Soft or hard skills that you cannot miss to stand out on your resume

Soft or hard skills that you cannot miss to stand out on your resume

Claudia Roca

Jun 28, 2022

Jun 28, 2022

Jun 28, 2022

Soft or hard skills that you cannot miss to stand out on your resume
Soft or hard skills that you cannot miss to stand out on your resume
Soft or hard skills that you cannot miss to stand out on your resume

Today, with the advances in digital technology, in an environment of constant change and transformation, it is essential to rethink the professional needs that companies seek in their work teams.  

The future of work is intimately linked to this era of digital transformation. In order not to be left out of these advances, it is necessary to adapt to the needs of the world of work. Not only thinking about adapting to the new demands of companies but also thinking about acquiring new skills

Today it is important to value skills that are different from those of years ago, focusing on more human aspects, such as emotional intelligence or soft skills, taking into account the exponential increase in automation in increasingly specialized companies.

All of this makes it more difficult to find people who fit these increasingly specialized requirements. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to attract talent that performs well within these parameters. If you are looking for a job, did you know that there are certain skills that it is always advisable to include on your resume? 

In today's article we tell you what are the best skills to include on your resume. 

What skills should you include on your resume?

It is nothing new to say that you should know your skills and abilities very well when writing a resume. To select them, you must know very well what you excel at and everything you are capable of doing to boost the performance of the type of companies you are targeting. Think about how important this cover letter is for a company.

Now, let's define the types of skills to look for on a resume. We have to include the so-called soft skills and the hard or technical skills . What are they and what are the differences between these two types of skills ? Let's describe them:

hard skills

Hard skills are those that refer to specific technical knowledge. They are quantifiable and measurable, which makes them easy to compare with each other. These skills can be enhanced, upgraded, or acquired through certifications or degrees.

All the skills that you can certify with a title or signature are the ones that you have to list in this section. Some of the hard skills that you can include on your resume are as follows: 

  • Knowledge of computer programs.

  • Sales skills.

  • Programming knowledge.

  • Blockchain competition.

  • Artificial intelligence knowledge.

  • Digital design.

  • Data analysis.

  • Digital advertising.

Keep in mind that any of these specialties must be constantly updated. That is its value. Consider that technical knowledge of computing thirty years ago would be useless today. 

Some examples for hard skills are computer software knowledge, sales skills, programming knowledge and others

Soft skills

Let's continue with the so-called soft skills . This section of our resume includes everything related to our social and communication skills. This is where we recommend you start.

Today, most Human Resources areas prioritize these soft skills over hard or technical ones. Why did this happened? Because they are the added value of the person to hire. 

What are the main soft skills?

  • Creative ability.

  • Interpersonal communication.

  • Adaptability in times of crisis.

  • Empathy.

  • Persuasive ability.

  • Teamwork.

  • Critical thinking (thinking "outside the box").

  • emotional intelligence

This list gives us a much clearer idea of ​​the profile that a company is looking for. If companies were only interested in technical skills, this would prevent them from finding work teams trained in more plastic skills that better respond to the vertiginous changes we are experiencing today. That is why they are so important! 

Some examples for soft skills are empathy, teamwork, creative capacity and others

Beyond the resume, create a personal brand

Of course, having a good resume is essential when looking for a job, but the reality is that today it is just as important to have a well-constructed personal brand as it is to have an updated resume. 

Have you ever googled your name? If you have and have opened a profile on Linkedin or Facebook, you will see that you will appear in the first search results. Today, our image is more exposed than ever and that is why we must be extremely careful. 

Our advice is to have an updated Linkedin profile. Where you can post your education, certifications and work experience, but also where you can share your values ​​and interests in the professional world. Do not forget that Linkedin is a social network and like any other it shows more those profiles that are active on the network. Recruiters are very attentive to this network to get those talents that will add a lot of value to their teams. Therefore, the best way to stand out in the workplace is to create a good strategy on LinkedIn and build a solid personal brand. 

Tell us, what other skills do you think should not be missing from your resume? We read you in the comments!