Attraction marketing: what it is + techniques to master it

Attraction marketing: what it is + techniques to master it

Franco Brutti

Sep 24, 2023

Sep 24, 2023

Sep 24, 2023

Attraction marketing: what it is + techniques to master it
Attraction marketing: what it is + techniques to master it
Attraction marketing: what it is + techniques to master it

How many times have you felt attracted to a brand or a product thanks to its stories? And how many times have you decided to make a purchase because of the recommendations of the influencers you follow and the professionals in your industry?

Stories, recommendations and demos are super powerful weapons within the industry, especially in attraction marketing.

This branch of inbound marketing is one of the most powerful when it comes to exploiting stories, testimonials, reviews and feedback. So it is a fundamental piece of emotional marketing.  

Today we will tell you how to turn stories into invaluable resources for your marketing strategies. And above all, how to turn them into powerful attraction magnets.

What is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is a form of inbound marketing, a branch totally focused on attracting the attention of potential customers and bringing them to your brand.

How? Through strategies of diffusion and brand awareness methods to improve and enhance the positioning of your brand.

Some of the preferred methods are brand stories, testimonials and recommendations, especially from stars, influencers and industry references.

This approach seeks to engage potential customers WITHOUT selling directly. It's about gaining the trust and sympathy of your audience and presenting your brand in an organic and friendly way.

In other words, it's all about giving your prospects all the information they need to satisfy their needs.

To do this, instead of taking the "you need THIS product" approach....

You use the "here's how this product has helped me" approach.

This way, your brand will reach many prospects at the top of the funnel and become the end customer's first choice.

Types of attraction marketing

Although attraction marketing can group a large number of strategies, we have compiled some of our favorite and most successful ones.

1. Inbound content

Again, attraction marketing is part of inbound marketing. Therefore, inbound content, which is 120% focused on attracting potential buyers, is essential for both.

Inbound content seeks to create maximum interest around your brand, products and services, all through quality content, content that responds to the needs and desires of the target audience, and above all to their pain points.

This approach is paramount to attract customers at the top of the funnel, customers who don't know your brand or don't know about your products and services. And then, to turn them into loyal customers.

For example, let's say your brand offers cookware. A cooking blog, a recipe book and a newsletter with cooking tips can do wonders to attract your customers and sell your products. 

2. Influencer marketing

Social media has already become one of the biggest marketing channels in all its scales. And when we talk about networks, influencers are more than paramount. 

Influencers are one of the best alliances in marketing. They can get your products and services in front of your ideal audience, enhance your brand credibility and position you as a reference in your industry. 

What's more, they can demonstrate the qualities of your products or services in a friendly way. As a result, the visibility of your brand is multiplied, as well as your number of conversions.

Note: just as influencer marketing is pure gold, so are podcasts. After all, many presenters are influencers and many influencers have their podcasts.

Now, let's go back to the cookware example. 

Let's say you now want to maximize your brand's reach. Contact an acclaimed chef to put your utensils to the test, as well as his or her own recommendations.

This way, your target audience will not only know the benefits of your products, but will see them put into practice. And, what's more, recommended by a trusted reference for your audience. 

3. Courses and workshops

Educating your potential customers is one of the best sales strategies.

Nothing generates more attraction and more interest than practical resources, resources for your customers, either through courses or workshops.

These channels are brutal when it comes to positioning your brand and boosting its visibility.

Let's suppose now that you want to sell an ebook with everything you need to learn French -or any other language-.

You can offer a free introductory course, one where you provide all the necessary tips to study the language from scratch, but without showing everything. This way, you will create a super-powerful magnet of attraction to increase the sales of your ebook. 

In the same way, you can do a workshop or a welcome webinar to awaken the interest of your buyer persona. And besides, these resources are invaluable when it comes to long-term customer loyalty.

4. Product Placement

Remember that time you saw the logo of one of your favorite brands in a movie? Or they mentioned the name of a brand you follow in a series? 

Well, this is known as product placement, and it’s exactly that: placing your product in front of the audience. 

This is one of the most used marketing strategies in film and television. However, it works quite well in social networks.

This technique is quite subtle, but it’s one of the most preferred by big brands. After all, seeing a superstar using a product is overwhelming marketing for that product, even if it doesn't sell directly.

However, it works best with well-established brands. 

