What is SpringBoot and what is the difference between it and Spring Framework

What is SpringBoot and what is the difference between it and Spring Framework

Claudia Roca

Mar 29, 2023

Mar 29, 2023

Mar 29, 2023

What is SpringBoot and what is the difference between it and Spring Framework
What is SpringBoot and what is the difference between it and Spring Framework
What is SpringBoot and what is the difference between it and Spring Framework

In the world we’re living in today, there are more and more applications and programs available for download!

From the user's side, we understand how wonderful they can be. From the developers' side, we understand how difficult it can be to create... 

As you can imagine, creating web and mobile applications is something that requires a lot of work and knowledge.

However, thanks to advances in technology, there are more and more tools that make the job easier for software and application developers.

If you are entering the world of web development and you prefer tools that are simpler and more understandable, you should learn more about SpringBoot.

If you haven't heard about it yet or if you have, but you haven't investigated it in depth, you've come to the right place, because we will take the task of explaining everything you need to know about it.

What is SpringBoot?

Let's go bit by bit so you can fully understand what SpringBoot is all about and what kind of use you can give it in your work as a developer.

The first thing to make clear is that it’s a framework that is designed to work with the Java programming language.

If there’s something to highlight about it, it’s that it’s free and it’s presented as an open-source development environment.

Generally, professionals consider that SpringBoot makes development processes much simpler, which makes the work much easier to carry out and allows us to save time.

The intention behind the existence of such a framework is to allow developers to worry less about the architectural aspects, and thus invest more time and concentration on the programming aspect as such.

SpringBoot main features

To finish understanding what SpringBoot is and what makes it a framework that everyone is talking about, it’s necessary to review its main features.

By knowing them, you will be able to have a more complete perception of how functional it is to work with SpringBoot.

So, without anything else to add, let's get to know them:

  • You will have the opportunity to create any type of application.

  • All its configuration is simplified.

  • It’s of great help to simplify the dependencies and thus achieve that the final configuration improves significantly.

  • It’s a framework that is compatible with third-party libraries.

  • You will be able to work with other tools such as Jetty or Tomcat without the need to implement additional files.

  • There are no XML configuration requirements.

  • It makes list creation much easier.

  • You won't need to generate code for those aspects that are controlled by SpringBoot.

features of Spring Boot

What is the purpose of working with SpringBoot when developing applications?

The uses that have been given to SpringBoot since its creation have to do with the development of microservices.

When we talk about microservices in software development, we are referring to an approach that aims to deliver small components that can then be integrated into a single program.

This is something that allows us to cover each of the needs that customers need to cover with the application to be created.

It’s also a style of working in which Java applications are used in a modular way.

Now, if you’re just learning about it and you’re not sure to which extent you can take advantage of it, we will talk about some of its functionalities below:

1. Meeting customer needs bit by bit

Undoubtedly, one of the main features that make SpringBoot more appealing than other frameworks today has to do with improving the way in which customer needs are covered.

Thanks to its modular development structure, it’s possible to gradually scale the project so that the customer can verify that everything is going well and let us know what else he needs before finishing the whole application.

2. Developers can have more freedom

Another quite positive aspect has to do with the working freedom that developers can have.

Given the existence of programs like this, it’s understandable that programmers want to offer their services independently and not have to work in an agency.

Nowadays working freelance is an option that brings several benefits and by being able to develop in a simple way with SpringBoot the whole work process will become much easier.

3. The application deploys quickly

At the end of it all, you will see how working with SpringBoot is going to allow you to deploy the final application faster.

Speed and automation, in general, are factors that you will be able to visualize as soon as you start working with SpringBoot.

So, without a doubt, it’s something that will allow you to save a lot of work time in general.

What do you need to start working with SpringBoot?

While it is true that SpringBoot will allow you to work in a faster, easier, and more automated way, this doesn’t mean that anyone can use it.

Of course, it’s a tool that is ideal for those who are already developers and already have all the necessary basic knowledge.

And of course, it’s also not necessary to have more than 20 years working as a developer; even if you are an amateur you can use this framework to your advantage.

So, in order to establish what knowledge you need to have clear, here’s a list for you below:

  • Java programming.

