How to get more engagement on LinkedIn

How to get more engagement on LinkedIn

Claudia Roca

Dec 9, 2022

Dec 9, 2022

Dec 9, 2022

How to get more engagement on LinkedIn
How to get more engagement on LinkedIn
How to get more engagement on LinkedIn

Have you been on LinkedIn for a while and you're still not getting it right? Maybe it's time we gave you some tips on how to get more engagement on this social network. 

Don't feel bad, you're not the only person frustrated with LinkedIn. The truth is that it's a bit different from other platforms, but that doesn't mean you can't learn. 

The site has incredible potential, but it takes some patience, have you noticed? 

The good news is that we've got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you beat the algorithm and get the engagement you want for your business. Are you ready to check it out? 

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network that has been around for more than 20 years and now seems to have gained fame because it's the perfect place for companies and professionals. 

The platform allows you to create quality content for any type of user, although it focuses mainly on professionals, workers and companies. All three can network to expand their contact base and get new jobs or clients. 

Note, it's not a social network to sell products or services directly. The best thing to do is to add valuable content about your day-to-day life to keep your community interested. This way, and with a bit of discipline, you will get the numbers that will improve your positioning on the site. 

Do you want to improve your engagement level on the site? Read on to find out how

What is engagement on LinkedIn?

When you enter the world of digital marketing you learn so many terms that it's hard to memorise them all at once, but that's what we're here for, to help you understand each one. 

LinkedIn engagement rate measures the relationship between interactions, the reach of your posts and your audience. Therefore, the higher the engagement, the more likely you are to convert. 

Five formulas are used to measure engagement on LinkedIn. These are: 

1. Engagement rate based on reach

Undoubtedly the most widely used at present. Simply put, it measures the percentage of users who interact with the content after viewing it, regardless of whether they are followers or not. 

So: the formula would look like this: Reach= (Total interactions/Total posts) x 100.


2. Engagement rate per post

Meanwhile, this formula measures the percentage of users who interacted with a particular post. The difference with the previous one is that it's not so much based on reach as it only takes into account the activity of your followers. 

The formula would look like this: Engagement = (Total interactions on a post/ total followers) x 100.


3. Engagement rate per impressions

This operation calculates the percentage of users who saw your content according to the number of impressions, which are the number of times it was shown on the screen.

When should you use it? When you run paid campaigns because you have to analyse the effectiveness of the project based on impressions. 

In this sense, the formula is: Engagement= (Total interactions on a post / total impressions) x 100. 

4. Daily engagement

Unlike other formulas that measure user engagement based on the maximum exposure of the content on the network, in this case the interactions of followers with your posts on a daily basis are analysed. 

The main disadvantage is that it doesn't take into account that the same user can interact with your content several times a day, so you have to look at it with a magnifying glass before making decisions. 

The formula is as follows: Daily engagement = (Total interactions in a day / Total followers) x 100. 

daily engagement

5. Engagement per views

Lastly, we have the engagement per views. Here we measure the level of interactions that your videos have after the users watch it. 

Its formula is: Engagement= (Total video interactions / total views) x 100. 

engagement views

Posts that increase engagement on LinkedIn the most

LinkedIn gives you the possibility to publish posts in different formats so that you can adjust them to the preferences of your target audience. Let's see which posts are currently the most successful:

1. Texts

LinkedIn is the perfect place for people who love writing, so if you are a fan of writing, this is the ideal network for you. 

In the initial panel you will see the option for making your publications. Think carefully about what your goal is with the post and how you will approach it. 

It's never a bad idea to use keywords or other resources to improve visibility

2. Image or video

Beyond the importance of the letters, the audiovisual format is the king if you want to generate engagement and LinkedIn is aware of this. Therefore, it's never a bad idea to add images or videos to your posts if you want them to have a greater impact. 

Just make sure they are of high quality so that they catch the user's attention from the first moment they see them. 

3. Links

Links are fundamental in linkbuilding strategies and LinkedIn allows this resource to attract more traffic to your publications. 

Keep in mind that they must be quality links, so check that they are not broken or redirect the audience to a website you are not interested in. This way you will increase engagement with your audience thanks to your valuable content. 

8 Tips to increase the engagement of your posts

If you've been on LinkedIn for a while and you're still not getting the results you were hoping for, take a look at the following tips to boost your views in no time: 

1. Focus on quality content

Yes, you can add a lot of elements that will decorate the text, but if the message is not of quality users will move on, so you have to make sure that the content is of quality. 

