Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies for 2023

Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies for 2023

Claudia Roca

Feb 23, 2023

Feb 23, 2023

Feb 23, 2023

Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies for 2023
Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies for 2023
Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies for 2023

Want to take your business to the next level? Maybe it's time for you to implement advanced digital marketing strategies

Come on, let's be honest. Nowadays we search for one keyword on the internet and we immediately get thousands of results that provide us with content. 

This means that we have to do more if we want to stand out. 

A good digital marketing strategy allows you to identify the behaviors of your target customer so you can offer them what they need at the right time. 

Shall we see it together?

Why invest in digital marketing?

Investing in marketing is an excellent decision if you want to make the leap you've longed for. 

The internet is a space that has flattened all the opportunities for companies, so you have the possibility to increase your sales without increasing your operating expenses. 

Yes, people still read books, watch TV and walk the streets while looking at billboards on the freeways, but these no longer have the same power as ads on the internet or on your favorite blog. 

There are now more users on the web than on any street in the world and no one can argue with that. Therefore, if we want our business to position itself as a leader in its sector we have to develop strategies that allow us to be right where the audience is. 

Would you like to achieve this? Let's see below some strategies that will help you: 

Best advanced digital marketing strategies

Some of the strategies that are catching the attention of all the experts are the following: 

1. Not displaying all the posts on the home page

The first strategy we recommend is not to display entire posts on your page, especially if it's the homepage. 

Come on, we know it's tempting to want to show the latest work to your user, but if you do, the page will take longer to load and you will test your audience's patience. 

Besides, this allows you to measure in a more precise way the amount of visits you receive and avoid the search engine to confuse it with duplicate content. So now you know, invite your readers to learn more and watch the numbers start rolling in. 

2. Keyword references when creating titles

On several occasions we’ve talked about the importance of keywords when structuring content. Well, it turns out that it’s also important when we’re going to write the titles. 

In this sense, it’s essential that as a company you understand the term that your audience uses to search for related content and thus increase the chances of being found. 

The page title and the meta description are some of the elements that are related to the title and attract new visits. Don't leave them out. 

3. The importance of CTAs

We cannot move forward without talking about the importance of CTAs in attracting new users to our content. 

The idea is not to overdo it, but you have to create as many calls to action as possible in the text, at the top of the page, in each post and at the end of each article. 

The key is to use verbs that connect with the mind of your target audience to achieve the conversions you set out to achieve at the beginning of the project. 

The cta's are those mental triggers that you should always have up your sleeve. Don't forget them and start giving them the importance they deserve. 

4. Always attractive images

We can't find words to express how relevant images are in your digital marketing strategy. A piece of content can solve the search intent, but if it doesn’t include multimedia elements it is very difficult to engage the reader. 

So look for photos that relate to the topic to publish both in the post and on social networks. 

At the end of the day, a picture speaks a thousand words. Add the right ones and see how the visits start to double. 

5. Alt attribute in photographs

An important element that is sometimes forgotten is the alt attribute in photographs.

When you upload an image be sure to add the alt attribute to tell Google what the image is about. This will help the search engine understand what the content you are showing to the audience means. 

The reason is fundamental, search engines read this element as part of the content, so if you add it you will contribute to their positioning.

6. Links in the email signature

Email is a fundamental factor when developing a digital marketing campaign. Every day more and more companies look favorably on the idea of communicating with their audience through professional emails to increase the chances of conversion. 

So, if you are thinking of joining this trend, don't forget to add links to your website and social networks at the end of the email. This will give you visibility and help you improve your company's image to the general public. 

7. Buttons for sharing on social networks

Every time you upload a post to your website you can't forget to add a button for sharing it on social networks. 

At first you may think it’s very complicated, but if you use Wordpress you will realize that it’s simpler than it seems. Cheer up and you will see the difference. 

8. Not trusting duplicate content

One of the most serious problems when it comes to positioning is duplicate content. You may think you are doing everything right and it turns out that someone is copying and pasting your texts without your consent. 

In this sense, we recommend that you check if your page has duplicate content in both www and non-www addresses. If both exist without any kind of redirection, it is likely that your authority is going down. 

