Advanced SEO techniques you can’t miss

Advanced SEO techniques you can’t miss

Claudia Roca

Mar 1, 2023

Mar 1, 2023

Mar 1, 2023

Advanced SEO techniques you can’t miss
Advanced SEO techniques you can’t miss
Advanced SEO techniques you can’t miss

Do you want to get the most out of digital marketing and have constant traffic coming to your website? It's time to pay attention to advanced SEO techniques

Yes, that term that has been used so frequently in recent times has a reason, and it’s about the way in which you will make people realize that you exist. 

A website in the top position is like having a store in the most crowded corner of the city. The difference is that you don't have to pay thousands of euros in fixed costs or advertising, you just have to have a lot of discipline. 

Stay with us and find out how to achieve it.

Importance of SEO in digital marketing

With so much competition today, it’s not enough to have a website on the Internet. It’s necessary to go a step further and with SEO you will create the perfect platform to attract thousands of people daily to your project. 

SEO is defined as the techniques we use to make a page climb to the top positions organically, that is, without paying a single euro in direct advertising.

How can you have abundant traffic in your project if you are on page 30 of the search engine? In reality it’s impossible, it would be like opening a store in the loneliest corner of the village. 

Only with this process will we be able to protect our investment and be visible to a competition that is becoming less and less friendly in the market. 

The best advanced SEO techniques today

Let's see below some of the most advanced SEO techniques to have a well-positioned website today. Pay close attention: 

1. Update the content you already wrote.

We have to start by updating all the content we already wrote. 

In most cases when we think of SEO techniques, the first thing that comes to mind is to write new texts to bring value to the audience. We’re not saying that this is wrong, but we must first review what is already published to determine if it needs some updating. 

It’s important to understand that new content takes a long time to be positioned. It’s very rare that a text that was published a few days ago is already ranked in the first positions, otherwise it would be too easy. 

However, if you focus on what is already indexed, you can benefit from the traffic and positioning gains that the text has. In this sense, when analyzing what is published you should focus on opportunities for improvement based on current facts and trends, in addition to Google's performance data. 

2. Topic clusters

Have you thought about organizing your site into topic clusters? If not, it’s time for you to do so, as it will make it easier for the user to read and Google will take it into account to improve your optimization. 

This is defined as a set of contents that are based on a central theme and use a pillar page to create a link. In other words, topic clusters focus only on one topic and offer several internal links so that the reader always stays on the same platform. 

The truth is that they are very useful from a SEO point of view because you develop grouped pieces of the same content, which shows that you have authority and expertise on that topic in question. 

Think about it carefully: If you only have one post in which you talk about something specific, Google won’t ever think that you’re an expert, but if you create several texts and link them with each other, Google will detect that you are an authority on the subject and will improve your positioning

3. Audit the content and delete what is useless

"What is not useful is thrown away". This is a phrase that grandmothers often say and now you can apply it to your digital project. 

It’s essential that you are constantly evaluating your website to ensure that all your content is useful to the audience and serves a purpose, which means that you should be looking to improve what is already published or delete what isn’t useful. 

One way to do this is through a content audit that will allow you to know which pages are at the bottom of your site, that is, which have the worst results. 

After you detect which are the urls that are not giving the results you expected, you will be able to decide whether to eliminate them or optimize them.

4. Detecting cannibalization problems

Cannibalization problems have increased in recent times and Google doesn’t like it at all, in fact, it usually penalizes those sites that employ this practice. 

This error is about two urls from the same site that have only one intention as a target. In other words, you can have two or more pages optimized for the same keyword, but the intention of each content must be different so that there’s no inconvenience. 

So, if one site is informational, the other must be transactional. Pay attention to this situation and don't let Google find out before you do. 

5. Advance in internal linking

We continue with the list and now we have to talk about internal linking, one of the most advanced SEO techniques, that doesn’t often receive the importance it deserves. 

The idea in this case is to make a good internal linking of the sites that have better performance. For that you can use any analysis tool to detect which urls offer you the best opportunity for growth

This way you will decide which pages have the highest authority and you can transfer to other pages that need some attention. 