Focus on providing value to the audience, ask yourself what problems they have in their industry and how you can help them through your services or profession. Then get your ideas down on paper and plan your next post. 

2. Hook with the first lines

Have you ever seen a post and quickly decided it was better to move on? This shows how important the first few lines of text are. 

So, organise your thoughts so that you hook the reader with your first words. Grab their attention with literary devices and make promises that will arouse their curiosity. 

The user cannot leave without clicking on your post. Set yourself this goal and you will see how the numbers start to come in. 

3. Use icons

Believe it or not, icons have an interesting power in texts. They are very useful in those moments when you decide not to place images, so it's time to make them part of your arsenal. 

With these resources you will make reading more enjoyable and fun. You don't want to just inform the user, the idea is to entertain them and leave them wanting more. 

4. Capital letters

Capital letters are necessary at very specific moments, especially when you want to emphasise a part of the sentence. However, make sure you don't use them too much because you may scare the reader away. 

However, if you use them properly you will notice how engagement increases, so don't think twice and use them in your content. 

5. Comments with links

Links are used to redirect traffic to another website, preferably your own, which will help you to improve your personal branding. 

So, you can create your post and add links in the comments or in the main text itself, you decide. Now, if you choose the first option, don't forget to tell the reader that you will place a link further down so that they know that the content doesn't end there.

6. Ask questions

Many entrepreneurs neglect the importance of questions in their texts. 

Sometimes the reading tends to be very flat because you don't question the user about a specific topic. Questions are a very useful resource to stop the user's gaze and draw attention to something. 

As with capital letters, the idea is to not overuse this tip, but to use it once or twice per post because otherwise the user will think you are pulling their leg.

7. Give likes to yourself

It may sound funny, but liking yourself has a power in the reader's subconscious. 

Studies show that people pay more attention to content that has interactions, so if no one likes your post, it's time for you to do it. 

From there it is very likely that the publication will increase its numbers. Apply it and let us know how it goes. 

8. Comment on your interactions

If you get comments on your posts, the first one to respond should be you. No matter what they tell you, always value every opinion of your users, as this generates a very good impression on others. 

increase engagement

How do I increase the visibility of my posts?

Now the time has come: do you want to increase the visibility of your future posts on LinkedIn? If so, don't miss out on the secrets we'll tell you below: 

1. Use hashtags 

Hashtags are one of the most important resources for boosting views on your content. The # allows you to find words associated with multiple niches that help you increase the reach of your posts. 

So, every time you make a post, analyse the sector it belongs to so you can add hashtags that relate to your audience. In a short time you will see your numbers shoot up dramatically. 

2. Let everyone see your posts

It may sound obvious, but it's essential that you allow everyone to see your posts. You do this in the same LinkedIn settings, where you allow anyone to see what you post regardless of whether they have an account or not. 

Although it may not seem important to you, believe us, it is. After your posts go viral it's very likely that they will reach users who don't know your account, but if your profile is not accessible to everyone it's impossible for them to follow you or see more details of the post. 

3. Share on other networks

Every post you add on LinkedIn generates a link that you can use to share it anywhere you want, from your blog to any social network. 

So, the idea is to promote it professionally on all the platforms where you have a presence. This way you will attract qualified traffic to your posts, which could turn into sales or leads depending on how you've worked your strategy. 

4. Use keywords

Have you ever heard of keywords? Yes, it's a term that's very popular in digital marketing, but it's very important that you know how to take advantage of it to increase the visibility of your content. 

Keywords are involved in all digital platforms and LinkedIn is no exception. 

Therefore, make an analysis of the words your audience uses and add them to your posts. You will see how your numbers will increase in no time. 

LinkedIn must be one of the most misunderstood social networks today. Although it has had a significant growth in recent times, it doesn't compare to other platforms such as Instagram or Tiktok. 

However, this is not bad news as the site is very clear about who its target audience is. If you are a personal brand or want to improve your career prospects you need to pay attention to it, as it is the perfect place for brands and people to connect. 

Don't worry about its complexity, the truth is that LinkedIn is a simpler network than many people think. Moreover, the engagement formulas are similar to other platforms, so you won't have to invent warm water to get results. 

We hope this article has solved your doubts about what steps you need to take to improve engagement on LinkedIn. You just need discipline, patience and a defined strategy to get the numbers rolling in. 

What other strategies do you know to increase LinkedIn engagement?