Best marketing blogs to know to keep you in sharp for 2024

Best marketing blogs to know to keep you in sharp for 2024

Claudia Roca

Sep 24, 2022

Sep 24, 2022

Sep 24, 2022

Best marketing blogs to know to keep you in sharp for 2024
Best marketing blogs to know to keep you in sharp for 2024
Best marketing blogs to know to keep you in sharp for 2024

What are the must-read marketing blogs? Blogging is one of the oldest and most popular activities on the Internet, and our country saw its birth and expansion to the whole world. 

And among so much competition on the network, only a few stand out for how they've managed to differentiate themselves from the rest and offer genuine value to users, that's why they are among this list. 

By now you can find millions of digital marketing blogs all over the Internet and in all languages, so you'll know in advance what is that, that gives them a special value.

Of course, our goal is to keep you up to date with what's new in the industry, so feel free to suggest your favorite marketing blog in the comments below. 

Shall we get started? 

TOP 10 Most Popular Marketing Blogs of the Year 

Coming up with a really good blog could be a time consuming task, perhaps leading you to get more than repeated information. 

We don't want you to go through that, which is why we've been specific about what we want to find. So in our compilation you'll see SEO, social media and digital marketing blogs.

Ready? Get paper and pencil right now: 

1. Semrush

On the platform you'll see authors who have years of experience in digital marketing and it has versions in Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French. 

What fascinates us about the content of the Semrush blog is that it is mostly "how to" style and explains in detail the technical data that often give headaches to web users. 

Especially for those who have digital ventures and must take charge of their own tools and manage the various marketing platforms. 

We can assure you that you'll learn a lot with this blog. 


A reference blog specialized only in SEO, the goal of the platform is to offer free and interesting information to its users about how they could scale their SEO business properly. 

Here we talk about good practices and white hat SEO, bad practices are left for blogs of another category. 

3. QuickSprout Blog  

This is the website founded by the digital marketing referent Neil Patel. Here he shares information related to linkbuilding, SEO, affiliate marketing, business and branding. 

Above all, they highlight guide-like contents that you can follow step by step. 

4. Socially Sorted 

It's a social media blog created by Donna Moritz in which she shares content in written and podcast format to help entrepreneurs and businesses around the world to manage their own brands through social media. 

It's a site originally from Australia and we're sure you can't help but take a stroll through it. The author has published articles on big name platforms such as Huffington Post and Forbes. 

5. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool that every marketer should know about, because it has positioned itself as one of the most accurate in terms of metrics and results. 

Even if you don't consume their products, you still have the opportunity to learn from the contents of the blog. 

The Ahrefs blog has content ranging from A to Z that you can learn from incrementally. There's no waste. 

At the end of the day, learning SEO it's not rocket science. 

6. The MOZ blog

Interestingly, digital marketing management tools are informative benchmarks to learn from and store information. 

MOZ is the marketing and SEO platform with which you can optimize the performance of your advertising campaigns. 

It's a marketing blog that is worth evaluating as the content it offers is usually about recommendations and tricks to achieve something.

7. Backlinko SEO blog

It's a blog created by Brian Dean and in it you can learn high-level SEO techniques. It contains more than professional information about SEO techniques that other blogs may not tell you about. 

Brian has collaborated with big brands like IBM or Apple. 


Here you have information about SEO and we can say that it has a lot of similarities with the Ahrefs blog. What we like about Detailed is that it has thousands of contents worth reading.

9. Neil Patel's blog 

The digital marketing guru has a miscellany of content on his official website blog that is worth following as he accumulates articles on marketing, sales, SEO strategies and analytics. 

Another advantage of this blog is that you can evaluate the possibility of purchasing any of his tools, such as the keyword research tool.

10. Copyblogger

If you are a lover of copywriting and the generation of written content in general, with this blog you will learn infallible sales techniques that will lead you to write good texts. 

In Copyblogger you will see tutorials and informative content about how to write better in general and its authors are usually people who have years of experience in digital marketing. 

You will be able to boost the profitability of your business if you take advantage of all this free material to learn how to write persuasive and sales-focused copy. 

Above all, you'll be consuming content that's up to date to 2023. All these details make Copyblogger one of the most successful marketing blogs on the web.  

Top 10 most popular marketing blog of the year

Have you found your favorite 2023 marketing blog? 

The compilation could go on for days, that's why you'll only find the top ones.

And although we're talking about this year, the truth is that they have many years being industry benchmarks, because at the time, they've been the only reliable sources of information. 

What other marketing blogs would you add to the list? We are all ears!