Everything you need to know to get the Google Analytics Certification

Everything you need to know to get the Google Analytics Certification

Claudia Roca

Sep 15, 2022

Sep 15, 2022

Sep 15, 2022

Everything you need to know to get the Google Analytics Certification
Everything you need to know to get the Google Analytics Certification
Everything you need to know to get the Google Analytics Certification

Have you ever thought about the amount of money you need to have a promising future in digital marketing? I'm sure you're thinking about large amounts of money, but we're here to give you a newsflash: it's not like that.

The reality is that you need 0 dollars to get one of the most valued skills in the industry, because you have at your disposal the Google Analytics certificate, the best in the world to handle statistics like a champion.

Forget about uncertainty or spending hours behind a computer watching a tutorial to learn how to handle the data they give you.

Stay with us so you can prepare yourself in the best way for this test.

What is the Google Analytics certification?

Google Analytics certification is one of the most valuable qualifications in the digital world today. It's a certificate that is valid for 18 months and covers everything related to the metrics that Google throws to websites.

Here you will see topics such as:

  • Planning.

  • Data implementation.

  • Collecting information.

  • Conversion.

  • Metrics.

  • Much more.

Let's just say that you'll come out prepared to face any of the challenges that digital business proposes. User behavior is constantly changing, so it is very important to detect the right metrics to make the necessary adjustments.

The test is quite long and covers multiple topics related to digital marketing, so we recommend you take the necessary time to prepare. 

Tips to get the certificate

The Google Analytics certificate is a marvel, but that doesn't mean it's the easiest in the world. 

The test consists of 70 questions, of which you will have to get 56 right to pass the exam. Let's take a look at some tips so you can prepare now and increase your chances of becoming an analytics specialist: 

1. Watch the videos

Google is a platform that puts everything at your disposal. On its website you will find a module called: "Digital Analytics Fundamentals and Google Analytics Platform Principles", where expert teachers will explain in detail everything you need to know about the subject.

What is your task? Pay maximum attention to it so that you have no doubts before the exam.

2. Use the site to answer questions

It's likely that you have watched the lectures and still have doubts about something in particular. Don't worry, it's something that happens to everyone, and it's because you are entering a new world where you need to familiarize yourself with new terms.

The good news is that Google has a site where you can consult all the confusions you may have. 

Leave the embarrassment aside and ask your question, you will see that someone will answer you kindly in less time than you expect. 

3. Study guide

In addition to the videos, the academic staff provides you with a study guide that will help you review each lesson and prepare for the final exam.

You can also take a look at the glossary of terms provided at the end of the guide, where you will understand the meaning of each concept you study.

4. Focus on new areas

Just as you read it, do not settle for what you already know, look for new areas that will help you to specialize in other areas and that will help you to perform better in the exam.

Digital marketing is a wide world, so take advantage of it and don't leave it for later.

5. Agility in the test

We told you that you have 70 questions to answer. Well, they must be answered within 90 minutes maximum.

When you draw the numbers you will realize that you have 1 minute and 16 seconds for each question, so don't focus on one, answer the ones you know and leave the others for the last.

Many times we have doubts due to pressure, but at other times we know the answer to other questions. Spend time on these and you will see how everything goes faster.

how to get google analytics certification

Steps to perform the Google Analytics test

Well, the time has come. Let's see how you can take the Google Analytics test from scratch:

Step 1: Log in

You must log in to the Google Partners page, as that is where the test is located. 

Many people get confused and access Google Ads, when it's the opposite. 

Step 2: Go to the "Participate now" tab

That tab is where the exam is housed, so until you pass it you won’t be able to access the other elements of the page.

Step 3: Click on "Enroll Now"

Just click and it will take you to the next tab, nothing complicated and it will be done in just a few moments. 

Step 4: Accept the terms

You must read all the terms and conditions they impose on you and then add your email and contact details.

Once you do this you are ready to participate. Now it's your turn to take the test when you feel the time is right.

Step 5: Finally you will click on "Certifications" and "Analytics"

Who should get certified in Google Analytics? 

Since it's free and voluntary anyone can access the Google certificate. However, we think that there's a profile that suits you more than others. If you are a marketing professional you should get this title as soon as possible due to the following reasons:

  • It proves that you know how to use Google tools.

  • You are able to analyze the metrics provided by the platform.

  • You increase your value to potential clients and employers.

  • You stand out from the competition.

The truth is that it's an excellent way to improve your professional possibilities. 

It's true that nowadays there are many masters and trainings, but there are some degrees that make the difference in the market. Google Analytics is one of them, so it's time for you to pay attention to it.

If you want to improve your income, project yourself to renowned clients and become a specialist in digital marketing metrics, sign up for the Google Analytics certificate and you will see the difference.