audience Insights

When you're looking to position a product in the market, many options come to mind, but none like Facebook Ads. With them you can get information about the audience to create campaigns that fit what your customer is looking for.

Have you ever imagined the potential behind Facebook? The truth is that it is a platform that brings millions of people together and gives you the possibility to promote yourself to increase the visibility of your business.

Do you know how to create ads with Facebook Audience Insights? We didn't know either, but with the following method we learned it (and perfected it) in just a few minutes:

What are Facebook Ads?

They are campaigns that you can do from the ad manager of the social network, which allow you to promote your business on the platform. This is called Facebook Ads and is one of the most powerful ways to sell your products and services.

Facebook realized more than ten years ago the amount of traffic it attracted on a daily basis and developed an infrastructure to make money with these numbers. That is why you will see a publishing tool that allows you to make your ad without so much bureaucracy.

Yes, Facebook lends you its platform, but the creativity is up to you. You have to choose the right image or video along with the copy that is attractive enough to catch the attention of the audience you want to target.  

It's like fishing in a sea that is full of fish ready to jump into your boat. 

In this case the fish are the customers that Facebook studied for you, and thus determined the perfect time to show them your message.

Why should you use Facebook campaigns?

More and more entrepreneurs are encouraged to run their campaigns on Facebook. Why? In short, because it is the social network with the largest reach and traffic in the world.

Yes, we know that in recent years it has lost users, and other networks such as Tik Tok or Twitter itself have increased their positions. But, imagine the potential of Facebook that, despite all this, it's still the leader.

It provides you with very detailed customer information, tastes, needs, consumption patterns and much more. From there, you can put together your publication package to launch it at the most suitable moment.

Let's take a look at some of the reasons why you should use Facebook ads:

1. Mega segmented audience

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, one of the advantages of Facebook Ads is that it allows you to segment your target audience.

The reality is that Facebook is an extraordinary data collection tool, where the audience finds the information they want thanks to their browsing patterns.

No matter how specific your product is, there is always someone who will be willing to know about it and with Facebook you will be able to get that interaction you are looking for.

2. Possibility of viralization

One of the great advantages of social networks is that many posts are recommended or sponsored on their own thanks to the power of viralization. This happens when the users themselves share an ad you created.

How can I make a viral ad? Well, there is no precise answer, but you must combine curiosity, humor and a call to action that leads them to execute a precise action. Give it a try and let us know how it goes! 

3. Almost natural interaction 

It will all depend on your ad's goal, but you can make some ads aim to get interactions. 

Remember, interactions are all the comments, opinions and reactions of users about your post. The more you have, the more it means that you are on the right track, since you have not left your audience indifferent.

4. Low cost (very very low)

Yes, we can't leave out the fact that Facebook ads are super cheap. Compare them with any traditional advertising method on radio or television and you will see the difference.

The best of all is that the profitability is almost guaranteed, and you only pay for each click or conversion you have on the ad. It doesn't get any better than this!

Facebook Audience Insights

How to find the ideal audience for my business on Facebook?

As you'll see, Facebook ads are a tremendous tool for your business, but it won't work if you don't find the ideal audience.

You can have a wonderful ad with an innovative product, but if you don't target the right audience you will waste time and money, something that is not to spare these days.

So how do you find the audience for your product? The best way is with the data provided by the platform.

Facebook, like Google, is an excellent pattern detector. Every time you browse the site there are several algorithms that analyze every click you make and from there they get their own metrics.

This is shown to you when you want to make your ads so that they reach your ideal customer. Even so, it is important that you see what are the types of audiences there are on Facebook:

1. Saved Audiences

Facebook has gigantic servers that store tons of data about the users that log in to their platform. Here they host certain patterns that you can check for the project.

What's interesting? You can segment them according to demographic information such as their country, city, zip code and specific region. You can also choose data such as gender, language or age. 

2. Custom Audiences

Custom audiences are perfect for you if users have already had contact with your brand, either online or physically. 

Then, with this type of audience you will create a profile of the customers you already have in your business and Facebook will look for users who have similar characteristics to advertise your product to them.

3. Similar audiences

Finally we have the similar audiences, which are those people who have already interacted with the brand without this representing any specific purchase.

What does Facebook do? It takes note of their common patterns and looks for users who have similar characteristics.

Facebook Audience Insights

As you can see, they do all the work and you only choose according to the objectives you have with your business.

Now do you realize the importance of Facebook ads? The platform gives you the information you need about your users so that your business can take off.

And you, have you already created your first Facebook ad? If not, find out how to do it in the other articles we have developed for you. Your digital business must work 24/7 and it's time to put it in automatic mode. Let's do it!