How to apply Neurolinguistic Programming?

How to apply Neurolinguistic Programming?

Franco Brutti

Aug 21, 2023

Aug 21, 2023

Aug 21, 2023

How to apply Neurolinguistic Programming?
How to apply Neurolinguistic Programming?
How to apply Neurolinguistic Programming?

Neurolinguistic programming is a term that has grown in recent times and multiple studies about it have been published. Maybe it’s time for you to apply some of its techniques so that you can achieve the success you are longing for...  

It’s true that we all want better results, but sometimes we have to fight against the worst enemy we could have: ourselves. 

The moment when our actions don’t match what we had in mind, that’s the moment when everything starts to get worse. 

Forget about this and give a 180º turn to your situation with neurolinguistic programming. Shall we see it?

What is neuro-linguistic programming?

Neurolinguistic programming or NLP can be defined as the study of human behavior that allows us to understand the reason for every action or reaction. 

It’s noteworthy that it all started in the 70's, so although it has had a great boom in recent times, the truth is that it has more validity than many people think. 

At that time, the aim was to explain why some human beings were successful and others were not, despite the fact that they shared similar characteristics and experiences. It was here where the importance of the individuality of the human being and uniqueness to achieve results was understood. 

Read on to discover these secrets.

Basic principles of NLP

Neurolinguistic programming has 8 basic principles that we must take into account to achieve the success we expect. Do you want to see them?

1. Rapport

First of all we start with rapport. It’s about strengthening the bonds of communication with another person through being empathetic and putting ourselves in their shoes to understand their point of view. 

This step is fundamental to get a customer to open his mind and accept suggestions about the product we have in our hands. As trust increases you will see how the process begins to move forward. 

This is how NLP influences both the business world and marketing.

2. Behavior

Now we have behavior, which differentiates one person from another. In short, it’s the reaction that someone has to a certain positive or negative stimulus that is presented to him or her day after day. 

Everything will depend on the context of the situation and their mood, since it isn’t the same to receive bad news when you’re happy than when you’re upset, so you have to take this into account before judging someone by their reaction. 

So, what neurolinguistic programming recommends is to understand the nature of our behavior in order to react in the best way according to the context in that particular moment.

3. Positive intention

Thirdly, we have the positive intention, because to avoid problems with others we have to think that everyone has a positive intention behind their behavior. 

Let's see: imagine that a colleague made a mistake that compromised the final result. Well, it’s natural to get upset and you are within your rights, but if you consider that everything he/she did was with the best possible intention, it’s very likely that you will be more empathetic and your reaction might change. 

What NLP says is that the vast majority of human beings act with good intentions and do what they can with the tools they have in their hands. 

Apply this principle and don't judge people so much at first glance. Always give them the benefit of the doubt. 

4. Mental map

On the other hand we have the mental map, which explains that each of us is unique and sees the world from a different point of view. 

Have you ever heard the phrase: "we don't see the world as it is, but as we are"? Well, what it means is that everything we see we appreciate according to the mental paradigms we currently have. 

This comes from the experiences we acquire over time. Take this into account before prejudging someone, maybe their past is different from yours.

5. Individuality

Individuality is a fundamental characteristic of each person. Okay, it’s true that in many cases we live similar situations, but the reality is that everyone develops their own vision.

In other words, the principle indicates that understanding individuality is fundamental to developing lasting relationships with our family, friends and co-workers. 

So whenever someone gives you a suggestion, take it. You never know what that person experienced in the past. 

6. Capacity

The principle of capability, on the other hand, points out that anyone can achieve the goals he or she sets for him or herself if he or she has the necessary tools. 

In this sense, by studying this principle we realize that we must cultivate habits of success to achieve everything we set out to do. Forget about unproductive hours, excessive social networks and procrastination. 

The time has come to take the turn you've been dreaming of.

7. Flexibility

In seventh place we have the principle of flexibility that explains that by being flexible we adjust to the needs of each situation to reach the purpose we set out. 

This encompasses behavior, thoughts and actions. Don't lock yourself into something, be flexible and watch the opportunities start to come. 

8. Change

Accepting change is part of life and most people are not ready to take this step. 