  • Spring security.

  • The Spring framework.


  • Microservices.

  • Databases.

Are SpringBoot and Spring Frame the same thing?

It’s quite likely that throughout your training as a developer, you have heard of both SpringBoot and Spring Frame.

We are well aware that some people tend to confuse both terms and think that they are the same thing when they are not.

Since we’ve already talked a lot about SpringBoot, it’s time to explain what Spring Frame is.

This is a Framework that is also open source and is designed to create all kinds of programs also using the Java programming language.

The main difference is that it can be used for a wide variety of applications and that it has a series of internal tools that are much more specialized and, therefore, a little complicated to use.

Therefore, what makes SpringBoot trendy right now is the fact that it can be used in a simpler way for the development of those types of applications that must run as microservices.

Thus leaving the use of more extensive programs such as Spring Frame for the creation of programs that are much more specialized or specific.

To better differentiate the topic, Spring Frame is an ideal tool for big projects that are going to be carried out by developers with a long experience in the area.

While SpringBoot is ideal for amateur developers who are going to start working with small applications.

Advantages of working with SpringBoot

Now, if you’re still not completely convinced about the use you can make of SpringBoot, it may be because we have not yet told you about the positive aspects of its use.

It’s true that, so far, we’ve told you a number of good things about this tool, but we have not yet told you what specific benefits it offers.

So, so that you have no doubt that this is an excellent framework to which you can give endless uses and with which it’s comfortable to work, we’re going to present you a list of the advantages it offers:

  • It’s an open source and free framework.

  • Spring Boot is fast, both to develop and run the application.

  • It’s more than enough that you have even a basic knowledge of Java to start working with Spring Boot.

  • It can be used to work on JVM.

  • Behind the creation of Spring Boot there is a large number of programmers, so its functionality is more than assured.

  • It has a large ecosystem behind it.

  • This framework can be used in a wide variety of languages, which allows people from all over the world to use it.

  • It has forged a great reputation since large companies make use of Spring Boot (Trivago, Mercadolibre, MIT, etc.).

  • It’s a framework that is constantly evolving.

  • Developers who can work with Spring Boot are increasingly in demand, so you can opt for very good job opportunities.

How to learn to develop with SpringBoot?

We know perfectly well that if you are new to this world it can be somewhat complicated to start programming and developing applications from scratch.

While it’s true that with SpringBoot the learning process will be much easier, as we’ve mentioned before, it’s also necessary that you have some basic knowledge about programming and application development.

Therefore, if you want to work with SpringBoot to make money and want to be a real professional in this, we recommend you follow these tips to learn how to do it:

1. Get a career in programming

Undoubtedly, those who want to dedicate themselves to this for the rest of their lives should be people who are already developers.

That’s why, if you want to be a professional in the area, the best thing you can do is get a university degree in programming or software development.

That way, you will be able to learn everything you need, even the most insignificant, to develop any application without any problem.

2. Participate in an application development course

In case you prefer to just focus on application development and you are looking for an educational process that is shorter, you can opt to participate in an application development course.

Within this type of academic program, you will also be able to get the training you need.

In addition, there are some courses that focus entirely on the use of SpringBoot, so you could opt to choose one of them.

3. Search for tutorials on the Internet

Similarly, if you’ve already gone through this kind of educational process, but it was a long time ago and you want to refresh your knowledge, it would do you a lot of good to check out some of the tutorials that are available on the internet.

Nowadays you’re able to learn many things through video tutorials on the internet and making use of Spring Boot is certainly among them.

4. Put everything you have learned into practice

Finally, the best thing you can do is to start practicing using Spring Boot.

That way, you will have an interactive process that will allow you to knot your theoretical knowledge with all the practical development.

The more you practice, the better you will become at using each and every one of the tools found within the SpringBoot framework.  

As you work with SpringBoot, the same practice will allow you to get better at developing the projects you undertake.

learn Spring Boot

Without a doubt, for those who are novices or for those who want to make their work faster, SpringBoot is an excellent option.

And you, have you heard about it before? Have you used it before? Are you going to use it now that you have learned about it?

We would like to know your opinion about this kind of topic, so do not hesitate to leave it in the comments section.