Guerrilla marketing: the functional of the unconventional

Guerrilla marketing: the functional of the unconventional

Franco Brutti

Oct 21, 2023

Oct 21, 2023

Oct 21, 2023

Guerrilla marketing: the functional of the unconventional
Guerrilla marketing: the functional of the unconventional
Guerrilla marketing: the functional of the unconventional

If at some point you’ve felt that you have all the attitude and discipline necessary to grow your own business, but you don't have a big enough budget, guerrilla marketing is the ideal method for you. 

And as in everything, the beginning is usually the most complicated stage of them all. And part of that beginning is having the necessary capital to be able to invest in what really matters. 

Because yes, you can grow organically, but nowadays, making use of marketing strategies is fundamental. 

So, you don't want to stick to a simple strategy that doesn't give you the results your project deserves? We offer you the opportunity to increase your sales possibilities! 

Get comfortable and take as many notes as necessary

What is guerrilla marketing? 

Guerrilla marketing could be defined as a type of marketing that in principle uses unconventional methods and strategies. 

However, this type of marketing, being unconventional, doesn’t need to make use of regular channels. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are not important, it’s simply an alternative to them for the time being while you grow your business and make it viral. 

Of course, this method is also feasible if you want to innovate the way you advertise your brand. So creativity is very important in this aspect, it's time to let your imagination fly. 

It’s important to: 

Plan and study the strategies you implement very well, since they can also negatively affect your brand. 

With this in mind, let's continue with the training...

What are the types of guerrilla marketing? 

Being an unconventional method with strategies that can be adapted to the context, place and time, there are several types of guerrilla marketing. Come on, getting to know them is a whole host of possibilities: 

1. Viral marketing

This is mainly about creating a snowball effect which people talk about your product or service through different media. 

That is, the goal is that everyone can talk about your brand through the Internet, word of mouth, television and any other feasible means in the reproduction of a message. 

Therefore, it’s mainly a quite versatile type of marketing in terms of virality. 

2. Street marketing

This type of marketing must be managed. Since it will be important to use the elements that are within your space on the street to know how to capture attention. 

However, it’s known that this type of method can be somewhat complex for some people. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to determine the right moment and how to attract attention without interrupting other people's business. 

For example, a common mistake in this type of marketing is to make a surprise appearance and to start asking a lot of questions to a person walking down the street. This, far from being attractive, causes an immediate rejection in the potential customer. 

Can this be done? Of course, but the ideal thing is to be able to use strategies that capture attention in a healthy way and allow potential customers to decide whether they want to listen to you or not. 

2. Environmental marketing 

Similar to street marketing, but here the difference lies in making use of a specific environment as a means of attracting attention. 

That is to say, not all the elements of the space are used, but rather a previously analyzed place is chosen that may be of interest to the public for different reasons, characteristics of the area, geographical advantages, and much more. 

3. Discreet marketing 

It’s a type of marketing that is characterized by its ability to go unnoticed without the customer knowing about it. 

For example, an example of this is when a brand partners with another brand to promote its products in a discreet way. 

That is, imagine that you are dedicated to the production and sale of yogurt, this yogurt has health benefits and therefore is presented in an event about healthy products recommended by medical professionals. 

Whoever makes the recommendation, in their professional capacity, is recommending your product because it’s "healthy", and they sell through this idea but in a discreet way. What’s happening here is also a form of marketing, it’s just that customers don’t see it that way.

4. Third-party marketing 

It’s also known as ambush marketing, and it’s about taking advantage of moments or situations in which another brand or person with more recognition makes an appearance. 

In other words, it’s taking advantage of the fame or popularity of others to promote yourself in some way. 

And it doesn't only have to be a brand or a person, it can also be a public event with a large number of participants where you can take advantage of the moment to promote yourself. 

In short, it's about taking advantage of situations generated by others. 

5. Experience marketing 

Also called impact marketing, it’s a type of marketing that seeks to cause, redundantly, some kind of positive impact on your potential customer that makes him feel attracted to the product or service. 

It’s about generating memorable, meaningful and immersive experiences for the customer. This impact will have an effect of interest on the user to such an extent that they will feel the need to purchase what you offer because of an emotional connection. 

What are the types of guerrilla marketing? 

Tips for the efficient use of guerrilla marketing 

In order to apply a good guerrilla marketing and have the expected results, you can opt for some of these special recommendations. 

Remember, they are considerations, so feel free to use the one you think is most convenient for your campaign and its characteristics. 

