Connect with your customers with an Event Marketing strategy

Connect with your customers with an Event Marketing strategy

Franco Brutti

Oct 19, 2023

Oct 19, 2023

Oct 19, 2023

Connect with your customers with an Event Marketing strategy
Connect with your customers with an Event Marketing strategy
Connect with your customers with an Event Marketing strategy

One of the most feasible and effective ways to promote a product or service is through support and collaboration. 

And marketing knows this very well. Therefore, it does not neglect the options that involve various joint projects for promotion. And that’s where the so popular event marketing is born. This kind of marketing is having great success in the world and is increasingly applied by different companies and businesses. 

But is there a limit to this type of marketing? 

That's what you will find out throughout this reading! And you will find it beneficial especially for your business in its initial stage. Are you interested in the idea? Let's start! 

What is Event Marketing? 

Event Marketing can be defined as a strategy that involves recognition and publicity through a social event. Here, the goal is to unite two eventualities, a relevant social activity and brands that seek to promote themselves through sponsorship. 

It’s important that through this type of marketing, the customer or user who is part of the event leaves with a pleasant and memorable experience, so that they have a good impression of the brand or product and want to know more about it. 

Some places, activities and events where this type of marketing can have presence are: 

  • Concerts outdoors or in private rooms. 

  • Events in public places sponsored by stores, companies or brands. 

  • Weekly fairs. 

The important thing is to take advantage of a space where a social activity is taking place. These activities can be public or private events where a small investment is required but in exchange for on-the-spot publicity.

Characteristics of Event Marketing 

If you want to apply an event marketing strategy, it's important that you know beforehand its characteristics and it's important that you can assess whether or not it's feasible for your type of business and what you want to achieve.

1.Social event 

This is a social event mostly face-to-face, so you must be willing and able to attend so that potential customers begin to know your brand. 

This means that you will have to do a little research on the activities and events that are taking place in your area, or in places where your niche has a greater chance of being taken into account. 

The latter is very important because there’s no point in promoting a product of a niche that does not correspond to the public that is at the event. 

But, come on, the best way to make yourself known, with the opportunity to offer a human and personalized service, is through face-to-face events. Take advantage of the opportunity! 


Whether it's a private or public event, remember to check beforehand if you can make an appearance with your brand. Some events do not allow other businesses or brands to participate or sell inside without authorization. 

2. It’s a collaborative strategy 

Just as the event helps to promote you and provides a space where a large number of people will be interested in what you offer, you will do your part in adapting to the requirements of the event. 

Not only will you have to thank them for being there, but you can also collaborate in case it’s a public event, or through a payment if it’s a private event. 

Whatever the case, the strategy works as a mutual support. Especially if it’s a sponsorship, since it will obviously work as a representative of diffusion and support for the event in question. 

3. The experience must be memorable 

It’s not only about participating and selling, it’s very important to make a good impact on the customer or user. Whether they buy from you or not, they should have a very good impression of your business or brand, which may encourage them to buy your product at a future opportunity. 

For this reason, your business must offer something that is of great interest, and at the same time, the customer service must be adequate. 

If you need to work on communication, take your time, as this can determine whether you succeed or go unnoticed. 

4. Respect your niche 

We have already explained this situation a bit, but it’s an important requirement or characteristic to take into consideration. 

Your niche must be linked to a specific target audience. Therefore, not all events are likely to sell. Analyze the type of event, its characteristics or themes and the possible audience that will attend. Compare it then with what you offer and respond: 

"Is that really the audience that will be interested in what I offer?" 

Remember, it’s important that you analyze each and every one of these characteristics so that you can study the possibility of profitability that this can offer you according to your goals. 

Characteristics of Event Marketing

What are the benefits of Event Marketing for your business? 

Of course, we can't give value to the information if we don't give you the specific reasons why these strategies are necessary to start growing. Ready? Take note: 

1. Customer loyalty

It’s also known as lead, and this is achieved by providing value to the customer about what you offer. 

In other words, it’s important that your potential customers can connect in some way with your product so that they feel they have a greater incentive. This means that if they buy and have a good experience, they can become loyal to your brand and become a regular customer. 

2. High diffusion 

If there’s one thing you can be sure of with this strategy, it’s that its diffusion power is very high. And if you’re also part of a project that is in line with your target audience, it’s a unique opportunity for the public to start talking about you. 

