How to generate a QR code in the simplest way

How to generate a QR code in the simplest way

Franco Brutti

Jul 10, 2023

Jul 10, 2023

Jul 10, 2023

How to generate a QR code in the simplest way
How to generate a QR code in the simplest way
How to generate a QR code in the simplest way

QR codes are already part of our daily lives, and even more so in the wake of the pandemic. Nowadays, almost every restaurant offers one to access the menu.

Yes or no?

This is a code that you scan with your cell phone which allows you to access different alternatives such as menus, multimedia content, download pages, and hundreds of other options. 

Do you want to include QR codes in your strategy? Then this is of interest to you, because in this article we will explain step by step how to generate them, and we will give you some tips on how to make them work beautifully.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a kind of two-dimensional barcode created in 1994 that gives you the ability to scan different components at a high speed. At first, it was used in the automotive industry and then it was coupled to different sectors of society. 

What changed was that in 2014 a tool called "Quick Response" was added, which allows you to access digital content through a physical element such as the camera of a phone. 

This way we can scan many things, from a phone number to products or services, addresses on Google Maps, Youtube videos, music, and apps in general. 

In this sense, it gives us thousands of possibilities to interact with our target audience, so it's time to use it to take our business to the next level. 

Now, how do they work? Its set of black squares displayed on a white square that allows you to scan information of all kinds.

What is a QR code generator?

Let's define then what a QR code generator is to move on to more complex topics. 

It’s a tool that allows you to create different QR codes to do different activities, from opening a website, playing a song or displaying a 100% interactive menu. 

The idea is that the user scans the code to access different services through a digital process. In this way, instead of having to do something manually, everything will be done through the mobile. 

Today this tool has become so popular that you can customize it according to the needs of your company. Forget the black and white, a QR code generator will have the colors and the design you want. 

Best of all, many devices are so advanced that they do not need any specific application to read QR codes, as they have the reader installed directly on the camera. 

Find out how you can take advantage of this trend below:

Structure of a QR code 

Let's take a look at the structure of a QR code: 

1. Version information

This is a pattern that tells you which version of the code you have in your hands. At the moment there are 40 different versions ranging from number 1 with 21x21 modules to 40 with 177x177 different modules. 

Among all these, it’s important for you to know that the most used ones for mobile marketing are versions 1 to 7. 

2. Formatting information

On the other hand, in this pattern, you will find information about the data mask and the error correction as such. This gives you the possibility of decoding it, no matter if it’s partially broken. 

3. Keys and error correction data

In the meantime, here is the most important information about the QR code. 

4. Alignment pattern

In this part, you will be able to decode the QR code in 360°. 

5. Timing pattern

It’s one of the most relevant patterns because the decoder determines the width of the whole data matrix. 

6. Quiet zone

The quiet zone gives the decoder the possibility to identify the QR code from its surroundings.

Structure of a QR code Structure of a QR code

What does the version of a QR code mean? 

As you may have already noticed, a QR code is differentiated by its version, which in a nutshell is the number of modules that compose it. To identify them you just have to look at the small black squares around it. 

So, each version is defined by its number of modules, and the more modules it has, the more storage capacity it has for you. This explains why the first version has 21 modules and the last one has 177 because the other versions are increased by up to 4 modules. 

Error correction levels of a QR code:

Once we’ve reached this point it is important to understand that QR codes are processed through the use of the Reed- Solomon code, which was initially developed for the music industry because it has the ability to measure communication noise between artificial satellites. 

In this way, this code adapts the QR when readable errors occur. 

There are currently up to four levels of error correction that have the ability to restore the code data if it’s very obscure or partially broken. 

Let's take a closer look below: 

  • Level L: 7%.

  • Level M: 15%.

  • Level Q: 25%.

  • Level H: 30%.

Each of these percentages reflects the storability of each code word within the QR. 

How to scan a QR code?

To scan a QR code we need two main elements, a device with a camera and a scanning app. 

Fortunately, nowadays most smartphones offer you both alternatives, so you won't have to download anything to start enjoying this benefit. 

