Automating Google Ads for Increased ROI

Automating Google Ads for Increased ROI

Claudia Roca

Mar 16, 2023

Mar 16, 2023

Mar 16, 2023

Automating Google Ads for Increased ROI
Automating Google Ads for Increased ROI
Automating Google Ads for Increased ROI

In an effort to reach new users, we look for thousands of alternatives to increase the probability of conversion. However, there comes a time when you get overwhelmed with so much information and that's where Google ads automation comes in. 

Yes, the technological giant is on your side to automate and optimize certain functions that will allow you to free up some time to focus on what’s most important. 

This is how two alternatives emerge: smart bidding and smart creatives

Both of them have many benefits that you should take a look at. 

What is Google Ads?

Let's first define what Google Ads is. It’s Google's ad platform and its main source of revenue: it gives brands the opportunity to promote themselves on the search engine in exchange for a specific payment. 

When you buy an Ads package you actually acquire sponsored links that appear every time a user searches for the keyword. 

In this way, the ad appears just when the customer needs it most and in the place where he will see it in 90% of the cases, which explains why it generates such good results. 

However, the most interesting thing is that the platform gives you the possibility of acquiring packages of banners or videos that appear in different parts of the search engine and that fit your pocket. 

This is how in 2019 Google Ads billed up to 134 billion dollars, representing up to 70% of the revenue of the entire tech giant by that time. 

Advantages of Google Ads

There are many advantages that Google Ads represents for brands. Some of them are:

1. Gigantic potential

Let's see, we're not discovering warm water if we say that Google is the biggest search engine in the world and by far. 

No matter what it's about, we all use the site to find answers to the strangest questions that pop into our heads. 

In fact, as of 2019 the platform gathered 92% of all searches on both computers and mobiles. 

All this makes it the perfect opportunity for any brand to promote itself here, especially if we’re talking about a small project, as it gives it the visualization it so badly needs to grow. 

2. Segmentation

The billions of people's viewability isn’t the only attractive thing about Google Ads. It turns out that inside there’s a powerful targeting tool that allows you to create much more precise ads. 

The messages will appear just when a person adds the keyword in the search engine. For this, the users' browsing history is studied to find common patterns that we can use to our advantage. 

In addition, you can segment by topics or channels, which means that you have the possibility to choose a topic and promote it on pages that are related to that niche. 

You can also choose the age, geographic area and language of the people who will see the ad. The truth is that you have everything you need to reach your target customer, so it's time to take advantage of it. 

3. Control the amount invested

One of the reasons why Google Ads is such an interesting option is because you as an advertiser have total control of the amount invested, that is, you will decide how much money you will spend per month, per day or per campaign. 

In addition, as if that were not enough, you can choose to pay only when you receive clicks on the ad, either every 1000 impressions or when a conversion is executed. 

The best of all is that in your control panel you will see all the interactions that the public is having with your ad. You will be able to check impressions and who clicked and who did not click and then apply a remarketing strategy. 

4. Economic

Last but not least, we must say that Google Ads is much cheaper than other media.

Not only in comparison with traditional alternatives such as radio or television, but with portals of great presence on the web as well. 

It’s very difficult to measure user behavior with the traditional options, something you can do in great detail with Google Ads. 

The best of all is that you can start small and increase your bidding as you get results.

The best ways to use Google Ads automation

Let's see now what are the best ways to automate your Google Ads ads. We know you have a lot on your mind, so we want to give you more space so you can focus on what's really important. 

1. Smart bidding

Smart bidding is an automatic and well-optimized bidding that allows you to achieve different results. To achieve this it uses a series of automatic learnings to get the most conversions or improve the value of each one in auction. 

Some of its advantages are:

2. Advanced learning

Let's start with advanced learning: ads automation systems make bids with big data to make much more accurate predictions about the variables that affect the value and conversions. 

This results in more accurate numbers than any team could ever achieve. 

3. Contextual signals

On the other hand, thanks to smart bidding, bids are placed at the time of the auction, i.e. in real time

This makes it possible to obtain multiple contextual signals such as the characteristics of a user or the context surrounding him at the time of the auction, whether it is the day of the week, date and time. 

With this information, much better decisions can be made. 

4. Flexible performance

One of the reasons why we love smart bidding is because it gives you the possibility to create objectives and customize the campaign configuration depending on the business objectives. 