1. Smart campaign 

If you want your potential customers to really feel interested in you and what you offer, it’s essential that you design a smart action plan. 

This will allow you to stay in the memory of those who have the opportunity to see you, and so you will have a significant effect on the value of your work. What does this translate into? Well, it translates into many more sales and a much more coordinated and strategic strategy. 

2. Dynamism 

You can use certain situations or recurring activities to think of strategies that are attractive and whose message is impactful. 

Dynamism is found in creativity and in the way you present an idea to the public. Here, in addition to the creativity of the campaign, it’s essential that the message is clear and impactful, making it much more attractive. 

3. Memorable 

It’s true, we’ve already mentioned this aspect before, however, this tip is fundamental. 

Marketing is about being on everyone's lips, and to achieve this, you have to be memorable for the people who see you. Make sure that all users and customers remember you for positive aspects, don't try to do marketing by giving a bad image that can compromise your business. 

4. Do a good research 

Yes, it’s true, in the beginning we mentioned that guerrilla marketing is mostly spontaneous and uses many strategies at the same time. This would imply that planning and research are not, shall we say, a strong suit in this type of marketing. 

But the reality is quite different!

All types of marketing, without exception, require a minimum of research necessary to think of an intelligent strategy or campaign. So you may already realize that this is closely linked to the first tip. 

If you want to do something smart, you have to get to know the market and the audience you will be facing. 

Don't forget that! 

5. Surprise factor 

You have to surprise your potential customers through elements that are out of the ordinary. 

For that reason it’s very important to have a good creativity, enough to think of methods, strategies and elements that are shocking and at the same time cause a great surprise to whoever sees it. 

A commercial is something common, but an adorable costume related to your product that does funny things to capture the public, is a surprise factor that is not common. 

Another example could be the representation of a dramatic play in public, with the final message being the recommendation of your product or service. 

Simply, a stroke of genius that makes an impact and with a clear message.

Tips for efficient use of guerrilla marketing 

You do not require a large investment

This type of marketing is characterized mainly because its strategies do not always require a considerable investment. 

The trick is in the creativity to make use of all the resources that spaces and ideas can give us without the need to use money.


Connecting with your customers

Far from being annoying marketing, the goal here is to be impactful in a good way. 

Creating a meaningful connection with your audience is important, and this requires ideas that don't abuse liberties. 

It's about being endearing, not annoying.

Connect through presence

Social networks are fundamental to today's marketing, and that is undeniable. 

However, leaving out the human factor and not connecting physical experiences is also a big mistake.

Guerrilla marketing aims to connect with your audience in an authentic, face-to-face way.

Bring personality and authority to your brand

Not everyone knows how to apply good guerrilla marketing.  That’s why this type of marketing is exclusively for people who know how to be creative. 

Differentiating yourself from the competition is a requirement of almost any type of marketing. And guerrilla marketing takes this to the next level. 

Therefore, it's about characterizing your business, giving it a unique personality and making it memorable to everyone for the same reasons.

Use of the 5 senses 

One of the most outstanding advantages of this type of marketing is that you can stimulate the 5 senses of your potential clients to capture their attention. 

So, it's all a matter of thinking of different strategies that involve each one of these senses so that the impact is complete.

Great possibility of virality

You will be in direct contact with a large number of people for a large part of the time your guerrilla campaign lasts. 

For that reason, the chances of you becoming popular among people are very high. 

In short, your business will tend to grow rapidly.

Examples of guerrilla marketing 

Do you want to demonstrate the success of this type of marketing? Well, we’ll provide you with some examples, but we assure you that there are many more. So, do your research and let your imagination and creativity run wild. 

1. ADIDAS Strategy 

Everyone knows this well-known brand of shoes, and we are sure that more than one of you has one or another product of the brand. 

But, did you know that one of the strategies of this brand was to create a sales outlet for their shoes, in the shape of the recognized box? 

That is, the place was in the shape of a shoe box and inside was the store. This is a living example of the surprise factor of guerrilla marketing, of turning something that is common into something shocking and attractive. 

2. DURACELL strategy

This is another well-known brand in light and batteries. 

And here you can see a vivid example of using the elements of the environment to promote your product. The popular campaign simply printed large stickers and placed them in strategic places where there was a light bulb of great durability. 

The message is simple: to represent the durability of your products with respect to lighting. Something simple but with a clear message, in the best street marketing style. 

And you, do you already have an idea to apply guerrilla marketing? 

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