Don't trust and always be on the lookout for any signs. 

9. Landing page links

Little is said about the importance of landing pages in digital marketing strategies. Landing pages have been proven to significantly increase conversions, but for that you have to share your links on social networks. 

If you do, make sure you include a good cta so that users are incentivized to click on it. 

10. Investing in Facebook campaigns

Getting organic results on social networks like Facebook is wonderful, but sometimes it’s slower than we would like. That's why an interesting option is to invest in paid Facebook campaigns. 

The platform shows you very accurate data about the audience, where they come from and the moments when there is greater connectivity. 

This is very useful when you want to sell an ebook or a specific infoproduct. Do it and tell us the results, you will surely be surprised. 

11. Segmenting your email

Email marketing is very important for companies, but you must take into account many factors to increase the probability of success. One of them is to show the content that the audience wants at the right time. 

That's why we invite you to segment your contact list to send emails to those who are most interested in the topics you handle in your blog. 

On many occasions users have already shown interest in your products, so with this strategy your numbers will multiply rapidly. 

12. Sending offers in an exclusive email

Every time you have a new product in your catalog, promote it in an exclusive email. This gives much better results than attaching it to a newsletter, since there you give information about other topics that may not be related to the product. 

13. Developing your landing page

Do you have a lot of visitors to your website but don't know how to move them through the buying process?  It's time to invest in a landing page. 

This platform will be the gateway for new customers who have already shown interest in what you have for them. 

Once you do that everything will be much easier. Don't hesitate any longer. 

best marketing strategies

5 Advantages of digital marketing

Still not in the digital marketing movement? It's time for you to get to work, because it offers you hundreds of advantages that you can't ignore.

Let's see some of them in the following list:

1. Lower costs and better results

And we could not start in any other way than with the economic part. One of the problems with traditional marketing is that in order to promote yourself you have to invest a lot of money, capital that often takes a long time to recover. 

In this sense, it has been demonstrated that all actions in the digital world are more economical and profitable than in the offline world. The ability to segment allows us to focus our efforts on the target audience, increasing the likelihood of sales and optimization of resources. 

Likewise, digital marketing gives you the possibility to work strategies that are really economical, such as SEO and content marketing. Apply it and you will see that you will be able to start with a derisory capital. 

2. Rising profits

We love the fact that with digital marketing you can build a long-term brand, while in the physical world you promote your image for a very specific interval. 

This is important because it generates a different connection with the audience, allowing you to make profits that are sustainable over time if you work properly. 

Once you have a presence in the networks you will see how the results will start to come regardless of the promotion technique you use. 

3. Segmentation capacity

Segmentation capacity is one of the most powerful advantages of digital marketing. 

Every time a user browses social networks or your website, they leave different data that show part of their consumption habits, something that you can use for your subsequent strategies. 

This is how in marketing you can segment based on gender, geographic area, age range, habits and interests. 

From here you can focus your efforts on solving the needs of your buyer persona. 

4. Measures results

"What gets measured gets improved", says a business phrase. Well, with Internet marketing you will be able to measure in real time everything that happens in your business to make the necessary changes. 

So, if you send a welcome email to your new subscribers you can check the open and conversion rate to see if it was as successful as you expected. 

On the other hand, if you have a blog you can rely on Google Analytics to evaluate the traffic you have on the site, where it comes from and the content that is attracting the most attention. 

Meanwhile, if you uploaded a post to social networks you can study the interaction, the reach of the publication and the clicks the link had. 

Now nothing will slip through your fingers with digital marketing. 

5. Creates a community

Last but not least we have the possibility of creating a community around our brand

This is fundamental, because no matter how much progress there is in the world, nothing will be as powerful as feeling part of something. Apple and Disney have demonstrated this through their services and attractions around the world. 

Generate fans and not just customers, something we can achieve with digital marketing through the creation of valuable content that helps our customers to improve their quality of life. 

Advantages digital marketing

We hope that with this article you know which strategies are making waves in digital marketing. It's time to focus our efforts on studying our audience to offer them what they want at the right time. 

Have you already chosen your ideal strategy? Do not forget to enroll in our digital marketing masters so you can become a professional in the field.