Automate your Google Ads marketing campaigns for increased efficiency

Automate your Google Ads marketing campaigns for increased efficiency

Claudia Roca

Mar 7, 2023

Mar 7, 2023

Mar 7, 2023

Automate your Google Ads marketing campaigns for increased efficiency
Automate your Google Ads marketing campaigns for increased efficiency
Automate your Google Ads marketing campaigns for increased efficiency

Undoubtedly, when we have a website we look for any tool that allows us to get as many customers as possible with Google Ads. However, when working with very large campaigns it’s possible that we collapse halfway. 

So what can we do? Use ad automation

This is a series of mechanisms that allow you to automate certain functions so that you can focus on those activities that are most important to you. 

Forget about tedious and repetitive tasks. Now you will handle everything on autopilot thanks to the alternatives that Google has for you. 

Let's see what it's all about:

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google's ad platform par excellence, where you as a brand can promote your products and services to billions of people for a small fee. 

It’s interesting, because when you buy an ads package, what you really buy is a set of sponsored links that appear at the top of Google, which ensures the highest receptivity from users. 

This ensures that the link appears just when the person needs it most, which is when he or she enters the keyword in the search engine. The algorithm understands that the user has a need and links them to your ad. 

In this sense, the system allows you to buy videos or banners that appear in different parts of the search engine, not only in the first position, which causes the audience to see it at different times. 

4 Advantages of Google Ads

Google ads represents a lot of benefits when we want to expand our business. Some of them are: 

1. It is the largest search engine in the world

We cannot start in any other way than with the potential offered by Google Ads. We all know that the technological giant is the largest search engine in the world, so if we advertise our products on the platform, millions of users will see it in a very short time. 

Google is the most important ally for our daily life. You only need to have a question to have to go to the site to find the answer no matter how simple it is. 

In this order of ideas, in 2019 the platform gathered up to 92% of all internet searches. Can you imagine what that represents today?

2. It has great segmentation potential

Let's see, having millions of people see your ad is wonderful, but if none of these people are interested in your project, it won't do any good. That's why it's great to have the possibility of segmenting our audience.

This is something very difficult in traditional marketing, but with digital marketing it’s very simple, especially with tools like Google Ads

The platform has a very powerful segmentation mechanism, to the point that only when the user adds the term, the link in question will appear, not before or after. For this purpose, it carefully studies the customer's browsing history to know what their Internet consumption habits are. 

You can also segment by age, gender and the geographical area of the user where you want the ad to appear. It doesn't get any better than this.

3. Total control over your investment

One of the problems with traditional marketing is that it’s very difficult to control the amount of money you invest. That is, you inject resources and you don’t know if you are gaining or losing capital with the campaign. 

With Google Ads this doesn’t happen because you have total control of what you invest, so you will decide how much you will spend and at what time. 

In addition, the site gives you the possibility to choose whether you pay only at the moment of receiving clicks, every 1,000 impressions or when there is a conversion such as the registration of a lead. 

At the same time, you will see a control panel where you will see each of the interactions that your ad is having, from clicks, downloads to the time spent on the site. 

4. It’s very economical

Last but not least, we cannot leave aside the fact that Google Ads is much cheaper than any traditional advertising method. 

In fact, we can even compare it with packages offered by any social network or blog today and you will realize that with fewer resources you can generate greater results. 

In addition, you can start with a minimum amount and increase it as you see results. 

Advantages Google Ads

Methods to increase your efficiency with Google Ads Automation

We all agree that Google Ads is a real marvel, but it’s true that when it comes to large campaigns it’s normal that things get out of control because we must coordinate many details. 

That's where google ads automation comes in and we will show you how you can improve your productivity with this tool: 

1. Smart bidding

It’s an automatic and 100% automated bidding that gives you the possibility of obtaining different results. For this it relies on various automatic learning systems that allow you to get a higher number of conversions or improve its value in each auction. 

Some of the advantages it offers are:

2. Advanced learning

First of all, we have advanced learning. It’s very interesting because the ad automation systems make bids with very large data so that the predictions are more accurate to the variables that affect both conversions and value. 

This way you will have much more accurate numbers compared to any other team. 

3. Contextual signals

One of the reasons why we love smart bidding is because the auctions are done in real time, that is, at the time the auction is executed. 