Then, when you open the scanner all you have to do is point the QR code to your camera to process it and access the content.

Tips for using a QR code

There is no doubt that knowing how a QR code works gives you a fundamental advantage, especially if we want to reach our target audience in a better way. 

Let's see now some tips to use it in the best possible way: 

1. Include an attractive CTA to make the user want to scan it

The first thing you have to ask yourself is: Why would my user open this code? The best way to answer is with a call to action that is attractive enough for people to agree to use their camera to scan it. 

From here you can proceed to implement your marketing campaign to get more and more people to access the content. 

2. Place the QR code in an accessible place

It’s important that the code is in an accessible place and that it’s as comfortable as possible so that the customer doesn’t have major inconveniences. 

This translates into a higher number of conversions since we can't ask a user to scan a code that he can't find. Therefore, make sure it’s in a place where everyone can see it. 

For example, if you have a restaurant you can place it on the table or on the menu to take advantage of the moment when they place an order. 

3. Teach users how to scan the QR code

On the other hand, it’s important that you don't take anything for granted, so when you do your marketing campaign remember to educate the customer on how they can scan the QR. 

No, not everyone is an expert, in fact, there are people who have never scanned a QR code in their life. Therefore, it never hurts to give a kind of tutorial so that everyone can enjoy this experience.

Tips to generate a QR code


How to generate a QR code?

Generating a QR code is the easiest thing that exists today in digital marketing. For this, you will have to look for a QR code generator to create the one that fits your needs. 

Today there are different tools that offer you customized plans for you to create a code that represents your business for the audience, such as: 

Dynamic and static QR code

Currently, there are two types of QR codes: static and dynamic. The second one allows you to track the data and edit the URL to any other address without having to print it again. This way you will spend less money on printing and have more time to do other activities related to your business. 

In this way, with a dynamic code, you have the possibility to track the number of scans that have been made to your code and the time the user used it. In addition, you will see the location of the customer and the type of device they used. 

Therefore, you will have more detailed information about the behavior of your users and you will know what you’re doing right and what you’re not.

On the other hand, with a static code, the user will go straight to the URL and will not have the possibility to change the content behind the QR code because it’s hard coded. 

Information that the QR code can display: 

There’s a lot of information that a QR code can contain today. It all depends on how you want to use it and the importance you provide to the strategy.

First, you can display detailed information about your products and services, either an explanation of their use or features that differentiate it from the competition. 

Also, you can attach the contact details of the business so that the customer can communicate with you at all times, something that gives an impressive sense of tranquility. 

You can also offer a discount coupon to those who scan the QR code in the shortest time possible. 

The idea in this case is to set it up so that the offer reaches the first users, otherwise, you will lose business. 

Advantages of free QR code generators

There’s no doubt that QR code generators offer many possibilities to our ventures. At the end of it all, the idea is to generate as many interactions as possible for the customer to feel comfortable with the brand. 

Let's see some of the advantages offered below: 

1. Pattern customization

Having a customized pattern will allow you to differentiate yourself from the other codes of your competitors.  Little is said about this, but the reality is that it’s very important to stand out from the competition through elements as simple as a QR code. 

No matter what product you are selling, the more personalized the service, the more likely you are to sell.

2. Encrypted information security

On the other hand, we can not leave aside the fact that you can encrypt all the information you provide, as well as that provided by your customers. 

Cybercriminals are around every corner today, so you shouldn’t make it easier for them. You need to shield your personal data and with a QR code generator, you will be closer to achieving this. 

3. Make it easy to track code performance

We already saw how important it can be to track code scanning in detail. At the end of the day, what’s important is not only getting the code scanned but also knowing how the user behaves when processing the information. 

So, with a QR code generator, you will understand where the failures are, at what point the user abandons the process, and where you have more downloads. 

The truth is that having a QR code generator is one of the best actions you can execute for your company. 

In the end, the important thing is to be in contact with your users as much as possible and with this tool, you can take the interaction to the next level. 

Now it's time for you to make a decision. After seeing all this we believe it’s an ideal alternative to have a better connection with your users. What do you think? 

We'll read you in the comments.