If you think about it, every time you’ve made a change in your life you may have been afraid. This is normal, as the primal brain seeks to keep you in your comfort zone so that you avoid unnecessary risks that put you in danger. 

However, embrace every opportunity that allows you to live new experiences so that you can grow as a human being.

Basic principles of NLP

Steps to use neurolinguistic programming in marketing

Did you know you can use NLP to optimize your marketing strategies? It's time for you to see how you can use it. 

Let's see: 

1. Copy for users

We start with the copy for users, and this is one of the most relevant pieces of any marketing strategy. 

If you think about it, it makes sense, since in order for someone to click on a text they must feel attracted and for that you must apply several of the principles we showed you in the previous section. 

The copy must be eye-catching, curious, of quality and stimulating, so that it is a taste of what we have in our hands. Find out what motivates the user and start working.

2. Increasing the perception of value

We also have the increase of the user's perception of value and with NLP you will achieve it in record time. 

For this you have to know very well what are the thought patterns of users to detect the consumption habits they use in their daily lives. Once you know this, you will be closer to satisfying them with your product. 

3. Coherent content

NLP is interesting because it helps us to create content in different formats much more coherent than what you have been doing so far. 

This tool helps you create content that targets the audience you are interested in to increase the probability of conversion. 

This explains why many of the rejections are due to arguments that do not match the customer's situation. 

4. Correct timing

Studying the customer is extremely important because it allows you to know what they are experiencing, what their buying habits are and what format they prefer at all times. 

Subsequently, you will know what is the right time to communicate with them. Note that there are users who are available at night and others in the morning, so it’s essential to know the audience in depth.

5. Specific actions

Our actions must be aligned with the needs of our audience, otherwise we will go straight to failure. 

The most important thing is to create a personalized treatment so that the customer feels identified with the brand and develops a sense of belonging. 

6. Positive reinforcements

In sixth place we have the positive reinforcements, the objective is reinforcing a positive action through flattery and motivational words to improve the self-esteem of the person and thus get him or her to buy more easily. 

Do you know the best time to apply it? When we are in the process of objections and the user has many doubts about whether the product is right for him. 

Then, leave doubts aside and focus on resolving them through positive reinforcement and you will see how everything changes for the better. 

7. Reflex technique

The mirroring technique is an NLP method that seeks to generate empathy in the customers through the body language of each of us. 

The general idea is to subtly imitate what the interlocutor does in order to generate a better relationship with others. Many studies show that we get along well with those who look like us, so we must take this into account.

Advantages of NLP

NLP is a great ally to achieve our goals. Pay attention and discover some of the advantages it offers for your daily life: 

1. You’ll improve communication with others

First of all, we cannot ignore the fact that it greatly improves communication with others and with ourselves because we know how the human mind works. 

Understanding this completely changes the way we talk to others. At the end of it all we’ll put prejudices aside because we know that everyone is acting with the best possible intention. 

2. You’ll know yourself and others

Knowing what we want is essential for achieving the goals we set for ourselves. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense, because many times we start projects without knowing what we really want. 

That’s why it’s important to cultivate your inner self to understand what your heart desires and work to achieve it at all costs. 

3. You’ll increase perception in general

With neurolinguistic programming we can improve perception in general, and we will know the potential we have and the potential of the project we are trying to sell to others. 

4. Continuous improvement process

What we love about NLP is that it forces us to continuously improve, and we will know ourselves in depth and we will discover those points that we have to optimize to reach the next goal.

5. You’ll embrace change

Let's face it, change generates fear and uncertainty, but with NLP we can embrace it to leave the comfort zone aside in favor of achieving better results. 

Believe us, this will give you harmony with yourself and you will know that you are moving forward at all times. 

This way we have no doubt that neurolinguistic programming is the alternative you were looking for to grow as a human being and transfer it to your work life. 

Advantages of applying NLP

Leave prejudices aside and open yourself to universal principles that will help you balance any area of your life. It's time to bring out your full potential and with NLP you will do it in the blink of an eye. 

What do you think? Do you think that Neuro Linguistic Programming is the tool you need to get your business off the ground? We'll read you in the comments.