Black Friday | Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce (2023)

Black Friday | Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce (2023)

Claudia Roca

Feb 7, 2022

Feb 7, 2022

Feb 7, 2022

Black Friday | Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce (2023)
Black Friday | Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce (2023)
Black Friday | Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce (2023)

Do you feel like you've run out of marketing strategies for Black Friday? 

We understand, we've seen how brands repeat and repeat the same tactics for years without leaving their comfort zone. 

And that hurts, as a user it hurts to know that even though you want to find sales as personalized as possible, you only find too invasive ones or some that say little about what you really want to buy. 

If you have an online store or an ecommerce, you have to ensure that your potential customers don't feel that you're being agressive when you sell.

Because there is so much competition and in such a fierce time span, you have to make sure you don't lose the user's attention. 

So to give you more insight, empathy is essential right from the start in order to know what kind of special offers to show them. 

But stay a little longer, we have a lot to tell you about Black Friday, and what we know works for online stores on this key date of the year: 

Why is Black Friday so important? 

This day is crucial to increase the sales of any business, whether it applies online or offline marketing strategies. 

On Black Friday, customers can see your brand for the first time, get closer to your community, connect with what you sell, buy your product or service directly and even become ambassadors if you set your mind to it.

And it's all because it's a custom that has been well accepted by consumers. 

Who doesn't like sales? (we'll raise our hand too). But we all know that some brands don't make any kind of discount on their products or services and still manage to increase their sales on this day. 

Why does this happen? Because of the social and psychological influence that holidays and important dates have on consumers. 

And that's where as a brand or business, you have to make sure to stay current throughout the years, because it's a date that thousands of people mark on their calendar and even with a countdown.

Black Friday is generally celebrated on the last Friday of November. So this year 2023, you have to be ready to sell EVERYTHING on the 24th day of this month. 

Black Friday and ecommerce 

Everything we knew about the world of physical stores has been transferred to the Internet thanks to digitalization. And we see this reflected in how online stores are increasingly committed to offering the friendliest and most personalized treatment to their users. 

Finally, brands have understood the importance of communicating in the same language as the customer, and above all, they have been able to better identify what needs they want to satisfy with the products or services they find online. 

But ecommerce has a huge advantage over Black Friday, because customers already go directly to online stores with the aim of buying. 

Unlike an enterprise that offers services for example, an ecommerce must first make an awareness work regarding the customer to then be able to make the offer of what is sold. 

It's for that reason that you may have seen more than once an online store that has extended its offers for days or weeks because of the Black Friday. 

And they manage to sell, because they work in the right way both with the offers and the strategy itself. 

Reasons to work on your Black Friday sales  

While we know you've got everything you need to rock this day, there's a chance you're still thinking about the reasons to sell your products or services on Black Friday: 

1. People are already ready to buy 

As we've already told you, the user's intention to buy is genuine. There are people who even count down to Black Friday and plan what savings they can set aside for this important date. 

If you take into account the magnitude of the date, there are people who wait specifically for this day to buy: wedding dresses, electronics, clothes for their children, new products for their stores, office equipment. 

This means that in addition to being prepared to buy, they want to buy what they know can be useful for other important dates or to solve future needs. 

And that's the wonderful thing about Black Friday, that your goal as a business is to work directly on the sales and not so much on people wanting to buy. 

2. You’re not the only one selling

Competition is incredibly fierce, so another reason to take advantage of this day is to recognize that it can be the key to making your sales soar even higher. 

During the rest of the year, your efforts are focused on making yourself known, building customer loyalty, and improving your products or services. 

But this day is decisive to differentiate yourself from your competition once and for all, in case you haven't already done so in a sector of the audience you still aspire to reach. 

There are ecommerces that sell exactly the same thing as you, with the same price and to the same people... what can you offer this Black Friday? (You can learn more about that below, in the tips we have to give you). 

3. There is no single way of doing things

When we say "Black Friday" you may think of the thousands of emails that arrive in your inbox before Black Friday. And it is one of the most applied strategies by businesses and companies, but it's not the only one that exists. 

So we'll tell you that there is no single way of doing things. There is always "something more" to achieve or put into practice when it comes to digital marketing. 