And what does that mean? That your business will be more widely known and you will begin to develop authority in your niche. Do you see the importance of offering a quality service or product? 

If you want to gain recognition quickly, this is your chance...

3. Possibility to expand your contacts 

If there’s one thing you need to know about the market, it’s that not all competition has to represent something negative or something against which you have to demonstrate greater value.

Sometimes, competitors and other businesses would love to partner with you to offer a higher quality product and service or get mutual marketing support. 

And far from being something you should turn down, it's quite the opposite. This is a great opportunity not only to do business, but also to make your business known to audiences or spaces where it would otherwise be impossible. 

So yes, event marketing is also a networking opportunity. 

5. Profitability? Of course it is! 

If you offer an outstanding and memorable product and service, you will have one thing for sure: recognition. 

This can help you in many ways, because even though sales may not be the best during the event, potential clients will still take you into account in the future. 

So yes, you may not sell everything at once, but it will help you build a passive brand that in the future will turn into interested and satisfied customers. 

What are the benefits of Event Marketing for your business? 

Examples in which you can apply Event Marketing 

The time has come to exemplify some situations in which event marketing can be of great importance for the diffusion of your brand. 

However, keep in mind that these examples can be used merely as a reference, since each city or town will have its own events or opportunities. Here, it’s important to be creative, proactive and to adapt to each context.

1. Music concerts 

Concerts are events in which in most cases the attendance of a large number of people is assured. Not to mention if we’re talking about the concert of a renowned artist or whose popularity in the place is well known and accepted. 

Now, what is your duty at this point? Try to become one of the sponsors of the event. This way, you will be ensuring the presence of your brand in the place, which means that all the people who attend will be able to see you, know you and if they like what you sell, they will buy from you and possibly become loyal customers. 

Remember, it’s very important that you study the concert. We mean details such as: 

  • What artist is performing? 

  • How popular is he/she? 

  • What genre of music is it? 

  • What type of consumers would see this artist? 

  • Does the consumer profile match your target audience? 

All these details are important to analyze, as it can save you from having a bad experience or investing in something that is not related to your brand or niche. 

2. Fairs and public events 

In general, a trade show or public event does not usually have any kind of inconvenience with outside businesses. This means that it’s a unique opportunity for you to take your brand and start making yourself known. 

However, it never hurts to analyze the event in previous years, so that you know if you need some kind of permission or requirement to participate with your brand. 

Most of the fairs and public events will be full of competitors or businesses that are also looking to get a lot of customers. So you must take into consideration some kind of sales strategy or think about how to capture attention by making a difference. That said, consider the following aspects: 

  • Hygiene, order and organization: something that attracts a lot of attention in a business or stand, is that everything looks neat, clean and tidy. So that potential customers feel comfortable and can consult all your merchandise. 

  • Call attention: you can make use of pleasant music to set the mood, but remember not to do it with the volume too high. Also, you can make use of TV's, nice lighting, tentative images, and much more. 

  • Customer service: very important! Learn to stand out from your competition. Be courteous and helpful at all times, try to offer before you are asked, put your prospect in context and follow up as much as possible. This will make them feel cared for, important and can generate more sales.  

2. Virtual events 

Okay, it's true that one of the fundamental requirements of event marketing is that you can have a physical presence so that prospects can interact with your product more directly. 

However, technology has made it possible to connect the whole world. Therefore, it’s a unique opportunity for people from other parts of the world to meet you, and this can be achieved through a virtual event. 

Here, different brands are presented with their respective products, and this is done through a live broadcast on the internet, which a specific audience or public will have access to and this audience will be able to see everything that is offered in it. 

So yes, it’s possible that you can take advantage of these activities to introduce yourself and demonstrate your product in question. This way, they can get to know your brand and if they feel interested, they can follow you on social networks and inquire about your product. 

Now that you know the principles of event marketing, it's time for you to put it to the test. 

Check all the events near your community and, if you have the availability to travel to other places and present yourself in events of great relevance and movement, it’s also important to take advantage of it. 

Event marketing is gaining more and more relevance, since it has been proven that it offers good results based on the diffusion it generates. 

Did you find this information useful? Share it and help others to achieve the success they deserve!