Types of attraction marketing

Techniques to master attraction marketing (and generate conversions)

We have already seen what attraction marketing is and where to execute it. Now, let's look at some tactics, techniques and best practices to carry it out.

1. Define your buyer persona or target audience

All marketing strategies need a solid foundation. Without the right approach, the whole strategy will go in the wrong direction, and the results...

On the other hand, if you study in depth who your ideal audience is, you will know how to reach them, what their pain points are and how to integrate them into your strategy.

Thus, you will know how to tell your story, how to present your products and services and what your buyer persona's needs are. You will also learn more about their language, preferred channels, which influencers they follow and much more.

But remember, the first and most important thing is to know who your target audience is. This step will be essential for all your strategies in their different facets.

2. Choose the right channel

Once you know your target audience, it's just a matter of delving into the best channels for your attraction marketing. 

And this is where we recommend you deploy your research skills.

It's not just about choosing between a website and social media marketing-or both. It's also about studying the content with the best chances of positioning your brand. And of course, it's about knowing your competitors and their strategies.

On the other hand, when choosing the channels for your attraction marketing, pay close attention to influencers and referents in the sector. 

In turn, connect with the communities of your target audience, such as Facebook groups and Reddit channels. These will not only help you connect with influencers, but with potential customers directly. 

Note: communities are also gold mines for getting to know your audience in depth.

3. Diversify your strategies

The best way to attract a myriad of leads to your brand to convert them into customers is through a diversified strategy. A strategy that can be deployed through different channels, such as social networks, email marketing and SEO, among others.

This way, you can leverage multiple channels for your strategies and expand the reach of your marketing in different media. 

And thus, you will multiply your number of leads and, in addition, your number of conversions, as long as you complement your attraction techniques with excellent sales strategies.

In short, the more channels you can leverage, the better.

4. Use stories to your advantage

Stories and testimonials are of monumental importance in attraction marketing. 

Attraction marketing is based on emotions, and storytelling is a trigger to arouse emotions and grab the attention of your buyer persona. 

So tell your brand story and use it to connect with your future customers. Customers are much more open to buy from brands with which they feel in tune.

On the other hand, present your products or services through stories that can be in tune with the situation and needs of your buyer.

In this way, you will highlight the benefits of your brand and its products or services to colossal audiences without making potential customers feel attacked. And this will translate into more customers for your brand.

5. Mention your products and their features

Although stories are indispensable tools, they have to emphasize your products and services at a certain point, as well as their features. 

But, above all, they have to highlight the benefits that your brand and your offerings represent for your target audience. All in an organic and natural way.

Otherwise, you might create fabulous and even touching stories, great stories, amazing stories... but these stories might not meet the objectives of your marketing strategy.

So don't lose sight of the purpose of your stories in attraction marketing: to attract more customers, generate more sales and build customer loyalty.

6. Maintain your brand personality

A unique brand identity is a must, absolutely essential to distinguish yourself from your competitors and attract your target audience.

On the other hand, consistency is essential if you want your brand to maintain its essence in its different channels and marketing strategies,

Therefore, we recommend that you not only define your brand personality, but also create a brand manual to ensure brand consistency.

At this point, you can complement the brand manual with a large arsenal of resources, such as a style guide and a knowledge base. This will keep everyone on your team on the same page and avoid inconsistencies.

7. Take advantage of testimonials

There is nothing more attractive and appealing than testimonials. They are powerful gold mines. And you can use them in all your strategies, especially in attraction marketing.

On the one hand, testimonials are exceptional attraction magnets, capable of giving authenticity and credibility to your brand. They are excellent for storytelling. And above all, when it comes to selling.

On the other hand, testimonials are also opportunities to:

  • Know in depth the advantages and disadvantages of your offers.

  • Know what you are doing well and what you can improve.

  • Get to know your target audience better.

  • Personalize your content better.

Techniques to master attraction marketing

Ready to implement attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is one of the best approaches to project your brand and position it as an unbeatable reference in the market.

Combined with other inbound marketing techniques and sales strategies, it can boost your number of leads. And as a result, it can eventually maximize your conversions, and even improve your customer retention rates. 

Now tell us, what ideas can you come up with to implement attraction marketing? Do you use other techniques? Feel free to share all your insights in the comments. We and our readers would love to read them.