Simon Sinek: Bio and Best quotes

Simon Sinek: Bio and Best quotes

Claudia Roca

Oct 12, 2022

Oct 12, 2022

Oct 12, 2022

Simon Sinek: Bio and Best quotes
Simon Sinek: Bio and Best quotes
Simon Sinek: Bio and Best quotes

In the world of marketing there are people who completely changed the industry. One of them is Simon Sinek, an English writer who developed a concept that you can apply too.

He's one of the most renowned figures in marketing and sales because his contributions have managed to expand the vision of thousands of companies around the world. 

Can you imagine having the ideal technique to get your potential customers to wait and wait in lines to buy your products or services? 

If it sounds like a dream, let us tell you that with the golden circle you can make it come true. 

It's a theory that has come to bring order to the approach we give to our sales pitches, and it was developed, of course, by Simon Sinek.  

Find out now how you can apply the golden circle in your organization thanks to Sinek's teachings. 

Who is Simon Sinek?

It's no coincidence that Simon Sinek is so well known in the marketing world. The reality is that his childhood and youth were just like any of ours and, through study and effort, he became a marketing authority. 

Sinek graduated in anthropology at Brandeis University, although in his heart this career did not fulfill him at all. 

That's why he enrolled in law school, but when he realized that it wasn't his thing either, he decided to devote himself to his passion: advertising. 

This is how he began to work in different renowned firms such as JP Morgan, Oppenheimer Funds, Echo Star's, among others. 

This experience helped him found his own company called SinekPartners, where he teaches leaders and other companies how to inspire others, developing influence in every sense of the word. 

This is how he's managed to advise companies as big as Microsoft, AOL or New York City Ballet.  

How did he become famous?

Sinek began to attract the attention of others thanks to his irreverent style and unorthodox opinions that at first seemed crazy. 

Later, as time went by, people started to notice that each of them had tangible results and that's when he began to develop authority. 

However, there were two reasons why he came to fame. 

The first was a book he published in 2009 entitled: "Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action". Then, in that same year he was in a TED talk with the same title which has been seen by more than 25 million people.

It's there that he first mentioned the Golden Circle theory. 

The Englishman explains why some people follow some leaders and not others. This concept began to catch on in the market and people began to hire him as a consultant to be able to apply this model in their organizations. 

The golden circle theory

Without a doubt, the golden circle is what brought Simon Sinek to fame. 

The author points out that the reason why the most successful companies and leaders don't reach the top isn't the common factors we all think: capital, luck, ideal product... it's true that they do have an influence, but there are other elements that are more transcendental. 

For him, people move based on beliefs, causes or purposes that encourage them to take a certain action. 

This is how he divides the golden circle into three areas:

1. Why

This is the reason why we do what we do. The idea is to go beyond the product or service you are selling and express the reasons why you are there. 

The reality is that this generates an emotional connection with the user, which encourages them not only to buy from you, but to become a true fan of your project. 

2. How

The how explains the actions that will make the why possible. In other words, it's the process through which you'll satisfy the needs of your target audience. 

Focus on skilled workmanship, after-sales service and everything that will help increase user confidence. 

3. What

It's all the results we get after the why and the how. Here you will have to talk about the product and service you sell, so you will have to focus on highlighting the benefits you offer to the consumer. 

Golden circle

The great importance of the golden circle in sales

Think about it for a moment: what do companies like Apple, Amazon or Disney have in common? In addition to being business giants, they apply the golden circle very well. 

Therefore, using this concept in your business will help you achieve a consistent and growing sales flow over time. Some of the reasons are:

1. It generates empathy with the user.

Every time you contact a prospect and instead of talking about your product itself, you stick to the reason why you did what you are doing now, it will provoke a different reaction in the person.

You will apply storytelling, one of the most powerful sales techniques to capture attention. This way, the user will feel identified with the objectives you are fighting for and there will be a greater chance of them buying your product thanks to the empathy you generated.

2. It increases loyalty

Creating a sale is important, but the user's repeated purchases reflect the trust he/she has for your product or service. 

The golden circle is a tool that allows not only to increase turnover but also to increase loyalty in the audience. This is because people will have a closer bond with you and your brand, which will be reflected in the numbers at the end of the month.

They will not only love your product, but the whole cause and purpose behind it. They will feel part of something.

3. It differentiates you from the competition

Of course, everyday there's more and more competition, but if you apply the golden circle it's less likely to affect you.

We still find entrepreneurs who focus on the benefits of their products. We can't say it's wrong, but you can differentiate yourself through a speech that connects with the emotions.

Apply it and you’ll see the difference. 

Golden circle in sales

Usefulness in content marketing

Content marketing and the golden circle go hand in hand. 

Don't forget that at the end of the day, the first seeks to create value for the user and then offer them products and services when they are most ready. 

Simon Sinek's golden circle will help you in this regard, and by always starting with the why, each post, webinar, article or video will be more likely to achieve the result you expect. 

Sinek has been one of the most impactful authors in the world and now you know why. There's no doubt that if you want to be a leader or impactful company, you must apply the golden circle.

Apply it and tell us how you’re doing, we’re sure you will succeed.