Google Marketing Platform: First Steps and Introduction

Google Marketing Platform: First Steps and Introduction

Claudia Roca

Oct 11, 2022

Oct 11, 2022

Oct 11, 2022

Google Marketing Platform: First Steps and Introduction
Google Marketing Platform: First Steps and Introduction
Google Marketing Platform: First Steps and Introduction

Google is a business monster that offers you more and more services every day to help you create a solid and stable business. And if you don't believe us, look at what happened with the Google Marketing Platform, the environment in which you can fine-tune your strategies without losing privacy.

No matter what campaign you want to run on the web, with Google Marketing Platform you can make it happen. 

The best of all is that it's a kind of ecosystem in which you'll have what you need all in one place!

Forget about having to download thousands of tools to track the metrics of your ads. Now you'll have everything in the palm of your hand. 

Are you ready to use it? Pay attention to the following:

What is Google Marketing Platform?

Google Marketing Platform is a complete advertising and analytics platform. 

Basically, it's the unification of two sites that were left in the past: Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick. With it you will be able to make precise campaigns without losing the privacy we all need. 

This way, the site allows you to measure, plan and optimize the purchase of all types of digital media. 

You will also be able to segment audiences to take your product to the audience that needs it. Among the functions it has gathered from other platforms we have: 

  • DoubleClick Studio.

  • Search 360.

  • Data Studio.

  • Google Audience Center 360. 

  • Tag Manager.

It's time to try it out and see what it has in store for you.

6 Google Marketing Platform features

Once you enter the site you will see a whole integration platform where you can do many activities. There are more than 100 integrations that you can do, so you'll have a lot of fun, but above all, you'll be able to optimize every marketing effort you make. 

Some of the functions you can currently use are:  

1. Manage tags

Yes, you can manage tags and that's what Tag Manager is for. With the tool you can not only manage tags, but you can add or renew them according to the needs you have at that moment. 

This will allow you to observe and analyze the behavior of your ads better.  

2. Website variations and analysis

You can do it in the Optimize option. It's a section from which you can analyze the data of your website through free A/B tests.

The metrics are very precise and from there you can make the changes you consider pertinent.

3. Ad integration

If you want to improve the performance of your campaign, this is the ideal function. 

In this process you will know which strategy is giving you the best results. It's time to reach your users at the time they want. 

4. Measurements with Google Search

One of the reasons why we love Google Marketing Platform is because it allows us to manage marketing campaigns regardless of their size. 

For this it uses Google Search, which gives you a global view of everything that happens with your campaign and how it affects sales on digital channels. Here you can create the following:

  • Reports. 

  • Third-party solutions.

  • Attribution tools.

5. Surveys 

To make all the surveys you want you should use Google Surveys to have more detailed information about your target audience. 

It's very important that you design the questions to get the answers that will help you make the necessary improvements. 

After Google obtains the data, it will show them to you through graphs and projections, which will help you interpret each metric better.

6. Reports

We cannot leave aside the importance of reports when we carry out a campaign. 

Google Marketing Platform offers you detailed reports so that you know what is being done right or wrong within a campaign. 

google marketing platform

How to develop a strategy in Google Marketing Platform?

If you've come this far, it's very likely that you want to start enjoying all the benefits of this wonderful platform. Let's take a look at the steps you should follow to create a strategy on Google Marketing Platform: 

1. Focus on the top of the funnel

The top of the funnel is known as the order line, which is directly related to user search. 

In a nutshell, the idea of this part is to find new customers and for that you try to target new audiences that provide fresh revenue for the business. 

Here we suggest the following:

  • High frequency limits.

  • Low CPM bids.

  • Automatic bidding strategy.

  • Channel targeting.

2. Go to the middle part

The middle part of the funnel is known as the behavioral targeting line. 

The intention is to segment in a much more precise way and for that it seeks to more accurately define existing audience lists

So, the idea is to discover new audiences that are as similar as possible to the previously defined target audience. Therefore, we recommend you to invest between 1.50 USD to 2.50 USD in order to gain as many impressions as possible. 

3. Bottom part

Lastly, we have the bottom of the funnel. This is where remarketing is usually used in order to retain users who have already visited your website and were about to buy a product or service. 

The good news is that users at this stage are at a higher level of the sales funnel, so it's much more likely that some of them will make a purchase if you contact them properly.

To optimize your results we recommend the following: 

  • Make sure your order line has a high straw to attract new users.

  • Set a high frequency limit so that you can get an average of 10 impressions per hour.

Google Marketing Platform is an innovative site that gives you everything you need to manage your marketing campaign without using more tools. 

google marketing platform

Everything you need for your marketing campaigns is on the platform and it's about time you started using it!  

With a little practice and monitoring you will be able to manage your business marketing campaigns like a pro. 

Google Platform Marketing will be your new ally from now on and if you already have experience with the platform, we want to know how it has been. 

So let us know your opinions in the comments.