Thanks to this we will get several contextual signals that will serve to improve the quality of the work. From this, we will make more accurate decisions in much less time. 

4. Much more flexible yields

On the other hand, with this mechanism you will be able to create objectives and customize the configuration of the campaign according to the goals you have set. 

This gives you the possibility to optimize your bids depending on the attribution model and then define much more specific performance objectives for devices such as tablets and computers. 

5. Transparent reporting

The smart bidding performance reports are exaggeratedly transparent. The mechanism helps you get high-caliber information about the performance of all ads in general to address any issues you encounter. 

Google Ads Automation

Automation tactics with Smart bidding

Smart bidding has many automation methods to suit everyone's needs. Let's take a look at each of them in the following list: 

1. Targeted impressions quota

We define it as an ideal strategy for advertisers who want to increase the visibility of their project and for this to directly influence the notoriety. 

To make the most of it, it’s advisable to position it on a specific keyword because the bids are defined automatically and it will show the results in the search engine. 

2. Maximizing clicks

Secondly, we have the method of maximizing as much as possible the amount of clicks that the ad gets. 

It’s perfect for businesses that want to increase the visits to their site at all costs and already have an established budget. 

Then, to achieve this, you have two interesting options: On the one hand, you can use it as a strategy for just one campaign or you can opt for a portfolio bid for several campaigns simultaneously. 

You also have the possibility to apply it for keywords, ad groups and campaigns. 

3. Return on investment

On the other hand, the ROI is used in those companies that want to obtain a good return on their resources and in the shortest possible time.  However, it’s important to take into account that each conversion has a different valuation that must be studied carefully. 

In this case, bids are automatically created to obtain the highest conversion that is feasible in order to improve the return according to the projections proposed by the brand.

4. Target CPA

Target CPA is wonderful if you want to increase conversions at all costs. 

As above, bids are automatically defined to collect the highest amount of conversions according to the cost per action and figures the company set out to achieve. 

5. Highest conversion

Finally we have the highest conversion, and at the end of the day this is one of the most important metrics of any digital business. 

The goal is to exhaust the budget that was allocated for each day with the aim of obtaining the highest number of conversions. 

In this sense, Ads analyzes the history of results of the account and from there determines which are the auction signals.

What is automation with Smart Creatives?

You know that creativity is a very important element when developing our ads. However, the problem is that during the process a lot of optimization tests and other time-consuming phases are required. 

This led Google to develop automation with Smart Creatives. Pay close attention to see some of its benefits: 

1. Adaptive Display Ads

The first advantage it offers you is adaptive display ads. Basically, it allows you to create different ads based on the elements you have uploaded to the system, such as descriptions, photos, logos and videos. 

Then, the platform combines all the information and detects those variables that are more accurate for the size, adjusting it as necessary. 

2. Dynamic Ads

On the other hand, the dynamic search ads are those used by the system to direct the results so that you can hide the errors that your ad campaign may have. 

If you want to use it, all you have to do is add a description of the creative and then the search engine will use the content to target the titles, ads and landing pages you have.

What does this allow you to do? Save a lot of time, because the mechanism frees you from several tasks that in most cases are usually very stressful. In turn, promotions will be tailored only to what users are looking for, being much more effective than other methods.  

3. Adaptive Search Ads

We also have adaptive search ads, which automatically adjust to show the audience only the content they are interested in

To achieve this you will have to add both titles and descriptions so that the system discovers different combinations that allow it to detect which ones give better results. 

In addition, it’s interesting to see how each of the ads are in responsive format, so they adapt to the size of any device that plays it. 

On the other hand, you will be able to save a lot of time and money because you will only dedicate resources to the activities that depend on your work, giving you the possibility to reach a wider customer base. 

There’s no doubt that when it comes to managing an ad campaign it’s essential to find as many tools as possible to optimize your work time. Fortunately Google took our side and created several elements that allow us to save a lot of resources. 

Google Ads automation is a new way to promote products and services on the Internet and it’s time you got to know it. Now you can adjust to the needs and trends of users to offer them only what they want at the right time. 

That's why today we wanted to update you on what these tools represent for the future of your business

Forget about spending hours programming every single action of your ad. Use Smart Creatives and Smart Bidding to put your strategy on autopilot and focus on much more important activities. 

Let us know what you think of these methods, surely it was what you were waiting for to take your business to stardom.