Digital Marketing Coordinator Salary | Updated 2023

Digital Marketing Coordinator Salary | Updated 2023

Claudia Roca

Sep 1, 2022

Sep 1, 2022

Sep 1, 2022

Digital Marketing Coordinator Salary | Updated 2023
Digital Marketing Coordinator Salary | Updated 2023
Digital Marketing Coordinator Salary | Updated 2023

Digital marketing is one of the most demanded professions at the moment, so it's common that you want to know what the digital marketing coordinator salary is. 

And think about it, it's a job that everyone's talking about, just take a look at the numbers that marketing gives annually only to entrepreneurs and freelancers. 

A digital marketing coordinator can earn up to $45,000 a year! 

Chances are that at this point the curiosity itches all over your body or you have the desire to know what exactly a professional in this area does. 

So we'll fill you in on more details right now:

What is a Digital marketing coordinator? 

A Digital marketing coordinator has the function of managing, accompanying and directing all marketing actions of a company or business and optimizing efforts. He/she works hand in hand with other specialists to carry out tasks that drive the department to achieve the proposed objectives. 

The marketing coordinator is usually responsible for the following general tasks: 

  • Managing the artwork of the materials delegated to the marketing department. 

  • Coordinating and following up on meetings with other team members. 

  • Compiling all material and reports generated by the sales department as well as keeping up to date with digital marketing trends. 

  • Representing the marketing team in meetings to discuss the future objectives of the department. 

What skills should a digital marketing coordinator have? 

There are a number of hard skills that every digital marketing coordinator should have today: 

  • SEO and SEM skills and abilities.

  • Content curation knowledge and experience.

  • Experience in inbound marketing.

  • Oversight of social media advertising campaigns.

  • Experience in web analytics. 

  • Management of digital tools in general. 

  • Branding skills and aptitude. 

Skills digital marketing coordinator

Digital Marketing coordinator salary today.

Now let's get to the point. After getting an overview of the activities or tasks performed by a marketing coordinator, you will most likely be itching to know what the average salary of this professional is. 

So you will take into account that most marketing coordinators are dedicated full time to occupy the position in a single company, and depending on the size of the company, the salary could vary up or down. 

So becoming the marketing coordinator for Walmart will not be the same as becoming the marketing coordinator for a local family business. 

The salaries of the marketing coordinator could also depend on the location of the company, the type of customers, the sector to which the organization belongs and the amount of activities you have delegated on your behalf. 

Taking this reality as a reference, we have created an estimate of what the amount of money that corresponds to the majority of salaried employees in the country is.

  1. Standard salary in most of the country: $45,328 per year.

  2. Marketing coordinator salary range: $41,374 and $77,615 per year.

It should be noted that the higher the purchasing power of a geographic area, the higher the marketing coordinator salary. In cities where the cost of living is high, such as Los Angeles, for example, it's usual to find jobs that offer a more attractive salary to their employees.

If we go to smaller cities like Aspen, the salary changes. Since there's a lower demand for creative solutions compared to LA. 

Marketing Coordinator Soft Skills 

Above we discussed in general terms what activities or tasks the marketing coordinator of any company is responsible for. If you take a look, most of them correspond to hard skills, but there are also a number of essential soft skills that every marketing coordinator must possess:

1. Creativity

No marketer can be what he or she is without creativity. It's a trait that is highly valued in most professions, but in marketing it's a must. 

A creative person is able to anticipate future scenarios as well as create solutions to problems that may arise, and constantly propose solutions. 

2. Leadership

Leadership and the ability to work as part of a team must run through your veins, so assertive communication goes hand in hand with this quality. 

You will need to have the ability to communicate clearly and specifically, as well as to encourage other team members to feel confident in proposing new strategies and solutions. 

3. Empathy

This professional also has direct contact with customers. Therefore, he/she must be able to understand their deepest desires in order to achieve a truly genuine connection. Generally, an empathetic person also has a strong vocation for service to others. 

4. Organization

Success is not a friend of disorder, we can tell you that. A marketing coordinator must be organized and efficient in order to manage his or her time properly, keep up with the challenges that arise on a daily basis and know how to do an efficient job.

5. Adaptability

Marketing in general is unpredictable, it's a day-to-day job to be able to keep up with new developments that arise in relation to customers, products, product distribution, objectives... in short, too many factors converge in which change is common, so the marketing coordinator must be able to adapt to change. 

Digital marketing coordinator soft skills

Was that the amount you were expecting to read about the digital marketing coordinator salary? 

We remind you that the numbers you've seen so far are referential, so they influence the company, the sector and the time of experience you may have if what you want is to occupy a similar position. 

To give you more light, you must have an analytical profile, be able to solve problems on a daily basis and be able to generate reports that give accurate results.