4. Not everyone can buy from you the rest of the year

There is one factor that you have to take into account as a marketer and that is that not everyone has access to what you sell at any time of the year. 

That is why some will take Black Friday as an opportunity to buy your products or services. Even if you sell something that is considered "premium", there are still those who can only afford to pay for it on Black Friday. 

Black Friday

10 Tips to make the most of Black Friday if you have an ecommerce  

At this point you know, there isn't one way of doing things, there are thousands... but what strategies or techniques work best for ecommerce on Black Friday? 

1. Give a real discount. 

Whoever's buying from you already knows you, has stalked the store several times and has even chosen what he/she will buy, but above all: he/she has compared the prices with those of other stores. 

It has been scientifically proven that when the user makes a purchase that he considers smart or satisfactory, his self-esteem increases significantly. 

But that feeling can collapse from one moment to the next if the customer discovers that the money he has spent does not correspond precisely to an investment. 

2. Create a landing page 

Landing pages are a very powerful resource for any online store, especially on important dates such as Black Friday. 

In this powerful landing page you can collect the products you want to sell and promote on this day. This will allow you to better classify the stock you have as well as to put on sale what you want to get rid of. 

In case you have a star product, a landing page is the ideal place to describe its benefits, social proof, standard prices...

In an ecommerce, the customer can spend hours and hours looking at the different products, so in case you want to sell something specific or accelerate the sale of the same product, use a landing page on your website. 

Ideally, you should announce it days before, either by email, SMS, call, ad campaigns, among others. 

3. Get leads days before

It's important that you take into account leads as well as customers who are already loyal to your brand. That's why we recommend that you make use of pop-ups, Facebook ads, surveys and forms to capture qualified leads for Black Friday. 

Yes, people are ready to buy, but you can reach other audiences and you know it. 

4. Reactivate cart reminders.

During a potential customer's journey through your store, it may happen that they decide not to make the purchase and abandon the cart. So if you recognize that there are people who did not complete their purchase, take advantage of that list and send them the relevant offers via email or the contact method they have chosen. 

You could make use of creative writing techniques to engage your readers. 

5. Use web design to your advantage

A design adapted to the date generates even more engagement with the user, and it's easy to remember those websites that have taken Black Friday seriously. 

The design should always be functional and adapted to what you want to communicate, but without leaving aside the characteristics of what you want to sell. You can merge these needs or premises very well. 

6. Personalize everything

It's not the same to get a "thank you for your purchase" as it is to get the most personalized message possible. You will be engraved in the buyer's mind if you leave the imprint of your brand on thank you cards, discount coupons, the copy of the website... 

7. Awaken a sense of urgency

The consumer must feel a genuine need so that they can act quickly towards your brand. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, they may take their attention away from what you are offering if they feel that another brand is more attractive or "buyable".

At this point we recommend that you work on the microcopy of your website and on the content oriented to the user experience. 

8. Use chatbots 

It's impossible for customers not to ask questions even on Black Friday, which means it's important to make sure you've covered this demand even when it hasn't happened yet. 

Anticipate their doubts, what they may ask about orders, shipping methods, payment methods and returns. 

9. Create exclusive offers for your loyal customers 

Black Friday is the perfect day to thank your customers for their loyalty to your brand, which is why we recommend that you create from scratch a special offer for them, one that makes them feel taken into account. 

This way you will further strengthen the bonds of loyalty and closeness. 

10. Reward those customers who buy from you a lot. 

This can be an additional discount that they can get if they buy in large quantities. For example, if the customer exceeds $100 in purchases, you can offer discount coupons, free shipping, an additional piece, samples of other products... the options are endless, only you know what suits your online store best.

Black Friday

Tips have not been lacking so far  

So it's time to apply them and test what you could adapt to your brand or your clients' brands, if you are independent or have an agency, it's even more important to investigate what alternatives you have to incorporate into your strategies. 

Content planning is also key to achieve the success you have in mind, especially if you manage to do it in advance. 

The definition of the channels + the planning of the strategies + well-worked offers = + sales. 

This way your ecommerce will go from being a hater to a lover of Black Fridays. 

Best of luck! Dive in with these strategies and leave your comment below.

We want to know what you think about this important date for digital marketing.