This way, you can optimize your bids based on the attribution model and then define much more specific performance targets for devices such as tablets, mobile and desktop. 

5. Much more transparent performance reporting

On the other hand, smart bidding gives you much more transparent performance reporting, as the tool allows you to get high-level information on overall ad performance to fix any issues that arise. 

Google Ads automation

Google Ads automation strategies with Smart Bidding

There are many automation strategies that exist with Smart Bidding. Let's look at each one separately in the following list:

1. Target impression share

Let's start with the target impression quota. This is a recommended tactic for advertisers whose priority is to increase the visibility of their brand and thus generate greater awareness. 

In most cases it works best when we try to position ourselves on a specific keyword

Then, if you choose them, the bids will be automatically defined and will show the results in the search engine in the place decided by the system. 

2. Maximizing clicks

We also have the strategy of getting as many clicks as possible. This is very common when we work with brands that aim to increase the visits to their website within the established budget. 

Here we have two alternatives: using it as a strategy for a single campaign or using a portfolio bid for several campaigns simultaneously. 

Moreover, you can apply it for campaigns, keywords or ad groups, so you have the last word. 

3. Return on advertising investment

On the other hand we find the return on advertising investment. It’s usually used by advertisers who want to improve their conversion rate, although it should be noted that each conversion is valued differently. 

In this item the bids are automatically configured to obtain the highest conversion value in order to improve the return on advertising investment according to the objectives set by the brand. 

4. Target CPA

On the other hand we have the target CPA, which is perfect if the company's main goal is to increase conversions

Here the bids are automatically adjusted to obtain as many conversions as possible at the cost per action according to the numbers we have projected.

5. Higher conversion

Yes, we continue with conversions, as it’s one of the most common objectives that companies have. 

In this strategy we seek to exhaust the budget we allocate for each day in order to get as many conversions as possible. 

So, to define what the bids are for the strategy, Google ads studies the account's performance history and then determines the auction signals. 

Google Ads Automation Strategies

Automation with Smart Creatives

Creativity is an indispensable factor to get good results with our ads. However, creating a creative strategy requires a lot of testing and optimization phases, which in the long run takes a lot of time. 

That's why Google's automation system develops the best possible combination of resources to simplify the process. 

Let's take a look at some strategies below:

1. Adaptive display ads

First of all we have adaptive display ads. 

Here you have the possibility to create different display ads in a practical and simple way. They are based on all the elements you have previously uploaded, such as photos, videos, logos and descriptions. 

In this way, the automation system combines this information and finds the variables that are most successful for the size, adapting the size, format and appearance

2. Dynamic search ads

Secondly, we have dynamic search ads, which are those that use your platform to target results in a way that can help you fill in the bottlenecks of campaigns that were based on keywords. 

For this you just add a description of the creative and then Google uses the content of your site to target ads, titles and landing pages. 

This will save you a great deal of time, as these ads free you from multiple tasks that are usually quite burdensome. In addition, promotions will always be important because they are tailored only to what users are looking for. 

Also, we can't forget that the content is updated in real time.

3. Adaptive search ads

Finally, there are adaptive search ads. 

In this case they are automatically adjusted to show the audience texts and messages that are relevant to them

Now, to develop them you will have to add several titles and descriptions that will work for Ads to try different combinations and find out which ones get better results. 

In this sense, we love the fact that they are super flexible because they adapt to the width of the devices to offer more space for the message. 

In addition, it saves time and money because you will be able to dedicate resources to tasks that do depend on you, as well as giving you the possibility to reach a larger number of customers thanks to the fact that you have several combinations of meta descriptions and titles that you can use in auctions. 

There’s no doubt that Google Ads is a platform that offers you everything you need to take your business to those users you want to reach

Nowadays, with digitalization, it’s essential to take advantage of all the resources that the Internet has to offer you, and the technological giant is becoming the ally you need to get your project off the ground once and for all. 

It’s likely that before reading this article you thought that the best way to use advertising was through traditional media such as radio, television and press, but it is time to forget about this. 

For a small price you will reach the public that is looking for your product and the ad will appear just when they want it most, so it’s time to adapt to new trends. 

We hope that with this information you understand how you can create a well-targeted ad without being overwhelmed by the tasks involved. Now tell us in the comments what you think about this tool.