6. Optimization for top snippets

Optimization for featured snippets is still a more than interesting alternative to position ourselves at the top of Google

The best way to achieve this is by searching for our top-ranked sites and making improvements such as higher quality images, 40-60 word paragraphs, lists with maximum 9 items and tables with 9 columns. 

7. Resolving 404 links

On the other hand we have the importance of resolving 404 links. The truth is that this is one of the inconveniences that generates more barriers when positioning a content, since nobody wants to go to a page that sends us to a non-existent site

It’s true that with the passing of time we can eliminate different links and having so much workload we forget to modify it. However, for that you have several analysis tools that will show you those broken links that are hurting your positioning. 

8. Steal those links that lead to 404 links of your competitors.

Closely related to the previous point, when it comes to link building you can "steal" links from your competitors that stopped pointing to empty pages. 

All you have to do is add the url in the analysis page and you will immediately see all the pages pointing to the 404.

9. Search Engine FAQ Schematic

How many times have you done a search on Google and in addition to the results you get an outline with frequently asked questions? Surely you have appreciated this option, and it helps us to find the answer to that problem we have. 

This is known as schema markup and it’s an excellent alternative to show all the questions you answer in the text, at least the most relevant ones. It’s a good idea if the content has a schema of the type “question and answer”, so it’s time to give it the importance it deserves. 

This will allow you to answer readers' needs more quickly and will send your competitors to lower positions in the search engine. 

10. Study your logfile

Last but not least is the study of log files. It’s interesting to see how many specialists in the field ignore it, but it’s a method that we must implement. 

With this analysis you can find out where the tracking budget is being wasted and exactly how much money is being lost. You will also identify the causes of tracking errors and find those sites that are not tracking as expected. 

Once you do that you will be ready to optimize your position in Google.

advanced SEO techniques

Advantages of SEO for your business

Still have doubts about the benefits of SEO over paid advertising? Get comfortable and discover some of its advantages below: 

1. It multiplies your visibility

First of all, we have to talk about visibility. 

If you have a traditional store, SEO would be almost the same as setting up in the most popular street, but you won't have to invest thousands of euros to achieve it. 

It’s a showcase that will help your business get traffic, credibility and sales. 

Imagine that you manage to position yourself in the first position for a term that has an average of 100 thousand searches and you attract 20% of all clicks. We are talking about 20 thousand users that will enter your website, a wonderful potential at a small cost. 

2. It gives strength to your inbound marketing strategy

Secondly we can say that with SEO you will be able to boost any inbound marketing strategy you are implementing. 

Think about it. SEO is the perfect tool to double and even triple the amount of traffic that goes to your website, which means that you will have the raw material to transform those users into potential customers. 

Are you going to miss this opportunity?

3. It gives quality to your website

SEO is oriented to increase the amount of people that enter your website, yes, but it’s also related to the quality of the content and the user experience. 

Google is getting smarter and smarter and detects which practices benefit customers the most. Therefore, it discards those that only seek to robotize a text in order to rank in the first positions. 

Then, by applying advanced SEO techniques you will make visitors feel more comfortable navigating your site, something that will be reflected in the overall results of the project. 

4. It’s a long-term investment

One of the reasons we love SEO is because it's a long-term investment

Think about it carefully: If you invest in an advertising campaign or promote yourself in traditional media, you will cause an immediate result, but in the long term you may not see the fruits of that investment. 

On the other hand, with a well-positioned website you will have a source of traffic, sales and leads that will last for a long time, which means that it’s a safe investment. 

5. It gives credibility and trust

Last but not least we have trust and credibility. Come on, what's the first thing you think when you see the first results in Google? That they are quality pages that will give you answers that are verified. 

It’s true that it doesn’t always work like that, but the first thing Google checks when ranking a content is that it solves the customer's search intention. If it does, you will have won a lot. 

In this sense, if your website appears in the first positions you will gain authority in the market and users will start to trust what you say

Just make sure you don't lie to them and make sure to provide them with texts that tell the truth, otherwise users will realize at some point and problems will multiply. 

Advantages of SEO for your business

Now you know about the advanced SEO techniques that are currently giving the best results. It's time for you to apply them to take your website to the level you've always wanted.

Google's algorithm is getting smarter and smarter, so it's not a good idea to fool it. Focus on creating quality content that solves the user's search intent and everything will come in addition. 

And are you ready to position your site at the top places?